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21:17  21 july  2021
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Dans la boutique de CBD et produits dérivés «Legalize» à Paris. hemp sheet © Iorgis Matyassy in the CBD shop and "Legalize" derivatives in Paris.

France finally reviews its copy concerning hemp. To comply with European legislation, it presented at the beginning of the week an draft decree to the European Commission. The text authorizes the production and marketing of the CBD, non-psychotropic cannabis derivative, while the sector was in a legal blur.

The goal "is both to allow the development of new sectors in France, to protect consumers and maintain the ability of the internal security forces to fight against narcotics trafficking," specifies the text. The government wants to extend the culture and the industrial and commercial use of the plant in the hexagon, "under certain conditions" from all parts of hemp. The plant must have a THC content, the main activated molecule of cannabis, less than or equal to 0.2%.

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Recourse in preparation

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, on the other hand, the proposed proposed draft that "flowers and leaves can not be harvested, imported or used only for industrial production of extracts Hemp ». It precises: "In particular, it follows that the sale to consumers of flowers or raw leaves in all their forms, alone or in admixture with other ingredients, especially as products to smoke, herbal teas or pots-rots, their detention by consumers and their consumption are prohibited. "

An exception that does not delight some professionals. In a statement, the Union of CBD Professionals denounces "the muffle of choking by the sector by the French authorities" . Same notice on the hemp union side: "By removing the gross hemp flower from marketable products in France, the government deprives operators from the largest income generated by the CBD sector and abandons tax revenues including France. Could benefit in the current crisis context, " argues its Aurélian President Delecroix with release . He warns: "Many recourse against this new decree are already in preparation."

The final decree should be published late 2021 or beginning 2022. He reviews a 1990 text and follows a judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) in November 2020. The European Justice was rejected. The prohibition of the CBD in France , emphasizing the safety of this molecule, and that it can not be considered a narcotic nor a medicine. She had also put forward that this product could circulate freely in the same way as other goods in the European Union.

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