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Eco-anxiété : les jeunes démunis face à la crise climatique climate crisis © provided by Gentside eco-anxiety: young people with the climate crisis

a young one on two would suffer from eco-anxiety. This is the record drawn up by a study, the largest to date on the subject, which has just been published in The Lancet Planetary Health.

What is the eco-anxiety?

This is an "extreme concern about current and future damage to the environment through human activity and climate change", according to the formal definition given by the Dico Oxford.

The phenomenon of eco-anxiety was theorized since 1996 by the doctor-researcher Véronique Lapige, but it is more and more pregnant in recent years. An anxious feeling related to climate change that would be further exacerbated since the health crisis.

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Among the models of this generation, we necessarily think of the young Greta Thunberg . Young people would be particularly affected by this new harm, sometimes portrayed as "the new evil of the century". 93% of them say they are worried, according to a recent study conducted by the IFOP.

Eco-anxiety focuses the new study in the newspaper The Lancet comes to corroborate these results. Nine researchers from Finnish, British and American universities interviewed 10,000 young people between the ages of 16 and 25, a 10-age of nationalities, including France.

results? 75% of respondents see the future as "scary", 52% are afraid for their safety and that of their family.

75% of young people judge the "scary" future. This is the finding of a broad study on eco-anxiety published in

@Thelancet . Concerns are the strongest in the southern countries, often located in the first line against the disturbances of the #climate : https://t.co/lwgzkmwrxl pic.twitter.com/lkyhlrk6tp - statist france (@ STATTA_EN)

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September 14, 2021 For 56% of young people humanity is sentenced . The climate anxiety impacts their mental health

Video: Health: The strange case of a man capable of changing the size of his pupils at will (Gentside)

Your Browser does not support this video The mental health of young people would be directly Impacted by their anxiety regarding climate change: according to the study,

50% of them claim to be angry , stressed. and sad. They also feel a form of guilt in the face of the climate crisis and say "demunis". "I grew up with the fear of walking in my room"

explains, for example, Mitzi Jonelle Tan, an ecological activist of 23 years, in a video of NGO Avaaz.

"I Grew Up Being Afraid of Drowning in My Own Bedroom" -

#ClimateExiety Affects Young People Globally and #WeFeelthistoo

Join The Launch of the First Global Study Linking

#Climateanxiety in Children and Young People to Gov inaction ON The Climate Crisis: https://t.co/atjrsjcy4t pic.twitter.com/dfu5х-$$ - Avaaz (@avaaz)

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September 13, 2021 For researchers at the origin of this study on

Eco-anxiety , the more climate events are increasing, the more impact on mental health will be repercussions.

of the urgency of acting In addition to publishing the results of this broad study, the broadest to date on the subject, the researchers shared the conclusions they derive from these figures and responses harvested with young people and offer ways of reflection.

Thus, the authors of the survey argue that young people feel abandoned by governments, even betrayed. They judge that they "do not recognize the crisis (climate) or do not react in a coherent and urgent way."

Researchers insist on this notion of urgency, they say that more in-depth research on eco-anxiety should be carried out, just as they recommend acting as soon as possible through "Immediate Measures on Climate Change "

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