Health & Fit At 48, Heidi Klum's Sculpted Booty Is All Muscle As She Romances The Camera On IG

19:03  13 january  2022
19:03  13 january  2022 Source:   womenshealthmag.com

Leni Klum and Her Dad, Seal, Went on a Double Date to a Red Carpet Event in LA This Week

  Leni Klum and Her Dad, Seal, Went on a Double Date to a Red Carpet Event in LA This Week How's this for father/daughter bonding?It marked a rare red carpet appearance for the 17-year-old, although public sightings of Leni have become more common recently, now that she's following in the footsteps of her lookalike mom, Heidi Klum, and pursuing a modeling career.

  • Heidi Klum just posted several new sizzling snaps and vids on Instagram.
  • In the pics, the 48-year-old model and television host is rocking a yellow Peter Dundas dress with a lace-up detail that totally accentuates her booty and legs.
  • To stay in shape, Heidi is religious about her cardio workouts. The model regularly goes on long outdoor runs and bike rides in NYC.

Heidi Klum certainly knows how to rock an outfit (because, hello, she’s a supermodel). But the 48-year-old model and television host just dropped a series of pics on Instagram that illustrate just how good she really is at working the camera.

Heidi Klum, 48, Flashes Her Sculpted Abs In Lingerie For Date Night Prep

  Heidi Klum, 48, Flashes Her Sculpted Abs In Lingerie For Date Night Prep Outdoor runs keep her fit and happy.Heidi, 48, dropped a series of photos on Sunday. And the photo dump consists mostly of herself getting ready to go out while wearing black underwear paired with a matching lacy black bra. It’s hard to miss the fact that Heidi’s booty, abs, and legs look super sculpted as she dances around while getting ready.

Heidi started off by sharing a video of herself modeling a stunning gown by Peter Dundas. The dress is floor-length and long-sleeved—but has criss-cross tie accents all the way up her thigh and back, creating a serious peek-a-boo moment that shows off her incredibly sculpted booty and legs. “This is my new favorite dress,” she wrote in the caption.

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Heidi loved the dress so much that she shared yet another snap of herself showing it off from the side and back.

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And in her next post, Heidi is wearing a Maison Valentino sweater paired with fishnets that show off miles of toned legs.“@maisonvalentino Darling ❤️,” she captioned the shots.

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Kate Beckinsale, 48, Flaunts Her Killer Legs In Nude Fishnet Tights

  Kate Beckinsale, 48, Flaunts Her Killer Legs In Nude Fishnet Tights And it's raining ???? emojis!In the post, Kate is surrounded by her cat, her dog, and a large pooch that she hasn’t been spotted with before. The actress looked incredibly serene as she lay there in a sweatshirt, briefs, and white platform heels—accessorized by her perfectly sculpted legs. “Calm before the storm,” she wrote simply in the caption. (Kate later shared a picture and video of herself dressed as a feminized Halloween version of the Pope, so that might have been the “storm” she was referring to.

Of course, Heidi didn’t get that toned—everything—by just posing for pictures. Heidi used to work out regularly with trainer David Kirsch but she told Women’s Health UK that her current exercise routine is a lot less structured these days. “I have a treadmill that’s really great, but it sits there unused,” Heidi said. “I don’t have time for it.”

Instead, she tries to be active with her kids in her daily life—doing things like riding through the city on bikes or jumping on a trampoline. She’s also big into running outside. “My favorite workout is a long run along the Westside Highway, which stretches along the Hudson River in New York City,” she previously told Glamour. “It's a beautiful path, and you always feel surrounded by such an amazing community. You see the same people running every morning and they inspire me to keep going.”

In terms of nutrition, Heidi eats really well. She usually kicks off her day right with a green smoothie. “One thing [the kids and I] do every morning is have a smoothie,” she told WH UK. She always has prepped produce in the fridge so it’s easy to just toss the ingredients in a blender and enjoy.

Dr. Fauci Just Warned of a Possible Surge

  Dr. Fauci Just Warned of a Possible Surge "If you look at countries in Europe that have less than 60% of the population vaccinated, you see a big blip up. Vaccination is the answer."

Heidi also tries to mind her carbs, which can be tricky on set, where she typically has lunch. “There’s pasta, bread, chicken, fish, and vegetables,” she said of craft services. “I’ll eat everything but the pasta and bread. Do I want pasta? I do. I choose not to eat it.”

That doesn’t mean she’s totally carb-free.“[I was] out for dinner recently, and truffles are in season,” she said. “I had to have the truffle pizza and the truffle pasta. So it’s not like I don’t [indulge], just not all the time.”

Heidi also does her best to make meals at home.“[I] have four children, so we cook a lot. I don't really eat out a lot,” she told ET. “I think when you eat out a lot or order food in a lot, it kind of gets a little tricky because you don't know what people are putting in there.”

Note to self: Eat in more.

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