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Losing the last 10 pounds is traditionally the hardest, but it's not totally impossible. With these Eat This, Not That !-approved tricks, you'll finally be able to slip into your skinny jeans once and for all. And to never miss a weight-loss goal, check out our essential list of the 55 Best Ways to Boost Your

While losing 10 pounds (4.5 kg) in a week is technically possible, it is not recommended. Short-term, intense eating plans are considered crash diets — meaning that your weight is likely to rebound after you finish the program. Furthermore, because of their restrictive nature, these diets aren’t appropriate

I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer in September 2015. The news came out of nowhere — I had no symptoms, no family history, just a funky pap smear. I made it through surgery and six months of chemo feeling isolated, scared and overwhelmed, before realizing that I was not alone, that much of what I experienced is typical for cancer patients, and that I had so much to give by sharing. So I volunteer with patients, helping to comfort them through the treatment experience. And I write and try to spread the word that cancer is an emotional diagnosis along with a physical one.

a female profile drawn in purple watercolor © The Mighty a female profile drawn in purple watercolor

Once, when I wandered into the chemo suite at Mount Sinai Cancer Center where (in pre-COVID days), I volunteer once a week, Marika was working with a patient, saying, “You just have to let it go.” It sounded so profound, but this wasn’t some deep psychological conversation I was interrupting, this was a lesson in watercolor painting. Marika comes to the chemo suite a couple of times a week with various arts and crafts projects to help those receiving treatment pass the time. There are beads to be strung and origami to fold, but the most popular pastime is watercolor painting.

The #1 Fruit Hack for Maximum Weight Loss

  The #1 Fruit Hack for Maximum Weight Loss All fruit is good for your overall health and weight loss, but there is a specicial technique you can employ to maximize their benefits.Flavonoids are plant compounds that give fruits and vegetables their vibrant colors. They are natural phytonutrients with powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties that support a strong immune system.

See, lots of guys will say they just want to “ lose the last 10 pounds .” But by that stage of their physical transformation, what they really want is to attain a lower body fat percentage and a bigger, more defined musculature. And for that , they need to shift gears on their previous weight-loss plan to something

Those last 10 pounds are always the hardest to drop, especially when you’ve been dieting already and are frustrated with the dreaded rut you’ve encountered. Fortunately, by implementing these changes, you can free yourself from the plateau and find weight loss success. Here are 17 tips for losing those

As I watched, she demonstrated the technique to Zoraida, who was awaiting her infusion. First, she wet the area to be colored. Next, she dipped the brush into a deep magenta and just tapped the brush to release a drop of color on the wet surface. The paint spread within the dampened area, flowing in unexpected ways, leaving some parts saturated with the deep pink, infusing others with a translucent glaze. As she layered on a second color, some areas turned to a brilliant purple, others, overlapping with yellow already on the page, turned muddy and deep.

It seemed like the perfect metaphor for being a cancer patient. There is so much we can’t control — the cancer we have, the treatment, the timing, how our bodies will respond — but, we can wet the paper and choose the color, be it ice blue or golden yellow. Sometimes we muddy the waters, sometimes we find surprising beauty and grace.

This Unhealthy Snacking Habit Is Making You Gain Weight

  This Unhealthy Snacking Habit Is Making You Gain Weight A new study has found that multitasking on screens makes you way less aware of how much you’re eating.The study, conducted by researchers from Endicott College and Michigan State University, looked at how much participants snacked while they were looking at screens versus how much they said they snacked. Across the board, participants under-reported how much they'd eaten. Plus, the more engaging the activity, the more unaware participants were of how much they were eating. Those in the group that were watching TV, texting, online shopping had even worse estimates of how much they'd eaten than those who were watching TV, texting, online reading.

So to shed those last few pounds , you might need to buckle down even more. (Got 10 minutes? Then you've got time to lose the weight for good with Prevention's new 10 -minute workouts and 10 -minute meals.

