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This Influencer’s Birthmark Turned Out to Be Melanoma: 'I Could Feel It Growing'

Friday  00:45,   13 september 2019

Jenna Colgrove, 33, noticed the birthmark near her ankle looked strange. Weeks later, she was diagnosed with melanoma, the deadliest form of skin... >>>

Record-breaking mom runs while pushing 3 kids in a stroller as they nap

Thursday  23:50,   12 september 2019

She recently broke the record for the fastest marathon run while pushing a three-person... >>>

Vicki Gunvalson Just Raved About Her Daughter’s 112-Pound Weight Loss On The Keto Diet

Thursday  23:45,   12 september 2019

"It's strictly no sugar, no carbs." Ryan has shared updates to Instagram, and they're looking fitter in every photo. Happy 4th of July from my family to yours! Swipe right and see the difference a year on keto has made, down 107 between the two of... >>>

Wait, Can I Drink Coffee When I'm Intermittent Fasting, Or No?

Thursday  23:20,   12 september 2019

And if the answer is no, I'm telling you right now that we're going to have a... >>>

Juul says it will keep running 'Make the Switch' ad campaign despite FDA concerns

Thursday  23:00,   12 september 2019

The FDA sent Juul a warning letter this week about its campaign urging people to "Make the Switch" from cigarettes, but the company isn't backing... >>>

Carrying Too Much Extra Fat Can Up Your Odds of Depression by 17%

Thursday  22:52,   12 september 2019

It’s not BMI that matters for your risk, researchers... >>>

Galveston County confirms 1st serious illness case from e-cig

Thursday  22:45,   12 september 2019

The Galveston County Health District said the person affected is a young man, between the ages of 18 and 22. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { medianetNativeAdOnArticle.getMedianetNativeAds(true); });... >>>

'I would always crave my next meal': 360LB woman who used to eat until she couldn't BREATHE looks almost unrecognizable after overhauling her diet and losing nearly 200LBS

Thursday  22:35,   12 september 2019

Adrianna Stye went from 363 pounds to 170 pounds after struggling with her unhealthy diet all her... >>>

The Question I Face Every Day as a 70-Year-Old with Asthma

Thursday  22:10,   12 september 2019

A 70-year-old woman living with asthma describes how being elderly with type-2 asthma limits her ability to go... >>>

I Have Social Anxiety, and This Trick Helped Me Navigate Those Early Days of College

Thursday  21:56,   12 september 2019

For many, college is a time of exciting new beginnings, but for people living with social anxiety, like myself, it can also be incredibly daunting. When I first arrived on campus, I found the changes in my routine and constant interactions with new... >>>

Is It Normal For Your Knees to Pop?

Thursday  21:56,   12 september 2019

Here's what's going on with that weird noise, according to a... >>>

Here’s Exactly How Many Calories You Add When You Trick Out Your Coffee

Thursday  21:45,   12 september 2019

Jeans a little tighter than usual? Your morning coffee might be to blame. The post Here’s Exactly How Many Calories You Add When You Trick Out Your Coffee appeared first on The Healthy. Video: 6 Signs You're Drinking Too Much Coffee Your browser... >>>

This Is the Real Reason You Talk in Your Sleep

Thursday  21:40,   12 september 2019

If you've ever said something utterly bizarre in your sleep before, science can explain... >>>

What Do You Really Get When You Buy Organic?

Thursday  21:15,   12 september 2019

No doubt you’ve seen the organic label on a variety of foods—from produce and meat to bread and cereal—even in the smallest grocery stores. But how can one little word like “organic” cover all those different foods? It does. The underlying rules... >>>

How Many Naps Should You Take a Week to Live Your Healthiest Life?

Thursday  21:15,   12 september 2019

New research finds a link between naps and heart attack and stroke prevention. But sorry, more is not... >>>