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19:53  21 july  2021
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Discover cockroaches in your house, you need to act fast. The cockroaches are disease carriers and also release allergies as well as asthma. With these three professional tips, they combat the pests.

Wir geben Ihnen drei nützliche Tipps, mit denen Sie Kakerlaken effektiv bekämpfen können. © Provided by the House We give you three useful tips that can effectively combat cockroaches.

cockroaches are persistent and can only be distributed. Home remedies such as vinegar or soda rarely help really get rid of the pests. So that they really get rid of the annoying cocks, chemical means are usually necessary. Because these may also be harmful to humans, they must be preserved by an expert before exposure. If you live for rent, inform your landlord or your property management via the cockroaches.

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1. Cockroaches with bait gel Combat

An effective means against cockroaches is bait gel, which is also referred to as a coupon. These are capsules filled with an insecticide gel. If the insects eat the capsules, they die after a short time. Other cockroaches eat the dead conspecifics and thus also take the gel. In this way, the gel is distributed within the nest. After about seven days, the scraping population should remove. After two to three weeks all cockroaches died. However, it should be remembered that some eggs could have survived and a new infestation is possible.

so that the gel looks good, you have to spend it on places where you suspect an infestation. This is usually the case under kitchen cabinets, under the sink, behind baseboards, in wall cabinets, in WC and shower. Also eliminate all the food sources for the cockroaches so that these only find the gel to eat. Cleaning So you kitchen as well as bathroom thoroughly and store food in lockable vessels.

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2. Cockroach traps

The bait gel alone is only part of the fight against cockroaches. Add addition of cockroach traps that contain a attractant. The traps are available with and without insecticide. In the second variant is an adhesive surface inside the trap. On this one remains the vermin stick and you can expose the pests to a distant location. For cockroach traps with poison, the effect of insecticide with delay uses. Thus, the cockroaches carry the poison back to the nest and distribute it through feces or vomit. The cannibalism among the animals also contributes to the dissemination.

3. Chamber hunter

cockroaches are persistent and can usually only be removed with a big fighting insert. Helping neither gel nor falling, the chamber hunter or pest control is the only rescue. The professionals have the possibilities to proceed deep in columns and cracks against the scrapes as well as destroy the eggs of the next generation. Chamber hunter also assume the follow-up check if the insects were really expelled. In some cases, the nest is not in your home, but outside. In this case, the professionals can strengthen the fight against and finally eliminate the source.

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