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01:45  27 march  2020
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Afraid of catching the flu? 7 cleaning tips to keep it from spreading

  Afraid of catching the flu? 7 cleaning tips to keep it from spreading Keep the flu from taking over your home with these easy steps.The flu spreads when the sick person coughs, sneezes or even talks, affecting people as far as 6 feet away! Flu germs are also spread by touching a surface that has flu viruses on it. That’s why Roberts recommends keeping the sick person confined to one room and one bathroom. It reduces exposure to the rest of the family, and limits the number of rooms you have to disinfect.

Pressure washers work by blasting surfaces with a high- pressure jet of water and are a great way of removing ingrained grime from patios, decking, cars, caravans and garden Some washers come with a patio cleaning attachment included. But if it doesn’t, you can usually buy one for around £50.

Most pressure washers have a reservoir and special nozzle for spraying soap or cleaning solutions. Depending on what you ’re cleaning , there’s probably a special cleaning solution that can make the job a bit easier. Degreasers are great for driveways, and a multipurpose house wash will help remove

Houston rapper Scarface said he has tested positive for the coronavirus during a livestream interview with his longtime Geto Boys bandmate Willie D Thursday.

Brad © