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20:40  13 december  2022
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Düsseldorf. The union calls for a digitization collective agreement for the employees. But the furniture group blocks. There could be warning strikes this week.

Verdi hat die Ikea-Beschäftigten zum Warnstreik aufgerufen. Verdi called the Ikea employees to the warning strike.

Ikea restaurants could still be closed this week, cash registers and remain empty: After the United Service Union (Verdi) had called up the approximately 17,500 employees on Monday to warning strikes, Ikea continues to reject discussions with it. "We are still firmly convinced that the best solutions for the future success of IKEA in Germany in direct exchange with our works councils," wrote a spokeswoman for the group on request.

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The reason for the strike call was that Ikea refused to negotiate a digitization collective agreement within the company. According to the union, he should make the work more health -promoting and give employees a right of co -determination if you have any questions about the introduction of new technology, for example for self -service health insurers or warehouse robots. Her jobs finally hung on the latter, said Gatz. But that is not the only problem: the employees are currently overloaded, they have to do more and more in less time, and sick leave is particularly high. Open places would hardly be filled. Union members from various branches would have reported this.

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Verdi had asked the furnishing company for the negotiations in May last year and received the final cancellation in November. At first there were discussions, said union secretary Gatz. But after the union had submitted its ideas in writing in spring 2022, Ikea canceled an agreed follow -up date and thus delayed the process. After the last conversation in the summer of this year, the group finally decided not to take negotiations with Verdi. But he only announced this in November.

But what effects could the announced strike have for customers? "It depends on the location," said Gatz. In particular, warehouse employees would go on strike-then orders could be processed delayed or could goods be granted more slowly. In other branches, the effects were expected to be more serious. Customers may have to wait longer at the coffers or would not have to eat anything in the restaurants.

In the event of a strike, you will try to keep the impairments for customers as low as possible, Ikea said. However, the group does not expect a major impact on its Christmas business.

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