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How to Winter Sow—Plus, 6 Expert-Approved Seeds to Plant During the Cold-Weather Months

Saturday  10:20,   03 december 2022

These blooms are tolerant to the chilly conditions, which will allow you to get ahead on your spring flower garden.While it might seem unexpected, the winter season can actually be one of the best times to tend to your garden. As the cold-weather... >>>

77 Last-Minute Elf on the Shelf Ideas for Whimsical Christmas Eve Decor

Saturday  02:00,   03 december 2022

Some are naughty, but every idea is... >>>

How to Care for a Pothos Plant

Friday  07:20,   02 december 2022

Pothos plant care couldn't be easier, and these horticulturist-approved tips will ensure yours has a long, healthy life—no green thumb necessary The post How to Care for a Pothos Plant appeared first on Reader's Digest."Whether you're a... >>>

6 DIY Closet Remodel Projects You Can (And Should) Do This Weekend

Friday  01:51,   02 december 2022

Your walk-in is so much more than a place to hang up clothesClosets, with their sometimes cramped quarters, awkward angles, and poor lighting can be a DIY nightmare, but they also offer tons of options for customization, creativity, and... >>>

This Couple Slashed Their Bills by Building an Amazing Eco Home

Thursday  19:11,   01 december 2022

After living in their East London home for more than two decades, Terry and Mickey Green decided to create an eco house on their spacious garden... >>>

Inside Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller’s 'Doomed' $3m NY Love Nest

Thursday  18:10,   01 december 2022

After a difficult childhood in Los Angeles, Marilyn Monroe went on to call over 43 places home. From her foster home in Hawthorne to the house where she died in Brentwood, Los Angeles, we take a look at Marilyn Monroe's... >>>

65 Beautiful Christmas Tree Color Schemes to Inspire You

Thursday  17:50,   01 december 2022

Whether you love creating a traditional show-stopper or prefer to keep it country, we've got lots of Christmas tree decorating ideas that will make yours stand out from the festive... >>>

How to Care for a Jade Plant

Thursday  14:10,   01 december 2022

Jade plant care is super simple, making this beauty the ideal beginner plant The post How to Care for a Jade Plant appeared first on Reader's Digest."Jade plants are easy to care for, can thrive in most conditions and are known to improve indoor >>>

Martha Stewart’s Expert Tricks To Make a House a Home

Thursday  12:11,   01 december 2022

From cooking and entertaining to crafting and organizing, Martha Stewart is an expert at making a house into a home. Read on for her very best decorating... >>>

How to Get Your OId House on the National Register of Historic Places

Thursday  08:00,   01 december 2022

While owning a historic home presents a unique set of challenges, it also holds significant charms. Some are attracte d to the detailed craftsmanship and character of these houses, features that are rarely found in newer construction. Others may be... >>>

How to Sew Curtains

Thursday  08:00,   01 december 2022

Curtains do more than just block light and offer privacy. A stylish window covering can bring color, texture, and cha racter to a living space. Learning how to sew curtains is a rewarding project for sewers at all levels. For beginners, it’s a good... >>>

The Living Room Trends That Will Be Huge in 2023

Thursday  02:20,   01 december 2022

Will 2023 be the year of daybeds? As 2022 comes to a close (we know, we can't believe it either), we're already looking ahead at what's next for the design world. And, as one of the central gathering spaces in any house, the living room... >>>

The Best Vintage Holiday Décor Items to Keep Your Eyes Peeled for in Antique Shops—or Your Attic

Wednesday  23:41,   30 november 2022

You (or your grandparents) just might have one of these valuable, highly-coveted collectibles tucked away in storage.Decorating for the winter holidays comes with a built-in sense of nostalgia, as so many people work to recreate the feeling of their >>>

Tour a Central Park Home With a “Sexy Mood” That Looks Like It Could Be in Paris

Wednesday  17:10,   30 november 2022

When it came to crafting her own Art Deco home, one designer was inspired by her French... >>>

The Real Locations Behind IKEA’s Iconic Product Names

Wednesday  17:10,   30 november 2022

For those who have wondered where the Swedish furniture behemoth finds names like Höljes—here’s your answerBelow, AD surveys four locations through south-central Sweden that help derive the names of those many furnishings the world has come to... >>>