Health & Fit video Jean Dujardin: his surprising habit when he contacts his friends of the cinema

11:20  03 august  2021
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VIDEO Jean Dujardin : son habitude surprenante lorsqu’il contacte ses amis du cinéma © screenshot M6 video Jean Dujardin: his surprising habit when he contacts his cinema friends this Monday 2 August in second part of the evening , M6 broadcast the documentary "The fabulous destiny of Jean Dujardin". The opportunity to discover the actor's usual funny, when contacting his cinema actors and filmmakers.

actor, humorist, screenwriter, director and producer. Difficult to confine Jean Dujardin only one position in the cinema , he who started his career in 1990 with the troop of us we. Fan and Eternal Casseur of French Cinema, Ex d'Alexandra Lamy has been a huge success with his role as Nice Brice in 2005 and the Hubert Bath Brisher in the comedies OSS 117: Cairo, Honeycomb in 2006, and OSS 117: Rio no longer responds in 2009. A role that he took over in 2021 for Nicolas Bedos, in OSS 117: Red Alert in Black Africa .

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But it was in 2012 that Jean Dujardin obtained the consecration , thanks to his role of George Valentin, Star fallen from mute cinema, in the Artist . For this black and white film made by Michael Hazanavicius, the husband of Nathalie Péchalat becomes the fourth French actor to be named Oscars in 2012. To the general surprise, he wins the precious statuette of the best actor , facing Damian Bitch in A Better Life, George Clooney in the descendants, Gary Oldman in the Taupe and Brad Pitt in the strategist.

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"It was indeed"

friend of celebrities, the actor was at The honor of the documentary " the fabulous destiny of Jean Dujardin " broadcast on M6 in second part of the evening this Monday, August 2nd. Unanimously, the director Gustave Kervern, the director and actress Nicole Garcia and the actress Elsa Zylberstein shared an astonishing anecdote concerning the actor. When they phone, he always uses the name he embodied in the cinema when they meet! " He leaves us messages, SMS, and it's always signed Jacques Pora ," unveiled the director of the film I Feel Good, released in 2018. "Often, when we are called, he told me ' It was Marc Palestro ', "said the director of a balcony on the sea, released in 2010. Even his bell on the side of Elsa Zylberstein .

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" is always called Namasted. When we make textos, it's Namasted. So we are always a little in India somewhere both! ", revealed the actress, a partner of Jean Dujardin in the film one + one, released in 2015. But what is the point of view of the principal interested? " is a way of saying 'I do not forget'. We spent a moment together, we are ready to start something again. It was actually. It just wants to say that it was nice ", confirmed the actor. Oscar or not, Jean Dujardin will always keep a particular affection for all the roles of his career!

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