Home » Nurture Yourself » Bodywork & Body Care » 10 Smart, Healthy Ways to Lose 10 Pounds . But crazy diets that lead to yo-yo dieting are not the answer; the key is figuring out how to lose 10 When our days are scheduled from sunrise to sunset, taking time to nurture ourselves is the last thing

Zoraida knows a little about letting go of control. Not just because of her participation in Marika’s art projects, but because she’s had plenty of opportunity to practice. For more than a year she’s been receiving treatment for her current diagnosis, a recurrence, with cancer in her ovary, colon and appendix. She desperately wants to be done with treatment. She wants to focus on her garden and taking care of others in her community, and most of all, she wants to visit her family in Florida and her home in Puerto Rico to soak in the warmth. But every time she asks her doctor if she can take a few weeks off to travel, the answer is, “Let’s give it a little more time.” While she waits, she’s become a better artist, and a more resilient patient.

“I know I’ll get there,” she says. “I feel good, it’s bound to happen.” So, she takes her finished paintings back to her apartment complex in Brooklyn and shares what she’s learned with the kids and housebound elderly in her building. But she has more to share than watercolor skills.

Simple Habits to Lose Weight Without Trying So Hard, Backed by Science

  Simple Habits to Lose Weight Without Trying So Hard, Backed by Science Once you build these simple habits into your daily routine, you won't have to think twice about trying to lose weight. (You won't have to try at all!)

The other issue that ends up happening is when you do all those things at once and you do have success, there's no way to measure which once again, if you're not logging your food and you're not taking the strategic time in between meals to not eat, you're never going to lose the last 10 pounds .

"The last 10 pounds make surprise exits and grand entrances into my life," says Charlene Gonzales, who chalks some of that Look for little ways to save calories. Using mustard instead of mayonnaise or sugar-free sweetener instead of a packet of sugar will eventually add up to lost pounds.

Many of us have a hard time letting go of control. It’s just one of numerous insults the diagnosis brings. Having worked for myself for 30 years and raised a family and managed a household, I knew a little bit about control. My life was always tightly scheduled, the days, weeks, months planned out in advance. While I struggled with the existential questions raised by my uterine cancer, I found the need to relinquish control equally challenging.

How would I feel on the day of and days after treatment?

When would I begin to feel like myself again?

Would I be able to receive treatment as scheduled or would delays creep in as my body failed to bounce back?

When would I lose my hair and when would it grow back?

When would I start to feel like myself again and when could I put this whole ordeal behind me?

I couldn’t plan even one day in advance, and life was totally out of control.

Now, five years after diagnosis, my doctor tells me there is no evidence of disease, and I no longer feel the same urge to control the uncontrollable.

Friend running late for lunch? I’ll have a cup of coffee and catch up on my email.

This Is What You Need to Eat to Lose Weight, Experts Say

  This Is What You Need to Eat to Lose Weight, Experts Say Obesity has never been a bigger problem in the U.S., but a new study suggests we should all be eating more protein in order to lose weight.As a matter of fact, that's precisely what a team of scientists out of the Alberta Diabetes Institute at the University of Alberta is suggesting. Their new study, published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, suggests that while we've been busy struggling to subsist on the high-fat keto diet and shunning meat to go plant-based, what we really need to eat if we want to lose weight is… more protein. (Related: 15 Underrated Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work.

Traffic moving too slowly? I’ll just find some good music to listen to while I wait.

Too many items on the To Do list to get done this week? I’ll reprioritize.

That doesn’t mean I don’t make plans. And I certainly haven’t changed my list-making habit. But I’ve learned a little about letting go. I recognize when my paper is wet, when I have to just let it flow. And most days, I’m ready to dab on a little color and see what happens.

(Note: Art programs at Mount Sinai are provided by The Creative Center, which gives free art programs to patients with cancer and chronic disease in all stages of recovery. In addition to programs on-site at more than 30 medical facilities, it offers free workshops at locations throughout New York City. To learn more and to enroll, go to The Creative Center).

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