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Whether gray star, mental illness or 'only' tension: occupational health restrictions are not infrequently. But when are it ever a legally recognized occupational disease - and which occupational diseases are most widely used?

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Skorbut - The vitamin disease of seafarers - and the stowers of the miners are occupational diseases arising before the term 'occupational disease': today this is legally defined - and there is even one Official occupational disease regulation (BKV) with a list of legally recognized occupational diseases. In 2017, the fourth version came into force with which the list of medical standards and findings has been adapted.

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about 80 recognized occupational diseases in Germany

The BKV currently lists about 80 diseases: diseases caused by chemical or physical developments, caused by infectious agents or parasites as well as tropical, skin, lung and abdominal disease - including cancer, chronic bronchitis or The gray star.

is particularly at risk that is in contact with dust or toxic or chemical substances in contact with dust or toxic or chemical substances, a lot of pockets or kneels or even high noise is exposed.

But Attention: On the one hand, there are strict conditions for the recognition of an occupational disease, and on the other, Statista is recognized only a fraction of the submitted suspected cases.

Burnout and other mental health disorders No occupational disease

because the sufferer is compensated by its accident insurance institution with cash benefits and supported with rehabitus or care services, training, retransprit or other, three criteria must be given: the disease must be included in the BKV listing The conditions for the development of the disease must be given directly at the workplace of the diseased and there must be a direct relationship between illness and workplace - so it is excluded that there is another cause of the disease.

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According to Paragraph nine seventh book of the Social Code, only "diseases called the Federal Government by ordinance with the approval of the Bundesrat as occupational diseases and suffer the insured as a result of a [professional] activity" officially as occupational diseases. For example, psychic diseases - and thus the burnout - are not listed.

The DGB Legal Protection GmbH writes: "Mental health disorders such as depression do not represent occupational disease. This also applies if the disease is due to stress related to professional activity."

Noise disease and skin diseases most commonly recognized

actually recognized as occupational disease in Germany Statista is most commonly skin diseases: In the years 2009 to 2019, more than 50 percent of recognized occupational diseases were always different skin diseases, with about 18 to 27 percent, the spinal disorders followed. Seven to 10 percent were various infectious diseases, only a small part were respiratory and other diseases.

Something more specific is the BARMER with information on occupational diseases: According to statutory health insurance, the currently most widely used occupational disease is the noise durability, closely followed by skin diseases and asbestosis, a pulmonary disease caused by asbestos fiber-containing dust.

Who means suffering from a professional disease, should first make an investigation by the family doctor and inform the employer in order to inform the competent accident insurance institution. For the recognition of the disease as occupational disease then follow questionnaires as well as other medical expert opinions. Editorial Finanzen.net

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