Health & Fit 'Vaxxed' Hilary Duff Tests Positive for a Breakthrough Case of COVID-19

05:35  06 september  2021
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  See Hilary Duff's sexy response to husband Matthew Koma's sweet tribute Duff and Koma celebrated their one-year anniversary in December 2020.In the snap that was taken when their 5-month-old daughter Mae was a newborn, Duff wears the expression of parent in need of some uninterrupted sleep.

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Hilary Duff is battling a breakthrough COVID-19 infection.

The 33-year-old actress recently revealed her diagnosis in an Instagram Story, writing, "That delta...she's a little b—h."

Duff, who is "happy to be vaxxed" against COVID-19, said her symptoms included a "bad headache," as well as sinus pressure, brain fog, and loss of taste and smell. The news comes just days after Duff was set to begin filming How I Met Your Father, a sequel series to the TV sitcom, How I Met Your Mother. (Related: The Most Common Coronavirus Symptoms to Look Out for, According to Experts)

Though rare, breakthrough COVID-19 infections can occur when someone who is fully vaccinated (and has been for at least two weeks) contracts the virus, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Fully vaccinated folks who do endure a breakthrough infection are less likely to develop serious illness, however, compared to those who are not vaccinated against COVID-19, according to the CDC.

What are COVID-19 breakthrough infections like? 4 people share their experiences

  What are COVID-19 breakthrough infections like? 4 people share their experiences Breakthrough cases represent a tiny fraction of vaccinated people, and many don't result in symptoms. But for those who do get sick, it can be unpleasant.As of Tuesday, NBC News recorded at least 248,943 breakthrough cases in 42 states (several states didn't share their data) out of 166 million fully vaccinated people. And an even smaller portion of breakthrough cases result in hospitalizations and death: 7,608 and 1,587 respectively as of Aug. 9, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Why the sudden rise in breakthrough COVID-19 infections? Well, the highly contagious Delta variant continues to pose a problem, as the strain counts for 86 percent of new cases, according to recent CDC data. Though research about the Delta variant is ongoing, it seems that those infected with this particular strain carry large viral loads (or the amount of virus in their blood), which means they can shred and spread the virus more rapidly. (Related: Everything You Need to Know about Coronavirus Transmission)

Gallery: Hilary Duff Just Revealed Her 4 Symptoms of Breakthrough COVID (Best Life)

Hilary Duff smiling for the camera: When the coronavirus vaccine rollout began at the end of 2020, to many, it sounded like the means to the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. But decreased vaccination rates and the Delta variant had other plans for us. The highly transmissible form of the virus has managed to evade some of the protection provided by the vaccines. Though experts say the shots are still the best way to avoid a serious or fatal bout of COVID-19, it seems that as we get further and further from our initial shots and the Delta variant continues to take over, there have been an increasing number of breakthrough infections, which refers to cases among those who are vaccinated. Recently, celebrities have been coming forward with their stories of breakthrough COVID. The latest star to share her struggle is actor and singer Hilary Duff, who revealed her COVID symptoms on Instagram on Aug. 20. Read on to find out what she's been experiencing and what you should look out for.RELATED: If You Got This Vaccine, Your Risk of COVID After Vaccination May Be Higher.Read the original article on Best Life.

In addition to being extremely contagious, the Delta variant also has more severe symptoms than other strains. Doctors have seen an increased likelihood of hearing loss, abdominal pain, and nausea in infected patients. Bhakti, Hansoti, M.D., an associate professor of emergency medicine and international health at John Hopkins University and Bloomberg School of Public Health, also told USA Today in June that patients infected with the Delta variant are more likely to require hospitalization and oxygen treatments.

Delta Symptoms Usually Appear Like This

  Delta Symptoms Usually Appear Like This "If you are vaccinated, the Delta symptoms we are seeing now are much more commonly identified with the common cold,” said Doctor Chan.

Hilary Duff posing for a picture: The 33-year-old actress also called the Delta variant a © Getty Images The 33-year-old actress also called the Delta variant a "little b—h" in a recent Instagram Story.

The COVID-19 vaccine remains the best bet in protecting oneself and others from infection. And, on Monday, the Food and Drug Administration granted full approval of the two-dose Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, the first coronavirus vaccine to get a green light of that magnitude by the organization. (Related: How Effective Is the COVID-19 Vaccine?)

As for Duff, she isn't the only star who has combated a breakthrough COVID-19 case. Catt Sadler, Reba McEntire, and Melissa Joan Hart are among those who have reported breakthrough infections despite being fully vaccinated against the virus. In an Instagram video shared Wednesday, Hart said she believes her children were exposed to the virus at school, where masks aren't required. Due to the rapid proliferation of the Delta variant, the CDC now recommends universal indoor masking regardless of vaccination status.

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"I am vaccinated and I got COVID, and it's bad," lamented Hart on Instagram. "It's weighing on my chest. It's hard to breathe. One of my kids, I think, has it so far. I'm praying that the other ones are okay. I think as a country we got a little lazy and I'm really mad that my kids didn't have to wear a mask at school. I'm pretty sure where this came from."

She continued Thursday on Instagram, "I'm just scared and sad, and disappointed in myself and some of our leaders. I just wish I'd done better, so I'm asking you guys to do better. Protect your families. Protect your kids."

Hart offered a positive update Sunday on her Instagram page, telling her followers she's doing "so much better." "It's been a rough week, but feeling better," said Hart in the clip. "Stay safe, everybody."

The information in this story is accurate as of press time. As updates about coronavirus COVID-19 continue to evolve, it's possible that some information and recommendations in this story have changed since initial publication. We encourage you to check in regularly with resources such as the CDC, the WHO, and your local public health department for the most up-to-date data and recommendations.

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