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Home & Garden 17 Super Clever Ways for Getting Rid of Junk

02:15  12 october  2019
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Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge ride celebrates 1-millionth rider since opening on May 31

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge ride celebrates 1-millionth rider since opening on May 31 The fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy just might be the most popular hunk of junk in the galaxy, too. Earlier this week, the Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run attraction at Disneyland’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge – which itself is housed inside a replica of the Millennium Falcon – celebrated its one-millionth rider since opening on May 31. “Congratulations, you are the one-millionth member of Hondo’s flight group to take the controls of the Millennium Falcon,” a ride operator tells 8-year-old Jonathan Ridgeway, whose family was visiting from Ocean Springs, Miss.

The quickest and easiest way to get rid of anything you don't want? Place your items outside with a "free" sign. Even if everything isn't scooped up immediately, it's a good starting place for your decluttering efforts. This creative process makes getting rid of junk easier over time.

You want to get rid of clutter, but it can be hard to part with sentimental items or throw things out for good. Here, a professional organizer reveals her secrets. For a clever way to toss unnecessary vases, fill them with flowers from your garden and give them away to friends and neighbors.

The locker room reeked of sweat, glee and sparkling wine. Mostly sparkling wine. The La Marca prosecco, the Washington Mystics’ drink of choice Thursday night during the postgame celebration of the franchise’s first WNBA championship, spilled all over the plastic-lined carpet made Myisha Hines-Allen’s steps wobbly.

a group of people performing on stage in front of a crowd: Elena Delle Donne, back center, and the Mystics celebrate together while they can. (Alex Brandon/Associated Press)© Alex Brandon/AP Elena Delle Donne, back center, and the Mystics celebrate together while they can. (Alex Brandon/Associated Press)

“Moonwalk!” she shouted into a cellphone camera, demonstrating how slippery her D.C. workplace had become after teammates showered the room with alcohol.

Soon, though, the championship buzz will wear off and Hines-Allen and several Mystics teammates will have to sober up and march forward to new jobs.

My Son Got Made Fun Of at School For His Packed Lunch - This Is What Was in It

My Son Got Made Fun Of at School For His Packed Lunch - This Is What Was in It Thanks to former First Lady Michelle Obama, nutrition has become an even more important part of our kids' school lunches. There are healthier choices available to them, and they're learning more about what good food actually means (sorry, kids, but juice boxes and fruit snacks do not count as fresh fruit). Eating healthy foods has become so important and widespread that I've actually read stories about kids being shamed by school officials and other kids for not bringing totally clean and organic meals in their lunchboxes.

Get rid of wasps naturally with peppermint oil, dish soap and water. Use mason jars and citronella torch fuel to make these lanterns to keep bugs away. Use water, baking soda and honey to create a sticky surface to get rid of silverfish in tight spaces. Here are 5 tricks for getting rid of them.

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It’s the nature of the WNBA. Unlike other sports where winning the final game of the year means getting to party all offseason (see: the 2018 Washington Capitals), many professional women’s basketball players juggle year-round work. According to the team, seven Mystics players have upcoming commitments to play for international teams.

“At least half of them,” Mystics General-Manager Coach Mike Thibault said of his roster. “Some will be leaving in the next couple days.”

That’s why their victory rally was held Friday at Entertainment and Sports Arena, just hours after the clinching Game 5 victory, and why a parade will have to wait till spring. "Today is an exciting and historic day for the Mystics family, and we wanted to celebrate as a team with our fans prior to everyone heading in different directions for the offseason,” Thibault said in a statement.

Wisconsin brewery recalls bottled beer over explosion risk

Wisconsin brewery recalls bottled beer over explosion risk The beer is safe to drink, but might blow up before customers get a chance to drink it.

Here are 5 CLEVER TRICKS on HOW TO: Get Rid of Clogged Pores INSTANTLY! Whether it’s due to stress or having oily skin, there are some amazing skincare secrets and home remedies that can help get rid of 29 WAYS FOR GIRLS TO LOOK MORE ATTRACTIVE - Продолжительность: 15:42

It’s a super simple way to save a decent amount of money on your grocery budget every month. 17 . Teach English online for a quick 0. Teaching English online is a lucrative side hustle. 25. Have a yard sale to get rid of your junk . How’s the saying go? One man’s junk is another man’s treasure?

Hines-Allen had barely removed her Oakley ski goggles, worn to protect vulnerable retinas from the spritz of Italian wine, before thinking about her next gig.

“I’m going to South Korea,” she responded when asked about the very near future. “They couldn’t talk to me until the season officially ended, so I’ll probably be getting a text soon. But hopefully I have some time, like two weeks, before I have to go over there."

Other Mystics will scatter elsewhere across the globe. Finals MVP Emma Meesseman will soon hop a transatlantic flight to Russia. Guard Natasha Cloud and forward Aerial Powers are heading to China. Guard Ariel Atkins goes to Australia, rookie guard Kim Mestdagh to France and guard Shatori Walker-Kimbrough to Hungary.

