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See inside this $2m mansion with spiritual links

Sunday  16:46,   17 october 2021

Take a tour of this mystical hilltop home which has architectural proportions and interior décor defined by the esoteric art of sacred... >>>

Go back in time with these nostalgic bedroom designs from the past

Sunday  05:01,   17 october 2021

Take a step back in time with these nostalgic bedroom... >>>

Behind the doors of Princess Diana's childhood home

Sunday  05:00,   17 october 2021

The childhood home to Princess Diana, Althorp House was also where the young Diana Spencer met Prince Charles. More than just a stately home, the grand estate has been home to 19 generations of the Spencer family. Click or scroll to take a look... >>>

Modern Fireplaces That Will Make You Want To Update Yours

Saturday  09:31,   16 october 2021

No. Not an... >>>

Heidi Montag joins husband Spencer and son Gunner at pumpkin patch

Friday  12:05,   15 october 2021

The reality TV stars were seen all bundled up for the chill as they took their only child, son Gunner, age three, to a pumpkin patch in Los Angeles.The reality TV stars were seen all bundled up for the chill as they took their only child, son... >>>

How Much Does Attic Insulation Cost?

Friday  08:25,   15 october 2021

Typical Range: $1,500 to $3,500 National Average: $2,500Local building codes require builders to install a minimum amount of insulation in new homes and during remodeling projects, but many older homes are under-insulated. Inadequate attic... >>>

What Is Feng Shui and How Can You Incorporate It at Home?

Friday  08:25,   15 october 2021

A simple definition of feng shui is that it’s an ancient Chinese philosophical concept centered on the harmonious and conscious occupation of space. Feng shui, which literally means “wind-water,” is believed to bring a sense of harmony and positive... >>>

6 Gutter-Cleaning Mistakes That Could Lead to Disaster

Thursday  21:07,   14 october 2021

When it comes to cleaning gutters, certain errors can be costly for both you and your home. Learn how to avoid these common mistakes by following the proper schedule and safety measures. To avoid costly errors and unsafe situations, there are... >>>

Iconic Canadian Architect Arthur Erickson Is Having a Major Moment

Thursday  15:06,   14 october 2021

From new Erickson-inspired furniture pieces to a light show tribute and newly named plaza, the Vancouver legend is finally getting the credit he deservesIndeed, while the internationally renowned architect was often ignored—and even scorned—in his... >>>

Important Notes For Designing Your Home Interior

Thursday  13:31,   14 october 2021

A house, whether it is a big or small house, luxurious or simple, the interior design is the most important thing. It seems useless if people look from the outside, and the house looks majestic and big, however, it turns out that it is quiet inside... >>>

Taking your children outside for 10 minutes a day could stop tantrums

Thursday  12:41,   14 october 2021

Children who were more interested in nature had a fewer behavioural problems than those whose connection with green spaces decreased, experts from the University of Cambridge say.Children who were more connected to nature during the first... >>>

Storage Unit Prices: What Does a Storage Unit Cost?

Thursday  08:50,   14 october 2021

Typical Range: $20 to $450 National Average: $250If you’re running out of storage space in your home or need a loc ation to store your belongings while transitioning from one place to another, it’s time for a storage unit. According to HomeAdvisor,... >>>

A man in Bosnia built a rotating house so his wife can change the view from her window whenever she wants

Wednesday  12:55,   13 october 2021

Vojin Kusic told Reuters he used electric motors and wheels to build a rotating axis under the house, which can spin fully in as little as 22... >>>

50 ways to give your home Christmas curb appeal

Wednesday  12:55,   13 october 2021

When it comes to decking the halls this Christmas, don't forget to give your outside space a little festive attention too. Whether you prefer subtle twinkling lights teamed with a simple door wreath or a bold festive tableau that'll brighten >>>

People turn Christmas trees into spooky Halloween centerpieces

Tuesday  19:45,   12 october 2021

With the Halloween season underway, some families have put their Christmas trees to use early by transforming them into spook-tastic ornaments to mark All Hallows'... >>>