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06:30  24 september  2021
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Costco recently lifted a pandemic rule put in place in March 2020 and is bringing back samples (there's a twist, though). But now there's evidence that products themselves are also changing , and some customers say it's not for the better. Online the Kirkland 2-ply paper towels come with 140 sheets per roll and the 12 roll pack is .99. With the downsize, that's 240 fewer sheets in the entire pack. Costco shoppers on Reddit have commented on the change , saying they aren't surprised, and that it reminds them of a few other grocery items that have seen size changes in the last few years.

Costco stores are like sprawling labyrinths, with bulk- sized pallets and free samples instead of a fearsome Minotaur. But, as a result, they can be pretty hard to navigate. Costco warehouse designer Stan Laegreid wrote in Fast Company that the store layouts function as a large "racetrack" that exposes shoppers to "a greater number of products ." Business Insider recently spoke with 46 Costco employees. A number of these store employees had tips for navigating the store and having a better shopping experience, whether you're a first-time shopper or a pro looking to hone your browsing skills.

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Costco fans will inevitably notice if the warehouse makes any changes to their favorite items—no matter how small. This year alone, sleuths (er, members) discovered that Costco might have changed its blueberry muffin recipe and some of its rolls of paper towels come with fewer sheets. More recently, one customer claimed that the frozen meatballs in the iconic 6-pound Kirkland Signature bag keep changing in size.

Reddit user @NowEvenBetter posted a picture of three meatballs from three different time periods—14 months ago, five months ago, and today. The oldest meatball is considerably bigger and weighs 28 grams, the second oldest weighs 14 grams, and the newest weighs 18 grams. (Related: The 100 Unhealthiest Grocery Foods in America)

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Unfortunately, a group of Costco customers are sharing that they experienced just that, except their discovery is especially dismaying: When one Costco member shared this weekend that a member of their family has twice become "infested" with bugs from a particular Costco product , others weighed in Several other members chimed in to share their similar experience with the Kirkland Signature dog biscuits. "Yes!" said u/SoSleepySue. "We've been infested with weevils from them a couple times even after trying to isolate them in Ziploc bags. We've given up on them and switched to the jerky treats."

Crowd- size has been dwindling recently and the new hours will allow employees to restock and sanitize warehouses as well. Several Costco locations have also implemented a safety feature at cash registers to protect employees and customers . We could not be more grateful for the dedicated employees that show up every day so that we can shop for all of our essential items and we applaud Costco for taking steps to protect their employees and their customers with these new safety measures.

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Though the meatballs of today apparently weigh 10 grams less than the meatballs of July 2020, other Costco members in the comments say that it isn't necessarily a bad thing.

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Though the meatballs of today apparently weigh 10 grams less than the meatballs of July 2020, other Costco members in the comments say that it isn't necessarily a bad thing.

"Smaller meatballs means more surface area and more browning per oz. You are still getting 6 pounds of meatballs, just smaller and more. I would prefer this," one user wrote, with another adding, "plus quicker to heat."

Some offered possible explanations of why the weight of the meatballs had fluctuated so much in a year. Perhaps it doesn't have to do with Costco at all?

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Costco has a frequently changing inventory and is known for carrying products for a time, then discontinuing them or using them as seasonal products .[82] Over the years, Costco has gradually expanded its range of products and services. Some locations have liquor stores, often kept separate from the main warehouse in order to comply with liquor license restrictions. In some states (such as Texas), the liquor store must be owned and operated by a separate company with separate employees.[83] In 2006, Costco lost a lawsuit against the state of Washington in which it was seeking

Products unique to Chinese customers are enormously popular, too. On a call with investors in December, Galanti highlighted one top seller: sea cucumbers, which are considered to be a prized delicacy in China. In traditional Chinese medicine, the animal is said to have healing properties and can treat The popularity of some of its products also created an unexpected problem for Costco during the pandemic: the need to fend off crowds. The company, for example, suspended the sale of rotisserie chicken in February citing anti-virus considerations. " This is to prevent customers from flocking

"When I first saw this I assumed it was how much the meatballs shink and lose mass as they dry out when left out over the stated periods of time," another user said.

Others noted that no matter the size of the meatballs, the bag still weighs 6 pounds in the end. What do you think?

Eat This, Not That! reached out to Costco to find out more information, but the company did not respond to a request for comment.

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