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04:50  22 july  2021
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The handle to the bottle can be addicted, yet alcohol consumption is socially accepted, if not sometimes desired. These two questions expose a dependency

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alcohol is considered the folk drug number one. Almost 9.3 million people in Germany drink, according to the German main office for addiction issues (short DHS) too much alcohol, which corresponds to almost eleven percent of the population. And what is "too much"? According to DHS, women should not consume more than 12 grams of alcohol per day (this corresponds approximately 0.125 liter of wine), in men lies the border at about 34 grams of alcohol per day (e.g., 0.6 l of beer).

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Often the boundaries are flowing between controlled alcohol fitting and alcohol abuse. It is estimated that are around 1.77 million people in Germany alcohol-dependent , another 1.6 million people regularly drink as much alcohol that one speaks of abuse. But how can doctors be found in their patients, whether they are affected by an alcohol addiction?

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two questions expose dependency

Study results of the University of Leicester Prove that a possible alcohol addiction can be diagnosed with only two questions:

How often Drink six or more drinks with a single occasion? What happened last year due to your drinking behavior from which you want it would not happen?

6 signs that they drink too much alcohol

The researchers found that they could properly identify patients with alcohol problems with these two questions in about 87 percent of all cases, in combination with a subsequent second survey with a longer questionnaire even 90.9 percent Falls. In view of the findings, the researchers advocate that, in particular, doctors are intended to integrate two questions routinely into their investigations in order to identify people with alcohol problems that are not among the risk groups, e.g. Young people.

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A new study by researchers at UNC Charlotte found that consumers ages 12 to 20 drove $17 billion worth of alcoholic beverage consumption in 2016.The study by researchers at the University of North Carolina specifically reviewed alcohol consumption among youths ages 12-20.

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