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Look Inside World ' s Most Expensive And Biggest House - Antilia | Top 10 Interesting facts about the Ambani Residence - Antilia Subscribe

Who owns the world ' s most expensive house ? The team at Alux.com put together this original video showcasing the current top 10 most expensive houses despite the fact that there are dozens of other Top 10s ME Houses .

a large tree in a city: The Villa Les Cedres is the former home of King Leopold II, the ruler of Belgium, who bought the estate with profits made from his country's empire© Provided by Associated Newspapers Limited The Villa Les Cedres is the former home of King Leopold II, the ruler of Belgium, who bought the estate with profits made from his country's empire

An opulent 14-bedroom villa which once belonged to King Leopold II of Belgium has gone on sale for a whopping $410 million.

The Villa Les Cedres in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, France, will lay claim to the enviable title of 'world's most expensive house' if sold for its multi-million dollar price tag.

Revealing photos from inside the 187-year-old mansion show the house in all its regal glory - having been first built for the King of Belgium using his profits from land-grabs in the Congo.

Your Whisky Collection Might Be Worth a Fortune

  Your Whisky Collection Might Be Worth a Fortune The Macallan made a massive leap up Sotheby’s list of most valuable booze brands.The U.S. stock market had a hell of a year in 2017, but this past February, things cooled off significantly, and the Dow Jones has been in a bit of a holding pattern ever since. So where should investors turn? Booze might be the answer. Not drinking it to calm your nerves, though. Some coveted bottles of whisky from brands like The Macallan have dramatically increased their collector’s value recently.

Known as the world ’ s first “Gold- house ”. It takes about five and half years to build. Build with solid gold and platinum fixtures and fittings More than 200,000 The house features eight rooms and a garage with four parking places It has a basement with a special stone wine cellar and a large swimming pool.

Riding the world ' s most luxurious train. Villa Les Cèdres was later owned by the Marnier-Lapostolle family (of Grand Marnier fame) who cultivated its cedar and palm trees, as well as the olive groves and orchards surrounding the French property, some of which date back 300 years.

It was then bought by the Marnier-Lapostolle family in 1924, 15 years after Leopold’s death, industrialists best known for producing Grand Marnier liqueur, a blend of cognac and triple sec.

The remarkable property recently passed into the hands of Italian brewing giants Campari - who put it straight on the market in October 2017.

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  Pair of Melons Sell for Record $29,473 at Auction in Japan How much would you pay for a nice set of melons? There's a noteworthy market for wildly expensive fruit in Japan, and sought-after examples often serve as a sign of prestige or function as respectful gifts.The winning bidder, Shinya Noda, is the president of a local fruit and vegetable packing company called Hokuyu Pack, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary with the big buy.

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Les Cèdres was built in 1830 and bought in 1850 by the mayor of Villefranche-sur-Mer, when it operated as an olive tree farm.

The fourteen-bedroom property comes with an Olympic size swimming pool, is in a glamorous coastal enclave close to Nice.

It has one of the most beautiful gardens in Europe, which includes 35 acres of manicured lawns, 15,000 plants, and some 20 greenhouses containing rare tropical vegetation.

The palatial home features a ballroom and also stables for up to 30 horses.

Close neighbors include British composer Andrew Lloyd Webber and tech tycoon Paul Allen.

But despite the villa's obvious draws, it seems the property has been struggling to sell, as it is no longer available to view online, indicating that it may have been taken off the market.

Campari chief executive Bob Kunze-Concewitz told Bloomberg in October he had received approaches from Middle Eastern and North American buyers.

He also revealed that proceeds from the sale will be distributed among the shareholders.

This Country Has the Most Expensive Beer in the World .
Just one will set you back $12.75.Using data from The Wall Street Journal and cost-of-living information from numbeo.com, Amica set out to determine how much beer you'd get in bars around the world for $1. In Iceland, apparently, it's not very much. For $1, you’ll receive 45ml, or “barely a sip,” as Amica puts it.

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