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10:50  28 november  2020
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Why Americans Really Go to the Gym

  Why Americans Really Go to the Gym People lost more than fitness when their favorite gyms shut down.That was the first day the city’s gyms were allowed to reopen at diminished capacity after nearly six months of pandemic shutdown, and people were really excited to get back on the elliptical before dawn. “I don’t know if I’m proud of that or not,” Petrzela, who worked at the gym years ago as an instructor before becoming a history professor at The New School, told me. Either way, she was happy to be back. As soon as she got through the door, she said, “the guy behind the desk said, ‘It wouldn’t be opening day without you, Natalia.

Secrets to making a home gym work for you without going broke or losing interest. Have you ever dreamt of your own home gym ? Would the convenience of exercising in your own private space wipe out lingering laziness and make excuses for not exercising a thing of the past?

Home Gym VS Public Gym : Working Out Your Own Way! Setting up your Home Gym in a small space .

When it comes to 2020, one of the big positives to emerge from this year's many challenges is how it has focused our attention on prioritizing health and wellness — with a particular emphasis on physical fitness.

CNN fitness expert Dana Santas gradually built out her garage gym in Florida over several years. You can create your own home gym, too. © Courtesy Dana Santas CNN fitness expert Dana Santas gradually built out her garage gym in Florida over several years. You can create your own home gym, too.

To meet our fitness needs while gyms were closed for prolonged periods, many of us started working out at home. Some got creative, using household items for our workouts, while others ordered home gym equipment online. Now, after getting a taste of at-home training, more people are considering making it a permanent practice.

The Hyfit Gear 1 Portable Home Gym Tracks Your Performance For You

  The Hyfit Gear 1 Portable Home Gym Tracks Your Performance For You The Hyfit Gear 1 Portable Home Gym Tracks Your Performance For YouThe Hyfit Gear 1 is an amazing piece of equipment for any guy looking to get/stay in shape from home. It’s a resistance band workout set that you can use anywhere in the home. Almost any space can be retrofitted into a spot where you can tune up your entire body. Convenience is key with this setup.

When producing fitness and rehab videos are your life - you need a great space to do it in! Watch the building process, see the amazing reveal, and get a

Step One Setting Up A Home Gym On A Budget & Minimal Space Requirements. For the first time ever you can gain exclusive online access to Justin’s workouts

If you're currently weighing the benefits of creating a dedicated space for your own home gym and wondering how you can make it work for your lifestyle, read on.

Consider the benefits of working out at home

As a mind-body coach in professional sports who also has a garage gym, I can attest to numerous advantages of at-home training. Of course, with current Covid-19 concerns, a huge benefit is the knowledge that your home gym is virus free and kept up to your own cleanliness standards.

But there are many other positive aspects, including the following:

  • Enjoying ease of access and time efficiency. With no travel time and no closing time associated with your home, it's hard to make the common time-related excuses not to exercise. Additionally, your training time can be more efficient as you don't have to wait your turn for equipment or spend extra time on your workout to rationalize the commute or cost.
  • Shifting your training perspective from a chore to a lifestyle. Because the gym is part of your home, training becomes part of your lifestyle rather than another to-do outside of the house. This creates a sense of ownership of your fitness, instilling it as a healthy lifestyle habit rather than an obligation.
  • Shedding insecurities and relishing quality time. Without having to feel self-conscious about others judging you during workouts in a public gym, your home gym time is of a higher quality, letting you focus entirely on you and your goals. And, if you have a spouse or family, training together can be a quality bonding experience.

With all the benefits, it might be tempting to stop reading and immediately go convert a guest room or start cleaning out your garage to make space. But continue on for tips to ensure that the space you designate for working out will actually work for you.

Gyms aren’t making it easy for people to cancel memberships

  Gyms aren’t making it easy for people to cancel memberships Canceling or freezing a gym membership pre-pandemic wasn’t easy, and now it’s even trickier.She began emailing addresses she found on Crunch’s corporate site, but got a message back noting that “our systems are frozen and our staff is minimal.” When her gym outpost opened, she called directly to cancel but was told she had to visit in person to do so.

