Health & Fit Hertha professional Richter after cancer treatment: “All well”

15:20  01 august  2022
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testicular cancer cases are increasing: are footballers at risk?

 testicular cancer cases are increasing: are footballers at risk? Munich - Marco Richter, Timo Baumgartl, Sebastien Haller. In a few months, dog cancer was diagnosed with three footballers of the Bundesliga. Of course, the question quickly arises whether professional footballers are particularly at risk or have a higher risk. © ran testicular cancer The clear answer: no! Touts cancer is the most common type of cancer in men between 20 and 40. This age range is located. Dr.

Marco Richter does not want to set a time limit for returning to the game at Hertha BSC after the successfully run testicular cancer treatment. The 24-year-old explained on Monday on the sidelines of the training of the Bundesliga club that he was careful and watched day by day. "Stand everything is good now," emphasized Richter. Everything is out of his body.

Herthas Marco Richter. © SOEEIREN Stache/dpa/archive image Hertha Marco Richter.

in front of the Hertha training camp in mid -June a testicle tumor was discovered. "I thought I'll have a look because it had become a little more painful," he said. The next day he had already been operated on. «Everything went well. I also had no pain afterwards. » He did not have much time to think, but he didn't want to revive it at all. "This is also important for the head," said Richter.

What’s the Link Between Charcuterie and Colon Cancer?

  What’s the Link Between Charcuterie and Colon Cancer? Experts in France recommend people eat less processed meats.“Every day, we are exposed to nitrites and nitrates through our diet,” the agency says in a statement online. “In light of current knowledge on their effects on human health, ANSES recommends reducing the population’s exposure to these substances by taking proactive measures to limit dietary exposure.

He has to have an MRI examination done every three or four months. The risk that something will come again is low. He could keep increasing the training as long as the scar looks good ". If everything goes on like this, it won't take that long, Richter said.

He confirmed how important corresponding preventive examinations are. "The earlier, all the better," he said and also gave the examples of Union of Berlin Timo Baumgartl or Borussia Dortmund Sébastien Haller.

such diseases were earlier in the public more difficult. Richter, Baumgartl and Haller went and dealt with it openly. And he believes that with their range they have moved many to take the step to the doctor. "I hope that some rethinks did it," said striker Richter, who had moved from FC Augsburg to Berlin in August last year.

liver cancer: What are the at risk? .
© Fotolia liver cancer: Who are people at risk? liver tumors are among the most dangerous cancers. If a healthy diet helps prevent them, the lifestyle exposes some of us more. Men are more concerned than women: they represent 80 % of the few 8200 cases of liver cancer declared each year (excluding those generated by the metastases of another cancer). And the disease is generally diagnosed when reached sixties.

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