Health & Fit ‘I’m a Functional Medicine Doctor—Here Are 4 Things You Need To Be Doing for Your Skin This Winter’

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When you think about skin care, your brain likely goes straight to topicals. And rightfully so—the products you slather on your skin can make a huge difference in its health. But according to functional medicine doctor Stacie Stephenson, DC, DNS, your approach shouldn't just be surface level.

"You could apply functional medicine to anything having to do with your body, and skin care is no exception," she says. "If you have a skin issue, whether that's acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, sun damage, or wrinkles, you could just treat the problem topically. But the functional medicine approach is more likely to treat the skin issues from the inside out— rather than the outside in—through things like improving your diet and eating specific skin-improving foods."

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The Functional Medicine doctor is going to run a few more tests to rule out a few autoimmune issues before starting treatment, but to even understand what is wrong was so so helpful. For anyone who's new to Functional Medicine and wants to learn more about and see if it's right for them I have a blog up dedicated to exactly this topic (plus how to be successful in naturally reversing disease). Might want to start with The Beginner Friendly Guide To Functional Medicine and browse the site more if it resonates with you .

There’s a reason functional medicine doctors often don’t work on eradicating infections until later steps. Getting rid of gut pathogens puts a lot of stress on your detoxification systems. For best results, it’s wise to fortify your body’s defenses for toxic bombardment. The Wellness Repair Plan provides preparation steps in an order that comes from functional medicine . Here are some tips that are specifically helpful for correcting gut microbial imbalances (called dysbiosis). Reduce or eliminate FODMAPs during the cleanse. Regardless of what kind of critters you ’re having trouble with, reducing

This all goes back to the ethos of functional medicine, which focuses on treating the cause of issues instead of focusing solely on cleaning up symptoms.

"Functional medicine is both a new way of practicing medicine and a traditional way," says Dr. Stephenson. "Conventional medicine essentially categorizes symptoms and severity to determine a diagnosis and treatment, usually with medications and-or surgeries. Sometimes this is necessary, for example, when doctors need to intervene to save someone having a heart attack or do a lifesaving cancer surgery. However, in functional medicine, we take into account that any number of different things can cause a symptom, so instead, basing our approach on symptoms, we work to find the root cause of symptoms."

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-worked with a functional medicine dietician who got me on an antimicrobial protocol with a biofilm disruptor, this eliminated my sensitivity to fodmaps and was able to slowly reintroduce them. The key is to eliminate stress whether that is from crappy/low quality/process food, high intensity exercise, anxiety/mental stress, not sleeping enough, caffeine/alcohol, etc. It's obviously much more nuanced than this so feel free to ask questions, but I think the most important thing to remember is that it takes time.

Has anyone gone to see either a functional medicine doctor or naturopathic doctor for their brain fog? What was your experience like? I ’ m writing this on my phone and English is not my native language but I really wanted to share this information with this sub so excuse me if it’s a bit all over the place. I have been struggling with brain fog for about 4 years. The main symptoms were inability to think critically, difficulty remembering words and putting sentences together in a conversation etc.

Ready to take a more holistic approach to your skin care? Keep reading to learn Dr. Stephenson's top functional medicine winter skin-care tips.

4 functional medicine winter skin-care tips to follow

1. Fill your diet with healthy fats

"Healthful fats, like the kinds in fatty fish, avocadoes, and walnuts, help to keep your skin soft and supple from the inside out," says Dr. Stephenson, who is a board member for the American Nutritional Association. "Eat a plant-centric, whole-food-centric diet with plenty of seafood, and you'll notice the difference because you will be providing your body with everything it needs to keep your skin healthy, glowing, and vibrant."

Dr. Stephenson recommends eating fatty fish like salmon or mackerel two to three times a week during the winter. If that's not your vibe, she says to try a fish oil supplement.

Learn more about fish oil from a dietitian:

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2. Eat lots of colorful fruits and veggies

Lots of skin issues like eczema, acne, and psoriasis are caused in part by underlying inflammation, and Dr. Stephenson says eating an anti-inflammatory diet can help.

"Colorful fruits and vegetables fight inflammation for a clearer complexion with less redness and less acne," she says. Keeping your plate colorful and eating the rainbow ensures you're getting a wide array of nutrients. For example, red fruits like tomatoes, watermelon, and grapefruit are high in the carotenoid lycopene, which can help rid the body of free radicals that can destroy collage and attack elastin fibers that keep your skin firm.

3. Stay hydrated inside and out

Not only does drinking water help you feel better and contribute to healthy aging, but it can also make your skin feel better.

"Drinking half your body weight in ounces of water every day can head off chapping and redness by upping your body's moisture content," says Dr. Stephenson. So keep a water bottle handy and be sure to drink up.

These 7 Face Masks Work Wonders to Give Dehydrated Skin New Life

  These 7 Face Masks Work Wonders to Give Dehydrated Skin New Life Your skin's thirst is about to be quenched. That said, dehydrated skin is a common side-effect of harsh, cold weather, but what we also do indoors adds to the dryness. "Factors, like central heating, can also decrease the moisture level of the air," explains Dendy Engelman, M.D., a board-certified cosmetic dermatologist at the Shafer Clinic in New York City. As a result of the indoor and outdoor air, she explains that moisture gets pulled from the skin, leading it to become dry and cracked. Thankfully, there are actions you can take to keep your skin nourished and supple.

You also want to consider the moisture content of your air. If it's dry where you live, a humidifier can work wonders for your skin health.

"Especially during the dry winter months, a humidifier can help keep your skin plumped up and dewy if you use it during the night when central heating can suck the moisture out of skin," says Dr. Stephenson. "Bonus: It can also improve hydration in the sinuses, which could make help your body resist viruses."

4. Keep your room cool while you sleep

"Sleeping in a hot, dry bedroom with the heat blasting can dry out skin quickly, leaving you feeling parched and your skin looking flaky and dry in the morning," says Dr. Stephenson. "It's better for your skin, and also for your sleep quality, to keep the bedroom at around 65°F during the night."

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