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Fruits and vegetables all have different growing timetables. This is why pumpkins are so popular in the fall and Florida oranges are everywhere during the summer. Of course, the items in the produce section also have to do with harvest numbers.Unfortunately, things aren't looking good for citrus fruit grown in

Chocolate lovers, your beloved snack may have just been saved by another sweet treat: mangoes.

Even though 2020 is behind us and empty grocery store shelves seem like a thing of the past, one popular fruit could be missing from the produce section later this year. Yep, there could be an orange shortage! (Related: 100 Unhealthiest Foods on the Planet.)

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Experts started predicting a decline in the number of harvested boxes of oranges back in August. Official end-of-the-year numbers from the U.S. Department of Agriculture published in December confirm their fears: the orange production for the entire country was down 11.8% in 2020.

In California, the harvest was down 5.3%. In Texas, it went up 12.3%, but the state only produced 64,000 tons compared to California's 2,020,000. In Florida, orange production was down 16.8%, and it continues to worry experts.

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Опубликовано: 28 сент. 2019 г. A Food Shortage Crisis is Coming ; So I Found Disclaimer: anything that I show and or discuss and or recommend on this channel is All I offer are ideas that you can draw from and a bit of entertainment.

"In general as a grower in the state, we all have concerns about the industry," Louis Schacht, a third-generation citrus grower with a grove near Florida's Atlantic coast, told local news station 12News. "A lot of growers just didn't have the money to put into their crop for this season, so a lot of your production will be down because of that this year."

Ever since 2005, Florida oranges have been suffering from a bacterial disease called "Greening," which infects the trees that then produce smaller fruit, according to The Ledger. Schacht says it's a big reason why he and other growers haven't planted new citrus trees recently. It can take a seed-grown tree 15 years to reach maturity and start producing fruit, says SFGATE. So fewer trees = smaller harvests for a while.

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  Wendy's Is Giving Away This Beloved Menu Item for Free Through Sunday, Nov. 8, you can get a Wendy's chicken sandwich for free with any order placed via the chain's app—it's that easy.Wendy's version, which promises a plumper, juicier, and crispier fried chicken filet, debuted in October, and is retailing for $4.99 in most markets (note that prices will vary from store to store.) But if you act fast, you can currently score one for free as part of the chain's latest promotion. (Related: 100 Unhealthiest Foods on the Planet.

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Australian Bureau of Statistics trade data shows we are importing more coconut than ever before. As many countries race to plant more trees, it is likely there will be a shortage of popular hybrid "A lot of people would argue that the fresh products that are coming into the country are not being well looked

Unfortunately, in addition to a potential orange shortage, There's a Major Shortage of This Beloved Pasta right now. To stay up to date on all you need to know before your next grocery run, sign up for our daily newsletter!

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