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What are longevity foods? 6 foods that may help promote a longer, healthier life

Friday  16:06,   19 october 2018

Food is power and with the right knowledge what you eat may help you live a longer, healthier... >>>

This Is Why Being on an Airplane Makes You Feel Bloated

Friday  15:16,   19 october 2018

Don't worry, it's not just... >>>

Meghan Markle Says Pregnancy Feels 'Like Jet Lag' and Reveals She Got Up at 4:30am to Do Yoga

Friday  15:16,   19 october 2018

Meghan Markle Says Pregnancy Feels Like Jet Lag, Did 4am Yoga to... >>>

The Dangerous Reason You Shouldn’t Pick Your Nose

Friday  07:15,   19 october 2018

Digging for gold could do more harm than... >>>

These Are the Best High-Fiber Foods, According to Experts

Friday  01:50,   19 october 2018

Foods that put up a bit of a fight against digestion are often the best ones for you. That’s certainly true in the case of... >>>

This Instagrammer Stood Up for Emily Skye in the Best Way After a Troll Body Shamed Her Postpartum Stomach

Friday  00:45,   19 october 2018

After a troll body shamed Emily Skye’s post-pregnancy stomach, one loyal Instagrammer came rushing to her... >>>

FDA Could Approve Opioid 10 Times Stronger Than Fentanyl

Friday  00:30,   19 october 2018

This week, an FDA panel voted 10-3 to recommend approval for a new fast-acting form of an opioid drug that’s 10 times more potent than fentanyl. Opioid overdose is the leading cause of death for Americans under the age of 50, with the sharpest... >>>

Corn in Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods Salads Recalled Over Listeria and Salmonella Concerns

Friday  00:30,   19 october 2018

Salads containing corn have been recalled at several major grocery stores this week—including Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, and 7-Eleven—due to possible contamination with listeria and/or salmonella... >>>

Here's the Biggest Mistake You're Making with Your Kid's Food

Thursday  23:40,   18 october 2018

Choking prevention is the key to keeping kids... >>>

10 Calorie-Torching Exercises to Do If You Want to Lose Weight

Thursday  23:15,   18 october 2018

Maximize your calorie burn with these... >>>

People Are Saying Apple Cider Vinegar Can Cure A Cold And I’m Intrigued

Thursday  23:15,   18 october 2018

Has the cure been in my pantry all... >>>

'God heard my prayers': Mom who fosters sick kids adopts son before his death

Thursday  22:55,   18 october 2018

Through numerous hospitalizations, Cori Salchert prayed that terminally ill Samuel would one day be her legal child and that when the time came for him to die, he could do so surrounded by a loving... >>>

Rare eye condition was behind da Vinci's genius, research claims

Thursday  22:55,   18 october 2018

A rare eye condition helped Leonardo da Vinci paint distance and depth of objects on flat surfaces with the accuracy which he became famous for, new research claims. Da Vinci, one of the world's most celebrated painters, had intermittent exotropia,... >>>

Is EMS Training the Missing Link to Your Dream Body?

Thursday  22:30,   18 october 2018

The thing about getting in shape is, well, you have to work out. No fair, right? But what if someone – or something – else could do a lot of the work for... >>>

Baby Carrier Sold Exclusively at Target Has Been Recalled

Thursday  21:56,   18 october 2018

Check your carrier... >>>