Health & Fit How to Identify Your 'Dominant Emotional Style' (and Why It's so Important)

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What Your Moon Sign Says About Your Emotional Personality

  What Your Moon Sign Says About Your Emotional Personality Here’s how to discover this major aspect of your birth chart and interpret its meaning.Not everyone feels connected to their sun sign, which is why it's important to look at all parts of your chart. For instance, what if you're a Sagittarius who's not into traveling, a Cancer who focuses more on facts than feelings, or a Capricorn who despises wealth? According to the teachings of astrology, an individual's unique complexities are revealed by their complete birth chart. A snapshot of the cosmos at your moment of birth, this chart serves as your astrological fingerprint.

There are 6 dominant styles that characterize how humans take action. Knowing and leveraging yours is critical to your success. Our preferred action style influences the type of people we get along with, the impact we long to make, the outcomes we care about, and who we’ll allow to help us. If our dominant action style isn’t respected, appreciated or allowed to be exercised fully in our work and personal lives, we often feel misunderstood, undervalued, thwarted, disconnected, and unfulfilled.

But how do you go about improving your emotional awareness and emotional literacy if you do feel yourself somewhat lacking? This article suggests one method. What Is Emotion ? For example in anger you have thoughts about revenge. There also thinking styles - in depression thinking is slow and repetitive. Urges & impulses to act - in anger you're moved to yell or even hit out. Attention - you tend to focus in particular ways and on particular things - e.g. in anxiety you focus rather narrowly on what might go wrong.

During difficult times, we often find ourselves defaulting to a single, dominant emotion, even when another might be more “logical.” For example, your default emotion may be anxiety, which is what you’ll feel during the stressful times, even if a more appropriate emotional reaction might be anger, sadness, or frustration.

This is your dominant emotional style, said Alice Boyes, Ph.D., author of the book “The Healthy Mind Toolkit,” in a recent article she wrote for Psychology Today. In times of stress, a “dominant emotion” is the emotion we default to and is often linked to how we interpret and react to situations. Going back to the anxiety example, your reaction may be due to a tendency to blame yourself for situations; if your dominant emotion is anger, that might be due to a tendency to assume others are trying to hurt you.

Over 60? Stop Doing This Now, Say Experts

  Over 60? Stop Doing This Now, Say Experts Here are health habits you have to stop after age 60, according to Quratulain Syed, a geriatrician at JenCare Senior Medical Center.

This video is a complete guide to learning how to set and create emotional boundaries, understanding what they are and why they are so important , and how to This video discusses the 5 steps to setting heathy limitations, and how these boundaries can truly enhance our relationships and personal well-being, as well as how to identify emotional boundary violations. I truly hope you find it healing and helpful!

Hopefully, you will learn to identify the exact emotion you are feeling at any given moment. This is a very empowering thing to know! You will then be more able to describe your feelings. I will tell you that Daniel Kahneman won a Nobel Prize for demonstrating how emotions rule reactions we thought were pure cognition. The riddle of experience vs. memory. Richard J Davidson may win one for developing the proofs of emotional style , and the effects of emotions in our vaunted frontal cortexes.

Why being able to feel a range of emotions matters

We default to our dominant emotion because that’s what we know and what is most familiar to us. However, it’s important to be able to experience a range of emotions, as this is often the key to a healthier, happier life.

One way to think about emotions is to think about all of the different emotions as being part of a balanced ecosystem. Within an ecosystem there are many different components, all of which are important for a healthy system. If this balance gets disrupted though, with one emotion becoming heavily dominant, then the overall health of the system gets thrown off balance.

As studies are showing, people who experience a broad range of emotions tend to have better mental and physical health, which includes lower rates of depression. One possible reason is that a mixture of emotions, even if they are negative ones, can help prevent a single emotion from completely taking over.

Managing Your Stress Levels Might Be The Most Important Thing You Can Do For Weight Loss

  Managing Your Stress Levels Might Be The Most Important Thing You Can Do For Weight Loss Cortisol is a powerful hormone, people.Yep, if it feels like your weight seems to fluctuate when you're stressed, it's not in your head. Stress and weight gain are linked, and not just because you may not maintain your typical healthy routine when you're going through it.

Your attachment style is how you act and interact with romantic partners within relationships and there are four major styles of it : secure, anxious/insecure, disorganized, and avoidant. If you find yourself dating someone with an avoidant attachment style and feel emotionally trapped here are some things you can do: Don’t take it personally. This isn’t about you — our attachment style is rooted deep within us and leads us to showcase the same behavior in relationships, no matter what partner we find ourselves with.

It ’ s considered a type’s signature tool, one that’s wielded with remarkable ease and proficiency—much like a dominant hand. In many respects, such analogies are on target. Indeed if they weren’t, type theory might find itself in deep water. That said, the dominant function isn’t always as obvious or easy to identify as it ’ s sometimes made Simply put, “knowing our own minds” is rarely as easy it sounds. And there are myriad possible reasons for this difficulty. In this post, we will explore why identifying the dominant function often proves harder than we anticipate. Function – Interest Mismatches.

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a man sitting at a table in front of a laptop: However, Haynes said he doesn’t see retirement as millennials’ endgame. Instead, they want to achieve financial freedom. “It could mean retirement, but for many, it means being able to do what it is they want to do when they want to do it,” he said. “It means not being tied down to a boss, but rather creating opportunities for themselves for what it is they care about — whether it’s a side hustle, creating a job they’re passionate about or giving back to their community.” That’s good because although some of the failure to save more for millennials could be by choice, the GOBankingRates millennial survey clearly shows that they see their prospects for ultimately retiring comfortably as being relatively bleak. Some 58.7% of those polled felt that they would have a harder time than those generations that came before them. Granted, that has to be put in context: Millennials can’t really know what their situation will be another 30 years from now while many boomers are right in the thick of either the early years of their retirement of the final years of their career. But the lack of confidence among young adults that they’ll be able to build an adequate nest egg is still important to note.

Two options for reducing your dominant emotion

Feeling too much of one emotion is exhausting and can leave you burnt out. According to Boyes, there are two options that can help you step back from your dominant emotion.

The first option is to think through other possible interpretations of the situation. As Boyes notes, her dominant emotion is anxiety, where she will usually blame herself. However, when she slows down and evaluates the situation, trying to think through other reasons for what is going on, this allows her other emotions to surface.

The second option is to focus on the quieter feelings, the ones that have been drowned out by your dominant emotion. “If I tune into my smaller emotions, they rise to the surface more,” Boyes wrote. These other feelings can help you come up with different solutions to your problem, while also helping you to have a more balanced perspective.

As Boyes points out, these strategies for dialing down your dominant emotion can have a lot of positive benefits. This includes feeling a sense of relief, enhancing your creativity, identifying new ways to problem-solve, as well as motivating you to try alternative approaches that you might not otherwise think of.

As Boyes noted, when it comes to feeling these other emotions, “It’s okay if feeling your non-dominant emotions leaves you feeling unsettled and perhaps a little at sea. You can feel unsettled and still also benefit.”

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