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How to Talk to Aging Parents About Their Health

Wednesday  18:50,   20 november 2019

When you hear “the talk,” your mind might go straight to adolescence, but there’s another talk that all families should have, and it comes much later in... >>>

Meet the boys with cerebral palsy playing Tiny Tim on Broadway this year

Wednesday  18:40,   20 november 2019

The two boys have become best friends while rehearsing for their shared role in the Broadway production. >>>

A Texas mom is 'disgusted' because a daycare employee wrote that her 5-year-old son needed to be put on a diet

Wednesday  18:40,   20 november 2019

She left a special note inside his lunchbox: "Please tell my son that his mommy loves him so much and that I'm thinking about him." But the daycare sent one back: "NO! Put him on a diet and GO... >>>

You look fine. Your doctor is stumped. But this disorder is leaving millions 'a hot mess'

Wednesday  18:15,   20 november 2019

Many wait years to learn they have dysautonomia, and it is very likely many live out their lives never knowing they had it. “Dysautonomia is probably significantly more common than we realize,” says Jeremy Cutsforth-Gregory, a neurologist at Mayo... >>>

Doctors Misdiagnosed Me with Pneumonia, But My Nagging Cough Turned Out to Be Lung Cancer

Wednesday  18:06,   20 november 2019

"Everybody still looks at lung cancer as a smoker’s disease, but I've never smoked."I struggled with the cough for a good month to month and a half, and doctors kept treating me like I had pneumonia. I went through three rounds of antibiotics... >>>

'I Gained 70 Lbs. After A Personal Tragedy. I Started Strength Training To Cope And Got Stronger Than Ever'

Wednesday  17:50,   20 november 2019

"Starting my health and fitness journey changed my whole life." >>>

Doctors treating deadly lung disease face a problem: Some patients lie about vaping

Wednesday  17:15,   20 november 2019

Most people lie to their doctor at some point. With the vaping illness, lying to doctors can make the difference between life and death.The critical-care pulmonologist at Mercy Hospital in St. Louis thinks a patient's lie may have cost his life when >>>

A healthy diet helps to preserve your hearing

Wednesday  16:17,   20 november 2019

Good eating habits, for example following a Mediterranean diet, could reduce hearing loss among women aged over 50, a recent study suggests. Choosing to eat more fruit and vegetables, foods that are high in fiber, and limiting the intake of... >>>

Anal cancer rates and deaths are climbing in the US

Wednesday  15:35,   20 november 2019

Anal cancer cases and deaths are rising dramatically in the United States, especially among older people and young black men, a new study says. © Shutterstock Squamous cell carcinoma in situ of the anus and anal/rectal junction are usually... >>>

American Medical Association calls for full vaping ban: Keep nicotine products 'out of the hands of young people'

Wednesday  14:52,   20 november 2019

While President Donald Trump has yet to take action on flavored electronic cigarettes, the American Medical Association called for a total vaping ban.More than two months after saying he would ban flavored vaping products other than menthol and... >>>

Wisconsin Woman Says Her Dog Detected Her Ovarian Cancer 4 Separate Times by Sniffing Her Belly

Wednesday  14:51,   20 november 2019

Wisconsin Woman Says Her Dog Sniffed Out Her Ovarian Cancer 4 TimesStephanie Herfel still gets emotional while talking about her husky Sierra and the unbelievable way she has managed to notify her that something is seriously wrong, time and time... >>>

I Stopped Drinking 3 Months Ago, and My Workouts Have Seriously Improved

Wednesday  12:53,   20 november 2019

I made fitness a habit more than five years ago, but recently, I found myself in a deep rut. Instead of working out five to six times each week, I'd work out once or twice. I just couldn't salvage enough energy some days, and after some careful... >>>

The 10 Best Anti-Inflammatory Foods for Weight Loss

Wednesday  12:52,   20 november 2019

Reducing inflammation can be as important to weight loss as diet and activity. Gaining weight, or the inability to shed excess pounds, is often a red flag that there is underlying low-grade inflammation in the body. And on the flip side, even... >>>

High-Protein Diets May Harm Your Kidneys

Wednesday  09:57,   20 november 2019

Researchers found that the higher the consumption of protein, the faster the kidney loses its functions.However, too much protein may have some unwanted effects. Researchers found that diets rich in the nutrient could harm the kidneys, particularly... >>>

Seattle Children's Hospital CEO announces five more mold-related deaths since 2001

Wednesday  03:36,   20 november 2019

Of seven patients diagnosed with a mold-related illness between 2001 and 2014, five of them died, hospital CEO Dr. Jeff Sperring said. Months after a mold infection killed a pediatric patient at Seattle Children's Hospital, its CEO has revealed >>>