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How to Decorate with Indoor Plants to Create an Inviting Space

Tuesday  09:00,   06 december 2022

Houseplants are often overlooked in home decor, but they add a fresh, green and appealing quality to any room. Here are 16 ideas for how to decorate with indoor plants. The post How to Decorate with Indoor Plants to Create an Inviting Space appeared >>>

What Is a Plant Hardiness Zone and How Do I Find Mine?

Tuesday  02:10,   06 december 2022

Learning your Plant Hardiness Zone will help you choose plants that will grow well in your garden and avoid those that might not survive.But can they grow the same plants? Maybe ... but also maybe... >>>

San Antonio's Newest Old World-Inspired Restaurant Is Set in a Former Mansion

Tuesday  01:51,   06 december 2022

The space is proof of the power of wallpaper.As for the dining outpost’s layered aesthetic, “It’s very New Orleans French Quarter, but with a slightly modern twist,” Sinclair says. “It’s regal and elegant. We wanted the restaurant to feel inviting,... >>>

Psychologists Confirm People Who Decorate For Christmas Early Are Happier, So Now You Have Justification

Tuesday  01:51,   06 december 2022

If you were one of those families who had installed a wreath on their front door, wrapped garlands around their banisters, and had a wintery holiday village set up on your mantle by Nov. 1, you might be in luck. According to experts, decorating for... >>>

This 700-Square-Foot Apartment in Rome Is Made to Measure for a Young Couple

Monday  21:32,   05 december 2022

A small home is transformed with creative flair and pops of... >>>

How To Break Down a Pallet Safely

Monday  10:51,   05 december 2022

Knowing how to break down a wood pallet without injury is the first step to turning it into a DIY... >>>

Will Mariah Be Home for Christmas?

Monday  04:40,   05 december 2022

Take a tour of Mariah Carey’s homes in New York, Atlanta and California, let's go through the keyhole of the Queen of... >>>

Inside an East Hampton Farmhouse That Marries Old and New

Monday  02:00,   05 december 2022

Interior designer Jordan Carlyle transformed a faded Georgian Colonial home into a peaceful nest for himself and his... >>>

35 Ways To Squeeze In a Dining Space for the Holidays

Sunday  22:31,   04 december 2022

You don’t need a dining room to create a stylish place to eat. From breakfast bars to space-saving furniture, these ideas will help you design a smart dining scheme in your kitchen, living room or even... >>>

Half Christmas Trees Are the Perfect Way to Save Space This Holiday Season

Sunday  13:10,   04 december 2022

People with small spaces rejoice! This half Christmas tree trend is a life-saver for those looking to save space.If you haven't caught the trend yet, a half Christmas tree is a tree thats's designed to look like it's cut in half vertically. Imagine... >>>

Kate Middleton dons eco-friendly gown with Diana's choker at Earthshot

Sunday  10:21,   04 december 2022

The Princess of Wales showed off her eco fashion credentials this evening as she stepped out at the Earthshot Prize Awards ceremony in... >>>

Beautiful Bargain Container Homes From Just $35k

Sunday  10:21,   04 december 2022

Eco-friendly, quick to build and cost-effective, shipping containers make for gorgeous and affordable home. These cheap container homes prove that thinking outside the box doesn't mean compromising on... >>>

Could You Live in a House Like This?

Sunday  03:10,   04 december 2022

With 13 floors and no internal walls, the House in Miyamoto is breaking all the architectural rules. Step inside this puzzling family home in the heart of... >>>

How to Clean Mold and Mildew and Stop It in Its Tracks

Saturday  22:50,   03 december 2022

KO these microorganisms with basic household productsWhat is mold exactly, you may wonder? Essentially, the thousands of different types of microorganisms that we think of as mold or mildew are fungal growths that set up shop on a surface and spread >>>