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The $100m Bunker Complex Designed for Survival if Putin Goes Nuclear

Saturday  02:30,   26 november 2022

These extravagant underground bunkers hidden beneath billionaires' mansions put a luxurious spin on dystopian visions of the... >>>

Tour an Equestrian’s Eclectic Nashville Pied-à-Terre

Friday  18:10,   25 november 2022

A young client tapped designer Jason Arnold to transform a home into a moody retreat where nothing is precious but everything is... >>>

Naomi Biden’s Lavish White House Wedding Made History—Here’s Why

Friday  18:00,   25 november 2022

Inside President Biden's White House, from million-dollar renovations and staff selection to the POTUS' daily routine, not to mention what Trump left... >>>

budget with high mortgage

Friday  17:40,   25 november 2022

Berlin. The federal government plans to spend 476 billion euros in the coming year. But that's just the official sum. In truth, the traffic light coalition is planning with much higher expenses and side households. If the debt course stops, it... >>>

James Gunn says Kevin Bacon's house in 'Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special' is nothing like his real home: 'Kevin doesn't like Christmas'

Friday  11:10,   25 november 2022

Gunn told Variety that he decorated Kevin Bacon's house considerably more than the actor's usual Christmas home decor.Bacon plays himself in the latest Marvel special, which premieres on Disney+ Friday, as Drax (Dave Bautista) and Mantis... >>>

This 800-Square-Foot Maximalist Apartment Is Full of Vintage Treasures

Friday  07:51,   25 november 2022

Even more, the West Village home showcases countless works of artLuckily for Alex, curating “stuff” has not just become a hobby, but a career. Over the pandemic, the vintage downtown New York hot spot Treasures of NYC tapped her to design their SoHo >>>

DIY Centerpiece: How to Make One With Paper Blooms That Look Real?

Friday  07:51,   25 november 2022

A crafty way to zhuzh up your tablescape this holiday season (and the next)The easier-than-you-might-expect DIY centerpiece is bound to be a point of interest when guests gather around the holiday table. Wait till you tell them that it’s made with... >>>

You Can Now Stay the Night in Taylor Swift’s $11.5m Carriage House

Thursday  23:20,   24 november 2022

Take a look inside Taylor Swift's homes and discover the impressive property portfolio of one of the world's biggest... >>>

Biden's Breaks: Is POTUS Spending More Time Out Than Trump?

Thursday  20:31,   24 november 2022

Inside President Biden's White House, from million-dollar renovations and staff selection to the new POTUS' daily routine, not to mention what Trump left... >>>

Thinking of Selling? Use These Realtor Hacks

Thursday  19:10,   24 november 2022

It's no secret that selling your home can be a real slog – it can take months, or even years, to find the right buyer. We've brought together top advice and tactics from real estate insiders to help you get your home off the market as... >>>

How to Grow and Care for Black-Eyed Susans, Vibrant Self-Seeders That You Can Plant in the Fall

Thursday  09:30,   24 november 2022

Black-eyed Susans—which are also called rudbeckias—bring a splash of yellow color to your yard.Black-eyed Susans, also known as rudbeckias, Gloriosa daisies, and coneflowers, are a popular variety of flower thanks to their hardy nature. Depending on >>>

How Much Does Sagging Floor Repair Cost?

Thursday  06:40,   24 november 2022

Typical Range: $300 to $6,500Should homeowners be concerned when their floors feel more like ramps than level and s afe surfaces? In most cases, sagging floors aren’t a serious problem. In fact, uneven floors in old houses are almost expected. But... >>>

How Early Is Too Early to Put Up Christmas Decorations?

Thursday  01:10,   24 november 2022

There's no right or wrong answer for when to put up your tree or hang some lights. Take our survey and discover how your Christmas decorating traditions compare with other Family Handyman readers.One debate that seems to pop up this time of... >>>

Inside America’s Most Beautiful Barn Conversions

Thursday  01:10,   24 november 2022

From exposed beams and wood floors to lofty double-height ceilings, these amazing American barn conversions are the ultimate rustic family... >>>

An Apartment Within an Apartment? One Woman’s TikTok Mystery

Wednesday  22:51,   23 november 2022

From plush mansions concealing tropical paradises to top-secret tunnels and secret rooms, these elusive spaces are hidden away from prying eyes. All is not as it seems in these clandestine home interiors, so prepare for your jaw to drop when you see >>>