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After child deaths, doctors pressure Border Patrol to let them administer flu vaccines

Wednesday  00:45,   20 november 2019

The group of seven doctors offered to send volunteers to vaccinate migrants at Border Patrol holding areas across the country.The agency has yet to respond to an offer this week to vaccinate 100 migrant parents and children in Border Patrol... >>>

Algae blooms are making drinking water from Lake Erie toxic

Tuesday  23:50,   19 november 2019

Climate change is jeopardizing two of the most precious resources the Midwest possesses: food and water, according to federal studies. Greater rainfall and more powerful storms are eroding some of the richest soils in the United States and, in doing >>>

Our best bet against tick infestations might be fire

Tuesday  23:25,   19 november 2019

Ticks are such a problem that people are willing to deal with the hazards that accompany fire, like smoke, in order to reduce their populations. That’s what Pennsylvania State University professor of geography Erica Smithwick learned during a survey >>>

NY joins California in suing Juul over teen vaping

Tuesday  23:10,   19 november 2019

New York state officials say more than 220,000 kids under 18 are using e-cigarettes, causing a public health crisisNew York Attorney General Letitia James announced the state's lawsuit Tuesday. State health officials said about 1 million New Yorkers >>>

This Photo Series of Kids With Down Syndrome in Disney Costumes Is Pure Joy

Tuesday  23:10,   19 november 2019

Nicole Perkins' viral "Down with Disney" photo series of kids with Down Syndrom dressesd as Disney characters will warm your... >>>

The ‘Baby Shark’ Workout Shredded This Guy’s Abs

Tuesday  23:10,   19 november 2019

Could the famous earworm hold the key to a visible six-pack?In a new Athlean-X video, trainer Jesse explains that after he lost a bet, he was condemned to doing the "Baby Shark" ab workout for a whole month, and it actually worked, leaving him with... >>>

See the moment an 8-year-old boy with spina bifida scores a touchdown

Tuesday  22:35,   19 november 2019

Karter Gardenhire's mom says he "doesn't let anything stop him."“Everybody was crying,” the 8-year-old’s mom, Chelsea Gardenhire, told TODAY Parents. “Afterwards, Karter was like, 'Did you see that? Did you see how I got through all those... >>>

Removing Half the Brain Appears to Boost Brain Connectivity

Tuesday  22:05,   19 november 2019

A study shows how the brain can reshuffle and adapt in the face of major surgery to enable the body to function normally. Researchers writing in Cell Reports describe how the brain can reshuffle and adapt in the face of major surgery to enable... >>>

Chicken Soup Found As Effective Homemade Cure For Malaria

Tuesday  21:32,   19 november 2019

A new study found that traditional soups made across the world could help prevent the spread of malaria.The World Health Organization (WHO) reported that 87 countries were affected by malaria in 2017. In the same year, 219 million infections and... >>>

Complimenting Celebrities On Their Weight Loss Is Dangerous

Tuesday  21:12,   19 november 2019

It may make you think twice about complimenting a friend on their weight loss. "What are we saying about what their bodies looked like before?" says a psychotherapist.Within hours, the video went viral, with outlets like Entertainment Tonight, TMZ... >>>

Here's How to Prevent Aching Legs and Joints on Your Next Long Flight

Tuesday  21:11,   19 november 2019

Flying conditions can create the perfect joint-pain recipe: cramped seating space, sitting in one position for hours, and swelling due to high altitude. © Getty / SDI Productions Here's How to Prevent Aching Legs and Joints on Your Next Long Flight... >>>

The high cost of the 'free' flu shot

Tuesday  21:11,   19 november 2019

There's a wide discrepancy in what insurers pay for the same flu shot.In the byzantine world of health care pricing, most people wouldn’t expect that the ubiquitous flu shot could be a prime example of how the system’s lack of transparency can... >>>

How to Bounce Back From Your Holiday Food Hangover

Tuesday  21:11,   19 november 2019

The first step? Don't feel... >>>

New drug to fight migraine shows promise in large-scale trial

Tuesday  21:10,   19 november 2019

The most common treatment against migraine is unsafe for people at risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke, but a new drug against migraine has shown promise in a large-scale clinical trial, offering hope of an alternative treatment.A new drug to... >>>

8 Ways to Deal with a Workplace Bully

Tuesday  20:30,   19 november 2019

Bullying doesn't always end when you graduate from school. If you're being targeted at your workplace, learn how to deal with it successfully. The post 8 Ways to Deal with a Workplace Bully appeared first on The... >>>