Health & Fit If You Notice This While Drinking Wine, Stop Immediately, Experts Warn

13:35  25 september  2021
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How to Choose a Dry White Wine for Cooking

  How to Choose a Dry White Wine for Cooking You shouldn't reach for a pricey bottle, but you also don't want to grab cooking wine.Before we dive in, the one thing you need to understand is what happens when you cook with wine. Adding wine (typically 10 to 16 percent alcohol by volume) to a hot pan will cause the wine to transform. The alcohol will burn off, leaving your dish with beautiful flavor but none of the booze. This means that it's safe for everyone, including children and adults who do not drink. The remaining wine left in your dish is a powerhouse of flavors as the wine intensifies the natural essence of your dish without overpowering it.

Renowned strength coach and former competitive powerlifter Mark Rippetoe has never been shy about sharing his perspective on the proper way to train. In a far-ranging interview with Men's Health earlier this week, the bestselling Starting Strength author pulled no punches when it came to his opinion of CrossFit workouts.

a group of people riding on a skateboard: © SOPA Images - Getty Images "Training is the process by which you add weight to the bar and get stronger. Exercising is just f-----g around in front of the dumbbell."

Specifically, Rippetoe took issue with a theory known as"muscle confusion," which many CrossFit boxes support, and which posits that challenging your muscles in different ways using a variety of workouts can lead to bigger gains in size and strength. It seems you can safely count Rippetoe among the theory's detractors.

Is Red Wine Good for You? What a Glass A Day Means for Your Health

  Is Red Wine Good for You? What a Glass A Day Means for Your Health Your favorite glass of red is packed with antioxidants—but it is still booze.Red wine is produced from dark-skinned grape varieties which are expertly harvested, pressed, and fermented with grape skins and juice inside a tank or vat. Consider fermentation to be the secret sauce—it transforms humble grapes into full-bodied, flavourful wines. Ah, to be the first, curious soul to realize the endless potential of fermented grape juice! While France and Italy are the countries most commonly associated with wine, the beverage has ancient origins in China, with archaeological records dating back to 7,000 years ago.

"Muscle confusion is just a marketing thing that programs like CrossFit use to sell product; it’s not training. Training is the process by which you come into the gym, add weight to the bar, and get stronger. Exercising is just f****** around in front of the dumbbell," Rippetoe says. "CrossFit is exercising. It may be hard and make you sore, but it’s just exercising. It doesn’t have the capacity to program a strength increase."

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Rippetoe went on to add that he thinks programs like CrossFit are popular—in part—because people crave variety and complexity, but often for the wrong reasons.

"They think complexity is cool. Complexity appeals to stupid people—it makes them feel superior intellectually, even if they’re making no real progress. CrossFit works initially because anything works for six weeks," Rippetoe added.

Check out the rest of the interview for Rippetoe's no-holds-barred advice on which types of exercises he recommends doing instead to build muscle safely and effectively, as well as what you should eat to build serious strength, especially if you're over 40 or new to weightlifting.

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