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  Costco's Newest Bakery Item Is a Chocolate Lover's Dream We’ve tried all sorts of desserts to satisfy our sweet tooth, from Ina Garten’s Apple Crostata and Martha Stewart’s Gingerbread Cheesecake to the Christmas cookies we hoarded in the freezer to snack on for the next few months, but at the end of the day, what we really crave when we want dessert is chocolate. And while we could stock up on fancy baking chocolate and spend a bunch of time in the kitchen messing up our mixing bowls and counters trying to make the ultimate chocolate dessert, there’s an easier way.

When NASCAR turned its top division into a split-horsepower series in 2019, then made a 750-horsepower track its host for the championship race in 2020, drivers and teams with a prowess for shorter tracks benefited. While some relied upon preexisting short-track strength, organizations like Team Penske saw the writing on the wall and knew a critical pivot was in order.

“As soon as they put Phoenix as the last (race), everybody started grabbing the wheel on the ship and started trying to turn it,” said Penske competition director Travis Geisler in the days leading up to last season’s finale.

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“It’s a difficult thing to say, ‘Let’s be faster at this style of track,’ because you’re always trying to do that, but we were really weak,” Geisler said. “We thought a couple years ago we were — I would honestly say — terrible at a lot of short tracks. We probably had our weakest stretch of short-track races in a while.”

Geisler’s point was salient: Between Martinsville and Phoenix, respectively the 750-horsepower tracks acting as the cutoff race for the semifinal round and championship race, Penske secured just two wins in a combined 24 attempts (across eight races) for its three teams between 2018-19. Mid-pack teams would have, of course, happily settled for a similar record, but for Penske, two wins and a bad combined norm for Brad Keselowski (an 8.1-place average finish over two years), Ryan Blaney (11.0) and Joey Logano (13.6) didn’t pass muster.

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  Costco Is Selling 50 Red Roses For Just $40 For Valentine’s Day Even if you don't buy freshly roasted beans every week, you can still brew a great cup of coffee. .Here are a few key preservation strategies to keep in mind:.If you're storing coffee for longer than a few months, the deep freeze is actually a greatidea.Just make sure you allow the coffee to acclimatize to ambient temperature before you put the bag in the freezer.Always keep in mind that ambient air is the enemy of fresh coffee.So try to squeeze as much air out of your coffee bag before you reseal it.Fresh grinding your beans is great, but it's actually not as necessary as you may think.You've got a few weeks to enjoy coffee that's been roasted and stored, or even opened, before it loses all its charm

“There’s a lot of points at (750-horsepower) tracks throughout the year and we knew we needed to improve,” Geisler said. “As soon as the Phoenix announcement came out, there was a pretty good fire under everyone at that point. And we certainly went to work on it.”

The attempt at a pivot manifested in improved finishing averages across Martinsville and Phoenix for Logano (2.8) and Keselowski (5.0) and a pair of runner-up results for Blaney at Martinsville.

In last fall’s finale, conspiracy theories permeated from social media where confused fans were skeptical that the Championship 4 represented the fastest, most competitive entries in the race, but a fix was hardly in: Chase Elliott, Logano and Keselowski ranked as the three fastest teams on 750-horsepower tracks for the whole of 2020, while Denny Hamlin had one of the three fastest cars at Bristol, New Hampshire and Dover which, like Phoenix, fell into the 750-horsepower category.

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  10 Best Weight-Loss Snacks to Buy at Costco, According to a Dietitian Before you go on your next Costco run, read up on our favorite weight-loss snacks to buy at Costco. First, here's what to look for in general when shopping for packaged snacks. These guidelines will help you choose snacks that fill you up (that's the goal, right?) and avoid blood sugar spikes: High in fiber and protein (at least 3-4 grams of each per serving) Low in sugar, especially added sugar (under 10 grams ideally) Low in saturated and trans fat and high in poly- and monounsaturated fat Low in sodium ( 3.

