Health & Fit Kristen Bell Does This Exact 30-Minute Workout Every Day

06:40  08 april  2021
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Kristen Bell has always had an enviable figure, but the Good Place star isn't spending hours every day in the gym to stay fit. In fact, she keeps her workout routine short and sweet to fit into her busy schedule, often spending as little as 30 minutes a day in the gym.

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In a new interview with Shape, Bell reveals that she makes exercise part of her regular routine, but isn't building her whole schedule around it.

"Most days, I run or lift weights for at least 30 minutes," she says. "Or I'll take a CrossFit class on indoorphins.com."

However, when she doesn't feel up to tackling a workout, Bell says she doesn't sweat it (so to speak).

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Kristen Bell holding a sign © Provided by Eat This, Not That! Kristen Bell Kristen Bell holding a sign © Provided by Eat This, Not That! Kristen Bell

"If I don't have the energy, I refuse to beat myself up," Bell explains. "Instead, I'll do a 10-minute meditation or stretch class on YouTube to prioritize myself."

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Bell has admitted in the past that she's a big fan of squeezing in short workouts whenever—and wherever—she can.

"At work, while I'm running through lines with my fellow actors, I'll be leaning backward on a chair doing triceps dips," she told Shape in 2017. "At home, when my kids and I are on a walk, and they're meandering and looking at leaves, I'll do lunges."

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When it comes to her eating habits, Bell says moderation, not deprivation, is the name of the game. Unlike many of Hollywood's keto devotees, Bell is adamant about keeping carbs on the menu throughout the day, starting with the bagel and cream cheese she eats every morning.

"I have to eat carbs because I have to memorize 11 pages of dialogue, and I can't do that eating spinach and chicken," she explained to Women's Health in 2019.

Admitting that she's not "super restrictive" about her diet, Bell explained, "I find that through conscious eating, I'm able to have all the rewards and also maintain a healthy, steady diet."

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