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Side Effects of Eating Farmed Salmon

Wednesday  20:28,   24 february 2021

Is it really as bad as some claim? We did the research and asked the... >>>

Top 7 SAT Tips for Parents Straight from Educators

Wednesday  20:28,   24 february 2021

From the best time to take it to whether or not online prep classes are worthwhile, here's what educators and college counselors want parents to know about the SAT test.The standardized test has long been an important part of college admissions. >>>

An Addiction Specialist Shares How to Manage Substance Use Urges During a Pandemic Winter

Wednesday  19:12,   24 february 2021

A psychologist specializing in substance use disorders shares some insight and tips for coping with urges and staying in recovery during the winter and the pandemic.There are a lot of factors that come into play that make winter hard for those who... >>>

How to Find the Best Face Exfoliator for Your Skin-Care Routine

Wednesday  16:41,   24 february 2021

Here's how to find a product that will slough away dead skin cells without leaving your skin vulnerable.First, a word on what exfoliation is and why you should care. Your skin exfoliates itself as part of a natural renewal process, says Sandy... >>>

Here's Why Your Period is a Migraine Trigger, and What to Do About It

Wednesday  16:41,   24 february 2021

Two doctors gave us their best advice on why menstrual migraines happen and how to get relief.If you get these types of migraines, you aren’t alone. According to the National Headache Foundation, more than 60 percent of women who have migraines... >>>

The Biggest Danger Sign You’re Eating Too Much Bread, Say Experts

Wednesday  14:41,   24 february 2021

Before you make that sandwich or piece of toast, discover what experts say the dangers of eating bread in excessive amounts could... >>>

'I Lost 154 Pounds Naturally Once I Applied These 2 Simple Nutrition Rules'

Wednesday  11:37,   24 february 2021

"Now I understand how to eat the foods I love in moderation."Before starting my weight-loss journey, I struggled a lot with accepting I was a plus-size girl. I was always bigger-bodied growing up, and a lot of people used to talk about me and my... >>>

Childhood cancer survivor, 29, will be crew member for all-civilian mission to space

Wednesday  11:33,   24 february 2021

St. Jude physician's assistant Hayley Arceneaux, 29, is the second member of an all-civilian SpaceX mission to space later this year.Nineteen years later, the physician's assistant in the oncology unit at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is >>>

What Can Babies Hear In the Womb? More Than You Might Think

Wednesday  09:55,   24 february 2021

More than you might... >>>

Surprising Side Effects of Drinking Kombucha, According to Science

Wednesday  09:51,   24 february 2021

Is it as healthy as some claim? We did the... >>>

A living organ donor gave part of his liver and a kidney to 2 different people within 2 years

Wednesday  07:10,   24 february 2021

Brian Flynn gave his brother's friend a kidney in 2019. A year later, he decided to do it again to help during the pandemic.According to People, Flynn donated a kidney and a piece of his liver to two separate people within 15... >>>

Buckingham Palace's garden oasis seen in full bloom in new book

Wednesday  07:06,   24 february 2021

Shields, 55, talked about her injury and recovery in a new... >>>

Borussia Monchengladbach vs. Manchester City on CBS All Access: Live stream Champions League, how to watch

Wednesday  03:04,   24 february 2021

Jimmy Sayegh of Elevate Chiropractic has been a licensed chiropractor since 2013. He uses a tool called a Y strap to release pressure and stretch the spine. It treats spinal conditions, TMJ disorders, and headaches. Results are usually an instant... >>>

Alo Yoga Just Dropped A Secret Sale With Bestsellers For Up To 40% Off

Wednesday  02:20,   24 february 2021

It includes T-Swift's fave... >>>