The final day of the season rewarded the specialists, those who channeled the majority of their time and energy on the track type responsible for crowning champions and one that’s seen its representation on the schedule grow from 33% to 56% between 2020 and 2021. But this is a specialization that prompts a diminished focus elsewhere.

Geisler admitted such a reallocation of R&D meant a punt on some of NASCAR’s largest venues like Daytona and Talladega.

“We probably did marginalize some of our other developments a little bit,” Geisler said. “I would say the superspeedway package probably is the one that takes a little bit of the hit. When you look at it, it used to be its own discipline, with its own cars and everything was very specific. And now with it having a lot of the same rules that we run on our 550s every week, it was kind of like, ‘Hey, let’s try to … pile them together and maybe focus on the short track thing a little bit more.’”

It’s possible Penske’s recalibrated focus on 750 horsepower doomed more than just the drafting tracks. The program’s output across all 550-horsepower tracks, namely the 1.5-mile facilities, saw a dip in performance based on underlying numbers:

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  Costco's iconic $5 rotisserie chicken is under fire from animal rights activists Costco is well-known for its commitment to keeping rotisserie chickens priced at only $5, but that comes at a cost according to Mercy for Animals.New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof highlighted the report in his opinion article that published Saturday, sharing what he called "the cruelties that delivered $4.99 chickens to a Costco rotisserie.

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Logano’s expected and actual adjusted pass efficiencies on 550-horsepower tracks dropped incrementally each season since tracks were split into two primary rules packages. Despite wins last year in Las Vegas and Kansas, the latter in part to his pit crew gaining him 16 spots under yellow, he’s effectively been a minus passer the last two years. He’s yet to score a positive adjusted pass differential in a 550-horsepower race this season.

Articulating these struggles last year as “a lost puppy, that’s what we are,” Logano understood the depth of his team’s competitive chasm to the likes of Stewart-Haas Racing and Joe Gibbs Racing. That divide persists: Logano is currently the third-least efficient passer on 550-horsepower tracks (only Justin Haley and B.J. McLeod fare worse) and his car ranks 11th in average median lap time.

Clearly, little to no improvement was made from last year to this year, a price Penske seems willing to pay in order to be proficient on 750-horsepower tracks and champion by season’s end. It’s also a showing of strength that invites challengers.

In the glow of his win last month in Phoenix, JGR’s James Small indicated he’d been working all offseason on improving the baseline car setup for Martin Truex Jr. at that particular 1-mile track, a dedication that prevents deliberate gains elsewhere.

Costco Has Started Administering The COVID-19 Vaccine In Some Places Around The U.S.

  Costco Has Started Administering The COVID-19 Vaccine In Some Places Around The U.S. Costco pharmacies are vaccinating people in five states so far.In an update on its COVID-19 resource page, the retailer informed customers that it would be"administering COVID-19 vaccines as soon as they are available, in accordance with CDC and state guidelines." So far, they are doing so in five states—California, New York, Oregon, South Carolina, and Washington—as well as in Puerto Rico.

“We got back from Phoenix last year, we sucked, we finished 10th,” Small said. “We were unhappy with how we ran. (Engineer Jeff Curtis) and I started working straight away the week after on what we’re going to do to get better. All offseason we’ve worked on that.

“You saw all the dividends for all the work we put in, the changes we made. Hopefully, he can be back in the (Championship 4) and we can get better then.”

Surely, if any new teams are going to crack the top of the speed charts on 750-horsepower tracks, it will have emanated from big improvements made last winter. Such efforts will be a tacit admission that Penske (and Hendrick Motorsports with Elliott) pulled fast ones on the field in 2020. While those two organizations might be firmly positioned as the two to beat across the next two weekends, both at short tracks in Martinsville and Richmond, it’s fair to assume continued dominance won’t be as easy of a pathway.

NASCAR, with its recent rules changes, created a series in which teams are forced to compartmentalize efforts based on their desired routes to achieving goals. The upcoming slate of races on 750-horsepower tracks will benefit the teams choosing this specific path, potentially symbolizing strength among championship contenders.

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