Home Gym Set Up . What are YOUR must-haves in your workout space ? Don’t get me wrong, you can get fit with just your own body weight & I love body-weight Build a Home Gym on any Budget — Lea Genders Fitness. I work out at home in the #shredshed but it is not your typical home gym .

Best Small Home Gym Ideas for Tiny Spaces | Domino. Looking for ways to get fit at home ? Jump start your New Year's fitness goals with these Does it end up on the coffee table or scattered around the house? I have the PERFECT SOLUTION for you ! I have worked out at home for several years

Gauge the scope of your space based on an accountability — not future goals

It's easy to tell ourselves that if we have a home gym, we'll work out all the time.

But, if you haven't already established a track record of working out regularly, I'd advise you to start your journey slowly, building momentum based on accountability.

While my garage gym is now fully equipped, that hasn't always been the case. My commitment to training at home was an evolution that started small. In fact, several years ago, my "home gym" was nothing more than a crate holding a kettlebell, two small dumbbells, a yoga mat, foam roller and a few mini tension bands.

It was only as my training consistently expanded that I committed to a dedicated space. Over the course of a year, that meant using space on the lanai before moving into half of our garage, then finally turfing the entire garage and purchasing more equipment.

How Race, Class, and Geography Keep Some People From Great Workouts

  How Race, Class, and Geography Keep Some People From Great Workouts Fitness deserts are a growing problem across the United States. These trainers are trying to help.LOSE THE POTBELLY. That was Flagumy Valcourt’s fitness goal to start 2020. A 35-year-old Brooklynite overburdened by the 225 pounds on his five-nine frame, Valcourt had to manage a chaotic work schedule as an NYPD field intelligence officer. So no, he couldn’t clock out early every day and head to the last class at the Sheepshead Bay kickboxing gym—a 30-minute drive from where he worked.

28 Creative Home Gym Ideas. Make space to exercise at home by transforming an area into a workout room. See how our work can pay off for your home gym . Pure Strength Slim Gym is the perfect home gym rig. It takes up minimal space and allows users to squat, bench, do pull ups and so much

20 Enchanting Home Gym Ideas. Home gyms seem to be popping up everywhere now days. You don't need to have a large space to transition any This post is sponsored by Cost Plus World Market, which you know is one of my favorite places to shop! Thank you for supporting the brands that make

After several years of consistently using our two-car garage gym setup, this past February, my husband and I purchased a new home with a three-car garage so that we could convert the larger garage into our gym space.

It was a big commitment! But we had no doubt we were ready for it because we had established a foundation of accountability. You can do the same at whatever scale is appropriate for you.

Select a space that won't disrupt your lifestyle

Your home should be your sanctuary. That's why I'm not advocating that you turn your home into a gym. It's about ensuring your home still retains all the features you love while accommodating a dedicated workout space that you'll also love.

Whether you designate a guest room, garage or basement, be thoughtful about the relocation of items from that space. If something in it was seldom used, but out of the way, and you're forced to move it to a high-traffic area, like a hallway, that's a disruption. If frequently used items get relegated to a closet or high shelf, that's also a disruption.

The garage made the most sense for us because we don't mind parking our cars in the driveway. And we were able to reorganize and relocate everything else from the garage by purchasing a backyard storage shed, wall bike rack and garage ceiling storage mounts.

This Gym Made a Mural for a 90-Year-Old Woman Who Watches Their Workouts from Her Window

  This Gym Made a Mural for a 90-Year-Old Woman Who Watches Their Workouts from Her Window Every day, Tessa Sollom Williams watches the rooftop workout sessions at Balance Gym from the window of her assisted-living apartment. Now, she has a motivational message to look at, too. "I hope you can share with your members that they have given an elderly lady much joy in seeing them embrace health and life. Thanks so much!" continued Wetenhall.

However, if you covet your car, displacing it to create a gym in your garage probably won't make sense for you. Instead, you might consider converting a seldom-used dining room into a home gym by putting a bigger table in your eat-in kitchen area. Or maybe you have a guest room that is rarely used. Could you dedicate that space to a home gym if you upgraded your living room sofa to a sleeper to avoid losing the ability to host guests?

