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Bed - making , as it turns out, is a perfect one to try on for size. “There’s a ripple effect, so if I make Related: This Is How You Handle Cravings. There are self-esteem implications as well: Kim notes And while Kim finds bed - making to be a powerful keystone habit, there’s no concrete evidence that

If you want to learn how to make your bed quickly and easily, it’s time to take some tips from the military. Members of the armed forces have strict rules when it comes to the perfectly made bed – but the steps are pretty simple. First up we all know top sheets can often look messy, but there is a

Maybe you love making your bed. Maybe you loathe it. Either way, like most things in life, with a bit of effort, you can likely improve your technique. Below, we tapped experts—house cleaning gurus, interior designers, and bedding company founders—on their best tips for making your bed. Grab your pillows, start your engines, and read on. P.S. Looking for more bedroom design inspiration? Check out these restful master bedroom ideas.

a bag sitting on top of a bed: Experts share their best advice.© Provided by Southern Living Experts share their best advice.

1. Use the rolling method when stuffing your duvet.

This is a true game-changer. "Traditional duvet covers, which often have the zipper at the bottom, can be tricky to change. To simplify this part of bed-making, use the rolling or inside-out method when stuffing your duvet.," says Karin Sun, founder of home decor and bedding company Crane & Canopy. "Products like the Nova duvet cover are designed with a hidden zipper enclosure towards the middle of the duvet cover, which also makes it easier than ever to stuff and close your duvet."

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Kassel recommends beds made of a high-quality metal or wood with a painted finish, and platform beds because they're idiot-proof. "It adds a softness and takes your bed to another level that makes it a bedroom instead of just a room with a bed you plop your ass down on," according to Stozek.

However, making my bed every morning does make me happier. I started making my bed when I got a dog because I didn't want to slip into furry sheets each night. Sound familiar? If you set aside two minutes at the beginning of your day to make your bed , even if you accomplish nothing else all day

2. Prep your pillows.

Do you place your pillows down flat on your bed? You may want to reconsider if you're looking to make a bedroom look four-star hotel-worthy. "A lot of people go wrong when making their bed by placing their pillows down flat. While this does make hopping into bed much more straightforward, it won't have the look of a professionally-made bed. You should plump your pillows and stand them up against your headboard, layering them up in whatever configuration you like," says Joanne of the website Expert Home Tips.

3. Remember the "odd number rule."

Designs look more attractive visually when you bunch things in odd numbers. "Ever wonder why some beds have so many throw pillows? It’s all about décor preference, but to create a flawless pillow ensemble, always follow the 'odd number rule,'" advises Sun. "Having an odd number of pillows on your bed removes stifling symmetry and looks pleasing to the eye. Try dressing your bed with five or seven pillows, and try mixing euro, standard, and small throw pillows for stylish variety. Plus, multiple pillows give you the option to create fresh new arrangements and looks every day."

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Learn how to make your bed like hotels do it and have a bed that is fit for a king or queen with out simple tricks and tips. ‘By the end of the day, that one task completed will have turned into many tasks completed. Making your bed will also reinforce the fact that little things in life matter.

Making your bed and caring for the space can transform your sleep, boost your morning routine, and help carry energy into the rest of your day. Starting the day with a win, no matter how simple, may help offset later setbacks and can be an easy way to ensure that our first experience of the day is a

4. Iron your sheets.

Got your iron handy? To be an A+ bed-maker or for when you're hosting guests, you may want to go the extra mile: "Although it seems like an unnecessary extra step, ironing your sheets will make them beautifully smooth and crisp," explains Sun. "Not to mention that they will  also feel incredibly luxurious, and you’ll sleep like you’re spending the night at a high-end boutique hotel. You’ll be happy you took the time," she continues, adding that steaming your sheets can work just as well.

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5.  Decide on a simple color scheme.

Too many colors on a bed can look too busy, and zap the zen straight out of a sleeping space. “When I dress a bed I tend to work in a monochromatic or two color scheme and focus primarily on layering the bed with subtly patterned and textured fabrics. For instance, on a king-sized bed I might have two king pillow shams in perhaps a diamond pattern or a velvet and then two standard pillow shams in a matelassé, or a tone on tone pattern like a damask or a stripe," comments Lisa Melone Cloughen of Melone Cloughen Interiors. "The bed itself would be draped in coverlet again in a simple texture or matelassé and at the end of the bed I might have a duvet or cashmere throw. For a finishing touch I might add a throw pillow or two, and this would be where I might add a color pop. I believe the bedroom should be a respite from the hustle-and-bustle of the day and I think a monochromatic, well-layered bed conveys a sense of calm and relaxation.”

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Making your bed can get your day started on off on the right foot, so you shouldn't skip it. Making your bed can also help keep pet messes to a minimum, as pets will only have immediate access to your bed 's topmost layer (though we make no promises about particularly rambunctious furry friends).

Is your current bed too soft?! That can be bad for you for a number of reasons. In this post, we explain the many reasons why you might need to make your mattress firmer, and how to do so. Whether that’s getting a completely new bed or using some tricks and tips to firm up your current one

What's your favorite piece of advice for making the bed? Got any secret shortcuts you love employing? Do you make your bed every day of the week? Don't worry, we promise we won't tell Mama if you don't.

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