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Feds' new campaign against youth vaping 'epidemic' targets middle and high schoolers

Tuesday  17:05,   18 september 2018

The FDA is launching a first-of-its-kind public service campaign against youth vaping on Tuesday that will try new ways of reaching young people.The FDA will place ads in 10,000 school bathrooms and on websites, officials said. The agency will use...[...]

Virginia woman severely burned in vape device explosion: report

Tuesday  16:50,   18 september 2018

It “was like a big smoke bomb went off.” “It shattered and fire everywhere,” Dennis Whitaker, who was sitting next to Heather Boyd in her car at the time, told Fox 5 DC.Whitaker said Boyd had just purchased new batteries for the device, but isn’t...[...]

Overdose deaths up in NYC; fentanyl most common substance identified, report says

Tuesday  16:50,   18 september 2018

In the country’s largest city, confirmed drug overdose deaths are up over a year ago — and still at epidemic levels — but the rate of deaths has slowed down, according to a report Monday. New York City’s health department said there was a 2 percent...[...]

Matthew Perry Just Spent 3 Months in the Hospital After a ‘Gastrointestinal Perforation’

Tuesday  02:50,   18 september 2018

"Three months in a hospital bed. Check," the actor tweeted last week. We don't know the details of Perry's situation, but a gastrointestinal perforation can be a seriously painful condition.Having a gastrointestinal perforation—a hole...[...]

New study raises questions about daily aspirin therapy

Tuesday  00:30,   18 september 2018

Age is a key factor in a new report that shows higher death rates among healthy senior citizens who took daily, low dose aspirin.The study also found an increased risk of certain types of internal bleeding among those who take the drug, and no...[...]

The 5 Best Stretches for People Who Sit All Day Long

Monday  23:25,   17 september 2018

If you have time for working out or athletic endeavors, you have to make time to stretch. In New York City, you can now visit Stretch*d, a veritable urban palace of stretching, where instructors guide you through stretching sessions tailored to...[...]

Household cleaning products may be making children fat, study suggests

Monday  22:51,   17 september 2018

A study found that disinfectants have the ability to change gut bacteria, potentially leading to higher body mass index (BMI). require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { ...[...]

Children lose out on liver transplants, study finds

Monday  22:00,   17 september 2018

Adults are jumping the line ahead of children for scarce transplants because the system used to determine who most needs the transplant underestimates the risk of death for kids.A system used to determine who is most in need of a transplant...[...]

There's a reason you forget someone's name immediately after meeting them

Monday  21:24,   17 september 2018

Remembering names can be difficult, especially when you meet a lot of new people. Here's the reason you forget people's names so soon after meeting them, and what sort of techniques you can use to help you remember them better.There are a...[...]

Does Caffeine Affect Fertility? An Expert Weighs In

Monday  21:22,   17 september 2018

You probably already know that several lifestyle factors can have an effect on your fertility, and one of them is how much caffeine you drink. How much is too much?Not surprisingly, it seems moderation is key when it comes to caffeine consumption....[...]

Just Watching Jessica Biel’s Pre-Emmys Squat Workout Is Making Us So Sore

Monday  20:33,   17 september 2018

"I just hope she’s not so sore that she can’t sit down for the show,” her trainer joked.In the video clip, Biel does a series of pistol squats with some impressively heavy-looking weights. “Hey, Emmy, my butt is coming for you. (Assuming I can walk...[...]

Survey finds 2M US teens are vaping marijuana

Monday  20:33,   17 september 2018

A school-based survey shows nearly 1 in 11 U.S. students have used marijuana in electronic cigarettes, heightening concern about the new popularity of vaping among teens.E-cigarettes typically contain nicotine, but results published Monday mean 2.1...[...]

Scientists identify four personality types

Monday  20:32,   17 september 2018

Personality tests are hugely popular, but if you ask working psychologists, they’ll scoff at them. Now, a new study has persuaded one of the staunchest critics to conclude that maybe distinct personality types exist, after all.In a report published...[...]

Chrissy Teigen Believes Eating Placenta After Second Baby Prevented Postpartum Depression

Monday  20:16,   17 september 2018

But is that even...[...]

6 abdominal workout myths you’ve got to stop believing

Monday  20:07,   17 september 2018

For one thing, holding plank for a minute should not be your holy grail.And while all of these notions are intriguing, there’s only so much time in a day to dedicate to one’s midsection—it's summertime and there's beach picnics to plan and flower...[...]