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12:25  28 october  2021
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The kitchen role is always at hand at most of us. But beware: There are a few things in the household, which we would rather not clean with her

Diese 5 Dinge sollten Sie mit Ihrer Küchenrolle nie reinigen ISTOCKPHOTO © iStockphoto These 5 things you should never clean with your kitchen role iStockphoto

You can find at most at home and applies in the household as a true general purpose weapon : The kitchen role. Whether in the food residue collecting, when wiping liquids or even when brushing it is used regularly. But did you know that we often use the paper sheets for things for which they are not suitable for? These five things should you e.g. Never clean with the kitchen role:

1. Mirror surfaces and glass

Even if kitchen paper feels soft at first, the fibers are very tight. This can leave fine scratches when cleaning on the mirror surface and ensure that the mirror is "blind" with time. The same applies to everything else from glass.

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2. Carpeted floors

spots in the carpet are annoying and you would like to get rid of as soon as possible. For cleaning, a piece of kitchen role is not a good choice, even in an emergency not. Because as soon as you try to scrub the spot, the paper tears and leaves countless little lint on the carpet. These usually only remove from the fibers after several times.

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3. TV and displays

no matter if you want to free the TV screen of stains or dust or want to clean the mobile phone display again: Do not access the kitchen role! The paper is too rough and can scratch the surface as the mirror.

4. Encrusted food residues

encrusted food remnants that stick firmly on the kitchen work surface, the cutting board or the baking sheet, you will not be able to remove with some paper - even if you moisten something. Read for the detergent and sponge and rub the polluted surface with it. This is not just faster, but is also more efficient.

5. Objects with sharp edges

Also for cleaning objects with sharp corners and edges, the kitchen paper is not suitable. You cut the paper back to pieces and make it useless. Caution: In the worst case you can even cut!

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