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15:40  18 january  2022
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Manger des piments pour vivre plus longtemps © Adobe Stock Eating peppers to live longer

and if you put a little pepper on your plate? According to a broad study, consumering would allow you to live longer by reducing certain risk factors, including developing cancers or cardiovascular diseases. We will explain everything to you !

overweight, obesity, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure ... Many pathologies are more or less related to the power supply. Some food behaviors can even be at the origin of the appearance of cancers . Conversely, other habits are likely to reduce risks and offer every chance to stay healthy. There are also foods to "super powers" that play a large protective role of the organism, and this is the case of pepper. pepper: reduction of the mortality rate in consumers

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rich in

vitamins C, B6 and K , source of iron , copper or manganese ... The virtues of the pepper are touted for many years , and a new analysis published in the American Journal of Preventive Cardiology confirms these sayings. By combining the data collected by many other studies, scientists argue that regular peppers consumption is associated with "significantly" mortality rates , compared to rare or zero consumption.

capsaicin, a molecule that protects from cardiovascular diseases

according to the authors of the study, the consumption of chilli makes it possible to reduce the risks of developing cardiovascular disease and cancers. This would be due to the presence of a molecule in the fruit, the capsaicin , a chemical compound of the alkaloid family. It is she who produces the famous burning sensation in mouth when we are crunching in her flesh.

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Anti-Inflammatory , Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Properties ... The benefits of capsaicin on the body are numerous. This molecule is also effective for to regulate weight and the glucose level in the blood. How much spice need to eat?

Chile with or without meat, Carrillais acras, vegetable curry, spicy sauce ... There are many recipes where you can incorporate pepper! But to take full advantage of the benefits of capsaicin, the researchers explain that it is better

consuming fresh peppers than dried (and thus avoid pots of spice powder). Nevertheless, the study presented here does not allow to conclude or on the frequency or on the amounts of peppers that must be consumed to benefit from all these health benefits.

Scientists also emphasize that we must remain vigilant and strongly advise consuming this type of food in excess much quantity. Indeed,

eating too many peppers can trigger an inflammatory reaction and digestive disorders , especially in sensitive people.

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