Health & Fit 60% women report already waived gynecological care according to a study

13:45  18 january  2022
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lack of time, too long and reluctant to gynecologists, women are numerous to turn back to gynecological care. This abandonment of care is alarming.

60% femmes déclarent avoir déjà renoncé aux soins gynécologiques selon une étude © Maria Kraynova / Eyeem / gettyimages 60% women report having waived gynecological care according to a study

The IFOP study for Qare , relayed by the Huffington Post , indicates that 60% of women have already Renunnected with screening, control visits ... either, they carry them in the best case, either, they cancel them simply. Different cancellation patterns according to the ages

among these women, many are very young, between 25 and 34, or have children. In young women, 33% entrusted feel uncomfortable with their body and so do not want to make an appointment with a gynecologist. 31% of the 18-25 year olds have never seen a specialist. For over 35 years old, it's the time far too long to have an appointment that repeats them (40%).

A sacrifice for Mothers

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with respect to women with children, they decide to increase their family's health rather than theirs (23%). The figure increases in mothers of two and more (29%) and in mothers of children under 8 (27%). They do not find the time to go to the gynecologist because of family and professional constraints (43%). This schedule is moving women with access to the care they needed.

Self-diagnosis acclaimed

1 in 3 wife has not been to the gynecologist for 2 years. If this figure can cold in the back, it is actually a reflection of a diversion of women from "classical" gynecology. 38% of women are turning to a general practitioner for gynecological care. 16% of women prefer to seek themselves their symptoms on the internet to self-diagnose. 9% women consult a pharmacist, a nurse or a midwife. 40% of women who took part in the study do not know who to talk about it or where to look for information.

61% of the interviewees would be ready to make teleconsultation. This would make a rendezvous more quickly and do not ask for too much development in the schedule.

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