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Teyana Taylor's Abs Look Like A Literal Washboard, And I'm In Awe

Wednesday  22:35,   20 november 2019

"The only real workout I do is dancing and performing," says the 28-year-old singer. Apparently, that does the trick.Teyana clearly is putting in some work to get that six-pack. In fact, she has her own dance-inspired cardio workout program called... >>>

Washington state bans vape products that contain vitamin E acetate

Wednesday  22:20,   20 november 2019

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board on Monday announced the ban of the sale and distribution of the products. It takes effect on Wednesday, Nov.... >>>

New York confirms 2nd vape-related fatality as Gov. Cuomo calls for federal action

Wednesday  22:20,   20 november 2019

The victim was identified as a man in his 30s who lived in... >>>

You can now wash your hair with beer shampoo, and dermatologists have mixed reviews

Wednesday  22:15,   20 november 2019

While some of the ingredients in beer may help make hair soft and shiny, there's no proof the products will treat any conditions like hair loss.A company called Broo is selling shampoo, conditioner, and other personal-care products made with... >>>

25 Tricks to Cut Calories This Holiday Season

Wednesday  21:50,   20 november 2019

Stay on track with your healthy eating goals during all the holiday festivities with these simple... >>>

Depression and anxiety rates 'alarmingly high' among LGBTQ Southerners, survey says

Wednesday  21:50,   20 november 2019

Those figures are even higher for people who experienced abuse "due to their LGBTQ identity," according to the report.And those figures are even higher for people who experienced abuse “due to their LGBTQ identity,” according to a report released... >>>

Students Who Eat Breakfast Perform Better on Standardized Tests, Study Finds

Wednesday  21:10,   20 november 2019

A study from the University of Leeds found that students who skipped breakfast did not perform as well on tests as those who ate a morning meal. © Leon Neal/Getty Students react as they receive their GCSE exam results at Stoke Newington School and... >>>

School district uses virtual reality to show how bullying feels

Wednesday  20:55,   20 november 2019

Students are seeing what it feels like to be bullied through 360-degree videos that put them in someone else's shoesNew Jersey seventh-grader Luca Mattielli says his problems with bullies began in elementary... >>>

Here’s What Having a Nose Job at 15 Taught Me About Self-Image

Wednesday  20:55,   20 november 2019

For years, writer Tracy Chabala wondered why all the women in her family had completely different noses than her own. When she found out the truth, it shook her to the core.An actual doctor wearing an actual lab coat actually said that to me. He... >>>

Dentophobia: Managing a Child's Fear of the Dentist

Wednesday  19:55,   20 november 2019

Left unaddressed, this phobia can undermine one’s health even into adulthood.In fact, dentophobia, or anxiety associated with seeing the dentist, is fairly common. One out of five children will have a real fear of the dentist. The problem is that... >>>

6 Little Things You Can Do For Someone Who Is Grieving At The Holidays

Wednesday  19:45,   20 november 2019

Some people may be struggling with the holiday season after the loss of someone they cherished.  >>>

These 2 habits can help you live longer, says Bulletproof founder (who plans to live to 180)

Wednesday  19:35,   20 november 2019

Bulletproof founder and former tech CEO Dave Asprey does not have a science or clinical background, but he says he has spent over $1 million biohacking himself for more than two decades to figure out how to live longer and attain peak... >>>

Measles outbreak in Georgia linked to family of 5: State health officials

Wednesday  19:30,   20 november 2019

A family of five is likely the source of a recent measles outbreak in Georgia, state health officials recently announced. © Manjurul/Getty ImagesThe family, who was not named in a Monday news release from the Georgia Department of Public Health,... >>>

Feel Anxious After Eating? An Expert Explains Why

Wednesday  19:15,   20 november 2019

There are tons of reasons for this kind of tension during and after eating.Do specific foods cause... >>>

10 Subtle Signs of Disease Your Feet Can Reveal

Wednesday  19:05,   20 november 2019

Here’s how your feet can alert you to serious issues like diabetes, thyroid disease, and heart disease before you can even get to the doctor’s... >>>