Health & Fit Trans Musicales, masks and sanitary passes do not spoil the party ... yet

13:50  03 december  2021
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In En cas de relâchement, plus d'une centaine d'agents de sécurité ont été chargés de rappeler les bonnes pratiques. Les organisateurs reconnaissent qu'ils ne peuvent toutefois « pas être derrière 30.000 festivaliers ». © AFP / Sebastien Salom Gomis- With release, over a hundred security guards were charged recall the good practices. The organizers recognize that they can not, however, "not behind 30,000 festival-goers."

" Coming to Trans, there is genuine emotion because it's a festival that has a soul. The pleasure outweighs the fear of Covid "says Stéphane, 56, came to Paris to participate in the Trans Musicales de Rennes 2021, placed under high health monitoring.

For the first important concert evening, Thursday, December 2, at the Expo Park, in full 5th wave of the epidemic, 4500 festival were expected. A test for the legendary Rennes festival, for its 43rd edition expects 40,000 visitors over five days.

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"STORIES - Trans Musicales: the prefect calls for public accountability to avoid a cluster

" It is in the spotlight, it's an anxiety period. We see that the contamination show that the borders are closed, but you feel the urge of people, and we want to show that we can organize a festival in 2021, 2022 "says Cedric Cimadomo, director of Trans Musicales 2021 .

After voluntarily lowered its 75% gauge, the festival received the green light from the prefecture to return to 100%. To do this, he had to show their credentials. Along with posters of the most memorable concerts, panels inviting festival goers to keep their masks and respect the barriers gestures have appeared.

The organizers do not skimp on either the quantities of alcohol gel, 130 liters or masks, 30,000, or disinfectants, 75 liters. At the entrance, twenty lines dedicated to the control of health passes were introduced. In total, the Trans invested 25,000 euros to promote compliance with sanitary measures.

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"STORIES - Trans Musicales, fevered groups amid renewed Covid 19- in the hall dedicated to meals, a team is expected every two hours to clean all surfaces, chairs, desks, tables, in addition to cleaning carried out by the catering teams. " was tripled surface disinfection," says Cedric Cimadomo. " was lucky to have very efficient air extraction systems, which fully renew the air of the halls in three to four minutes ".

largely accepted constraints Hall 8, the Franco-Armenian Ladaniva group begins with a traditional song lyric. At this stage of the evening, the public seems to follow the instructions, and the mask is dropped for a beer.

With an incidence rate of 285.3 per 100,000 inhabitants in Rennes December 1, against 179.4 November 23 according to the Regional Health Agency, the figures are cause for concern.

On 1 December, the Prefecture called for "responsibility festival" to prevent the formation of a cluster at the festival.

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" I was a little hesitant to come but I thought it was going to be one of the last shows for a while. It is hidden, vaccinated, and those are large halls, it is not confined ", reassures Nina, a planner for 26 years came from Brest. "We know we takes a risk, but it's been so long we did not get together we want to enjoy. We'll test after necessary and stay home if anything ", also says Caroline, 20, student at Rennes. After a blank year and virtual concerts, Sandrine, accustomed Trans for 25 years, is happy to see "its " festival. " If we want to support culture, and continues to do us good, we must accept constraints. What matters is the music and it is , "says she.

Hall 3 of high school students dancing on the set of a DJ. " Dancing masked, it's not a problem for us, we are so used to wear all the current day. Tomorrow I have a family meal, my parents told me to do careful, "says Hugo, 16.

If relaxation, over a hundred security officers were instructed to remember the good practices. Despite all the precautions, however, the organizers recognize that they can not "be behind 30,000 festival-goers." Finally Cedric Cimadomo as wishful thinking: " We count on everyone's responsibility, including wearing a mask because we know very well that distancing is complicated to meet in a concert pit. "To be continued.

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