Health & Fit Stiftung Warentest: Mineral Water Check: Why you prefer to grab the low-cost water than to the nobleman

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the price differences in mineral waters are belonging. But is it really worth taking to the expensive precious brand or the organic product? Foundation Warentest has made the test - and a desiring judgment is like.

Wer gutes Mineralwasser haben will, muss das nicht teuer bezahlen. © Getty Images / M-ImagePhotography Who wants to have good mineral water, do not have to pay that expensive.

water is water is water? That's not true. The quality differences are partly belonging. Foundation Warentest has tested 32 silent waters. Once again, it has shown that where "organic" is on top of it, not always the best quality is inverted. And that with such a good name above all one is sure - a high price.

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The merry customer first: Much of the mineral waters in the test can be bought in good conscience. Microbiologically, nothing should be suspended from the waters. Critical fabrics could only find the testers isolated. Therefore, the rating can therefore be seen. Eight types cut off very well, 18 are good. Many private labels, including those of discounters, hold with. One of the best is the own product of Kaufland "K-Classic". The water is one of the three products, each with the overall grade 1.4 from the test and lead the rating. The liter is already available from 13 cents and thus costs only about a quarter as much as the two equal competition products.

Organic mineral water disappointed

where light is, is also shade. Three of the waters are only sufficient, one even deficient. Excluding two of five organic products do not convince. Both products bear the label of the quality community organic waters, which would like to stand out from the competition with particularly strict criteria. However, so the result of the test, the varieties do not hold what they promise. It is also about smell and taste that should be free of foreign matter. The water of "Landpage Bio-Source" tasted at a price of at least 98 cents per liter, however, according to plastic and cardboard and must then be satisfied with a "sufficient" (3.6).

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Still harder, the testers go to the court with the "Rieser Primeval Water". Among other things, the testers had a pesticide degradation product. In addition, it scratched at the limit for radium. Instead of pure urban water, parts of young water were found in the bottle. This is reflected in the evaluation: "poor" - the worst result in the test. And also the provider reacted. He wool, writes Warentest, the water "not more".

The organic label on mineral water is controversial anyway. In 2012, the Federal Court of Justice decided that mineral water may be an organic product, such as if it clearly falls below the legally defined limits for pollutants. A current judgment from the Higher Regional Court Frankfurt has now torn the guidelines even stricter. Accordingly, a mineral water may only call "organic" if it is completely untreated. Mineral water may only be treated slightly slightly. So it is only permitted to remove substances like iron or arsenic. The judgment is not final.

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noble water: More show as know-how

remains the view of the price. The span is big. Many private labels of trade and discounters are available for narrow money, 13 cents per liter. Some brands can be paid to the liters much more expensive. There would be, for example, the product of "Voss", which is 27 times more expensive with 3.60 euros per liter. The water comes in the chic design bottle, makes visually something. But what is in it is anything but top. "Voss contains as few minerals like hardly any of us tested water," writes Warentest.

and also "Healsi", which is filled in a bottle in diamond form, and the second tax in comparison, qualitatively falls from the competition. The climate balance is criticized in both luxury water. On the one hand, the waters from Norway and Portugal come, they are also sold in semibliter bottles. The "CO2 footprint of such small bottles is more than twice as large as the 1.5 liter bottles of 100 percent recycled pet," said Warentest. The two expensive products do not count: they are one of the worst and must be left with a "sufficient" - Healsi (4,2), Voss (4.5).

You can read the entire test on test.de for a fee.

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