Health & Fit Hypertension: Effective substitution salts against strokes?

16:40  19 october  2021
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Hypertension : les sels de substitution efficaces contre les AVC ? © iStock Hypertension: Effective substitution salts against strokes?

According to a recent Chinese study, potassium or magnesium salt substitutes are effective in reducing blood pressure. They would also reduce the risk of infarction and stroke.

One in three adults are affected by arterial hypertension. According to a national survey of 2018, it affects nearly 15 million people in France, making it the most common cardiovascular disease. Reducing salt in its diet is one of the most highly recommended food measures to reduce blood pressure. To facilitate the lives of hypertensive people, alternatives to salt flourish in the rays of supermarkets. These are most often potassium or magnesium substitutes whose effectiveness is sometimes debated. As reported by the UFC-to choose, a recent Chinese study has just demonstrated that these salt substitutes are truly effective and beneficial to decrease the blood pressure of the most at risk of hypertension and allow to reduce The risks of cardiovascular incidents such as stroke and infarction. As part of this study, conducted in 600 villages in Northeastern China, investigators recruited more than 20,000 people with hypertension or stroke history. more stroke and infarct in those who consume salt

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according to this study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the salt substitutes would be interesting for the people most at risk of suffering from arterial hypertension. Chinese researchers have indeed evaluated for 5 years the impact of a salt substitute composed at 75% of sodium and 25% potassium on patients who had already made a stroke or whose tension was poorly balanced. Topics thus presenting high risks of complications in the face of salt hazards. Salt substitutes would therefore be effective for this type of population. According to the study,

a salt substitute which includes less sodium reduces stroke and heart attack rates. In practice, the volunteers who participated in the study that continued to consume salt in a usual way were more likely to do a stroke during the five years of the study, compared to those who have consumed salt substitutes. . The study also reveals that other cardiovascular diseases, such as infarcts, were also more common in people who do not make salt substitutes.

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"The salt decreases and potassium increases, which is also beneficial to lower blood pressure - so it is doubly effective."

Darwin Labarthe, Professor of Preventive Medicine at the Epidemiology Division and Co-author of the study

According to Darwin Labarthe, Professor of Preventive Medicine at the Epidemiology Division and Co-Author of the Study, these Salt Substitutes A promising invention while most salt intake come from family cooking. "

The reduction of salt intake reduces arterial pressure , which is one of the main factors of disease and death by heart attack or stroke", ensures the researcher. If it had already been shown that salt substitutes reduce blood pressure, their impact on cardiac incidents that may occur later downstream had never been proved before. With 75% sodium and 25% potassium salt substitutes, " salt decreases and potassium increases , which is also beneficial for lowering blood pressure - so it is doubly effective," ensures the CO -Autor of the study.

Darwin Labarthe believes that "up to one billion people in the world suffer from uncontrolled high blood pressure". The results suggest that the substitutes of salt - especially those who replace sodium with potassium - are therefore an effective

, practical and inexpensive against cardiovascular disease in the areas of the world where home cooking is widespread. However, for the more developed countries, it is also necessary to turn to the manufacturers of food products according to the researcher because the hidden salts are everywhere in the processed products. It recommends that manufacturers also use salt substitutes in these products.

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