To effectively create a home gym that integrates into your lifestyle, you need to think through the utility of the space you're considering converting and create an acceptable, practical plan for relocating items and repurposing other areas as necessary.

Design your space to be a place where you want to spend time

Designing your workout space based on your likes sounds like a no-brainer. However, when it comes to fitness, we tend to focus on what we think we should like or do, not how we actually feel and act. Just like my advice for gauging the scope of your gym space, this is a reality check. Create your space based on how you feel and what you do now.

Do you enjoy lifting weights more than doing cardio? Create a space that facilitates strength training. If it's the other way around, design your space as such.

According to Cooper "Coop" Mitchell, the founder of GarageGymReviews.com, when people are designing their home gym, they often overlook essential elements that contribute to making the environment comfortable.

Officials expect up to 250,000 day-trippers for Saturday's SpaceX launch in Florida

  Officials expect up to 250,000 day-trippers for Saturday's SpaceX launch in Florida Thousands of spectators are expected as four astronauts are set for liftoff on Saturday aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Kennedy Space Center.On top of that, Brevard County Communications Director Don Walker predicts perhaps 250,000 people already within the county – residents, hotel and vacation rental guests, beach-goers – will head outside to watch Saturday's historic launch.

"Design a space where you'll want to spend time," Mitchell advised. "That means, not only focusing on the equipment, but also putting thought into things like lighting, flooring and your sound system."

If your workout space is not climate controlled, like a three-season porch or garage, I would also advise figuring out heat and AC options. This year, we invested in a portable air conditioner to temper the heat and humidity in our Florida garage gym.

Prioritize equipment spending based on preferences, quality, goal setting and versatility

Start by determining your realistic budget, and don't worry if you don't have a lot of money to spend up front. Remember the crate I started with? The items within it were just enough to create a well-rounded program that fit my needs. You can accomplish a lot with a set of dumbbells, a kettlebell, mat, foam roller and mini bands.

Even with a decent budget, you don't want to invest in items you'll rarely use. Take your spending cues from your own preferences. If you favor cardio over weight lifting, invest in a solid piece of cardio equipment, like a rower, indoor bike or elliptical — selecting the specific equipment based on the type of cardio you enjoy and propensity for regular use.

Before you tackle weight lifting, Mitchell advised purchasing a quality barbell. "A good barbell may cost upward of $300 but that should ensure you're getting a quality, made-in-America product with a lifetime warranty," he said. "And, if you can afford it, spending your money on a decent entry-level squat rack is a great investment since they tend to retain their value and can be resold on Craigsist or Facebook Marketplace, if you ever change your mind or want to upgrade."

You’ll Drool Over These Gluten-Free Snacks Nutritionists Love

  You’ll Drool Over These Gluten-Free Snacks Nutritionists Love Helloooo, birthday cake cookies.

When determining the right brand of any type of equipment, practice due diligence and look up reviews. With most fitness equipment, you can find in-depth reviews on YouTube.

Just like you would decorate any other part of your house, you might find yourself wanting to get all the latest training tools for your home gym. Although it's good to add some novelty here and there to keep things fresh and interesting, overloading your home gym can make it less functional.

One of the best ways to curtail this tendency, while also reinforcing your training habit, is to tie a new product purchase to achieving a fitness goal. For instance, training five days a week for eight consecutive weeks could serve as an equipment-purchase milestone.

As someone who has successfully maintained my own home gym for years, I can tell you that the benefits never abate and only increase. If you follow the advice I've outlined above, you can create a home gym that will work for you, forging a commitment to health and wellness that complements your lifestyle.

When starting out with at-home training, store equipment within easy reach as a reminder to keep at it daily, Santas advises. © Courtesy Dana Santas When starting out with at-home training, store equipment within easy reach as a reminder to keep at it daily, Santas advises. a woman standing in a room: To establish an at-home workout habit, ease into it first, Dana Santas recommends. © Courtesy Dana Santas To establish an at-home workout habit, ease into it first, Dana Santas recommends.

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