Health & Fit 23 Cozy Soup Recipes That Are Perfect For Weight Loss This Fall

17:55  14 october  2021
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Kick off tailgating season with this slow cooker chili

  Kick off tailgating season with this slow cooker chili It may be hard to imagine with temperatures still in the 80s and 90s, but fall is right around the corner. Beyond blustery winds, spooky decorations and pumpkin spice, the cozy season also welcomes soups, stews, casseroles and more comfort food favorites. It's time to retire your summer salads and grilled food say hello to fall's most beloved dish: chili. 10 Beef Recipes Beyond Sloppy Joes and Bolognese Chili is the MVP of autumn for a lot of reasons. First, it's so easy to make, and its humble ingredients won't break the bank. All you need is some ground chuck, veggies, a few bean varieties and staple seasonings.

  Your Kids Will Love Taking Their Vitamins Thanks to These Yummy Gummies (& There's an Immune-Boosting Version for You Too) © d.velop/Sofia Kraushaar

Why vitamin D?

Our immune system is constantly working to protect us from various bacteria and viruses. The body has natural ways of defending itself from germs, but it needs our help to stay firing on all cylinders. That means getting enough sleep, eating well and living a healthy lifestyle, of course, but also (if needed) taking our vitamins, including the unsung hero vitamin D, which helps support production and function of immune cells and has anti-inflammatory effects. Since there aren’t a ton of foods rich in vitamin D—and getting enough sun in a very virtual world is as difficult as dressing your 5-year-old—many of us may not have the required amount to help guard the body from bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. Luckily, there’s d.velop™, a powerful and effective vitamin D supplement.*†

This turkey pumpkin chili is perfect for game day

  This turkey pumpkin chili is perfect for game day Football season has officially started, which means you're likely in need of some new game day recipes. In this turkey chili recipe, the addition of pumpkin complements the dish's hearty flavors, making it perfect for any fall gathering. How to Make Your Favorite Stadium Foods at Home There are plenty of recipes you can make using canned pumpkin, but this chili recipe tops them all. The dish is filling, affordable, easy to make and can be frozen and saved for a weeknight. To make the chili, you'll need a variety of ingredients, a few of which can likely be found in your pantry. To start, cook onions, hot peppers and garlic in a stock pot.

OK, but how can I get my kids to take them?

Gallery: The Secret Side Effects of Eating Pecans (Eat This, Not That!)

It's a pretty well-known fact that most nuts are extraordinarily healthy snacks that come with a host of health benefits.  This is especially true for eating pecans, which are heart-healthy and can even help to ward off diseases.While pecans can be very healthy for you and aid your body in surprising ways, they can also have their own pitfalls, so make sure to always be conscious of what you're eating, and how much of it. Here's what you need to know about eating pecans, and for been more eating tips, be sure to check out our list of the 100 Unhealthiest Foods on the Planet.Read the original article on Eat This, Not That!

Developing a healthy immune system is especially important for kids, who are still growing and definitely don’t stray away from germs on the playground. (We’ve actually seen them play with bugs and dirt.) d.velop™’s Kids Vitamin D Gummies are the only vitamin D supplement made with calcifediol, a clinically proven form of the vitamin that’s absorbed directly into the bloodstream—making it more effective than other brands out there.† The gummies are suitable for kids ages 4 and up and have a yummy wild berry flavor they’ll love. You can stock up on either a two-month supply or subscribe for four months and save 10 percent.

The #1 Best Thing to Drink Every Day, According to a Dietitian

  The #1 Best Thing to Drink Every Day, According to a Dietitian While most drinks will keep you hydrated and healthy, this is one that a dietitian recommends having every day."The best thing to drink every day is lemon water first thing in the morning. Yes, before you reach for your coffee!" says registered dietitian Amy Shapiro, MS, RD of Real Nutrition and member of the Eat This, Not That! Medical Expert Board. (Related: One Major Side Effect of Drinking Your Coffee Before Breakfast, Expert Says.

What about the rest of the fam?

When it comes time to take that PTO, you and your partner don’t want to spend it sick at home. (You really deserve that vacation.) ImmunityPlus from d.velop™ contains the most effective vitamin D on the market thanks to that super-fast absorption into the bloodstream, plus it has bonus immune-supporting ingredients like zinc and vitamin C—great if you aren’t already taking a multivitamin and need a supplement that packs a punch.*† A three-month subscription comes with a free test kit, which contains two tests for measuring your vitamin D levels before and after starting d.velop™. (There’s also an app with live coaching from Registered Dietitians to help track your progress.) ImmunityPlus is actually guaranteed to raise your vitamin D levels in 14 days or you get your money back…exactly the peace of mind you want when it comes to protecting yourself and your family.* Because when you prioritize your own home’s immunity, you’re in turn helping keep the rest of the community healthy, happy and safe. Talk about a feel-good purchase.

#1 Best Fasting Method for Quicker Weight Loss, New Study Suggests

  #1 Best Fasting Method for Quicker Weight Loss, New Study Suggests If you're tinkering with your intermittent fasting schedule to figure out what works, a team of metabolism scientists has zeroed in on this.For a meta-analysis that was published Friday in Nutrients, six researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago's Nutrition and Kinesiology Department initiated a review of past studies to see how intermittent fasting affects sleep among adults who are overweight or obese. Although the scientists have concluded that "sleep quality and sleep duration remained unaltered" based on this study, they made another key discovery in the process.

Shop the vitamins: d.velop Kids Vitamin D Gummies ($30); d.velop Immunity Plus ($24)

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Clinical studies have shown that ampli-D™ can achieve optimal vitamin D status (30 ng/mL) on average 3X faster, and is 3X more effective, compared to the same mcg amount of conventional vitamin D3. Source: Quesada-Gomez and Bouillon (2018) Osteoporos. Int. 29, 1697-1711.

22 Vegan Soup Recipes Using Your Favorite Seasonal Vegetables .
Looking for the ultimate comfort food? Here's just the thing for you, no matter what season. The best part? Most of these plant-based soups won't take hours of prep to make, making them an easy choice for a busy weeknight. Vegan Tomato Soup Recipes Tomatoes reach peak season during the summer, but if you're craving tomato soup in winter, canned tomatoes can be used to give you that taste of summertime. (P.S. If you're craving a sandwich on the side, this vegan-friendly, hearty chickpea salad sandwich may be the perfect accompaniment.

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