Last fall while she was in Russia, Hines-Allen couldn’t stop thinking about the way the 2018 WNBA season had ended. The Mystics were swept in three games, and that sour feeling stayed with players who longed to return and, as their 2019 motto suggested, run it back.

A teenager went blind after eating nothing but fries, white bread, chips, and processed meats

A teenager went blind after eating nothing but fries, white bread, chips, and processed meats The boy's story was documented in a medical case study. He had nutritional optic neuropathy, which can be caused by drug use or poor diet.

So you got too close in the heat of the moment, and now you’ve got a big hickey that you can’t seem to cover well, hickeys can take a while to heal, because they are caused by the blood Be careful not to break your skin, though! It might be one of the weirdest ways to get rid of a hickey, but it really works!

June 17 , 2014 fiona. 5. Use Freecycle.org to give things away. Usually there’s someone out there who’ll want to take it and fix it up. They probably CAN’T fix it, but that’s fine because now it’s THEIR junk .

“When you’re overseas, it’s like you want to get back to the States,” Hines-Allen said. “And I mean this is what we play for, to win a WNBA championship. First you dream about playing in the WNBA, and next it’s actually winning a championship. And winning in my second year, it’s amazing.”

Even Thibault has a busy offseason lined up but with stateside travel.

This month, he’ll welcome a daughter-in-law to the family when Eric, his son and assistant coach, gets married. The coach also plans to do some television work with ESPN, as well as catch a few University of Minnesota games — daughter Carly is an assistant for the women’s team — and travel to University of Wisconsin-River Falls to watch his son-in-law, Blake DuDonis, coach the Division III school’s women. Throw in Mystics offseason duties such as scouting for the next draft pick, and Thibault’s schedule will remain busy.

Still, for his players who have to immerse themselves in a new team and a new culture soon, Thibault believes there are worse things than playing the sport you love all year long.

“It’s hard when you play year-round to make a living, but what I always tell people in this game: It beats working, and it beats not working,” Thibault said. “There are a lot of people who go to regular jobs every day, and they work year-round no matter what. A lot of our players work year-round, but they’re playing a kids’ game and they’re getting paid for it and they get to do something they get joy in every day. They’re not sitting behind a desk. So even though there’s hardships, it beats the real world sometimes.”

5 Clever Culinary Uses for Your Slow Cooker

5 Clever Culinary Uses for Your Slow Cooker It's useful for so much more than soup.

Simply because this proven way to stop your suffering might not be for you It all depends if you're open-minded enough to even try it No need to quit your current treatment - this a complementary cure You can often get permanent relief when nothing else works And it's not just for this one

June 17 , 2014 fiona. 5. Use Freecycle.org to give things away. Usually there’s someone out there who’ll want to take it and fix it up. They probably CAN’T fix it, but that’s fine because now it’s THEIR junk .

Several other Mystics will put away their red jerseys but remain close to D.C. Veteran guard Kristi Toliver will resume her role as a player development coach for the Washington Wizards, and she will take on more responsibilities in her second season. Wizards General Manager Tommy Sheppard said Toliver will be in charge of scouting multiple opponents and presenting reports on them to the team, a common role for assistant coaches.

“Kristi is going to plug in a lot of spots,” Sheppard said during the WNBA Finals. “Whenever. We’ll take her when she’s got a ring.”

Elena Delle Donne, too, will not travel far away. Since arriving in Washington via trade in February 2017, Delle Donne has not played overseas, choosing instead to remain near family and prepare her mind and body for the next WNBA season. She also has acted as a basketball ambassador for Monumental Sports & Entertainment, showing up at Wizards games.

But for several Mystics, enjoying their well-earned championship while still in Washington will only last for so long. The buckets of prosecco will empty, and the party will soon end. It’ll be time to return to work.

“We’re going to remember this season because we were around such incredible people, and we absolutely adore being together,” Delle Donne said. “So I’m kind of sad, like the season is about to be over. I’m going to miss everybody. But my goodness, we sure ended this on a high note.”

'Sugar Tax' on sweet treats could slim waistlines: Study

'Sugar Tax' on sweet treats could slim waistlines: Study The study looked into the potential effects from a 20% tax on sweets like chocolate, cookies and cakes. Researchers estimated not only a decrease in consumer purchases of these foods, but a decrease in caloric intake, based on modeling from the effects of the soda tax implemented in the U.K. in 2016. require(["medianetNativeAdOnArticle"], function (medianetNativeAdOnArticle) { medianetNativeAdOnArticle.getMedianetNativeAds(true); }); With such a tax, snackers could lose 0.5 Body Mass Index (BMI) points. That's about three to four pounds for a 6-foot person.

How would you get rid of this crazy “witch”? Well, don’t think that it would cost you so much to make her believe As crazy as it seems, this clever way of getting rid of a lunatic chick has always done wonders! Well, if this crazy woman has a super hot younger sister, then you’re certainly a winner.

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Boy with cerebral palsy goes viral for Halloween costume .
He may be dressed as grouchy Carl from "Up," but Brantley Morse's smile is infectious.Dressed as an old man, Brantley looked just like the animated character from the Disney and Pixar movie — and he had the film's signature balloons tied to his walker. The look was complete with Brantley's own glasses.

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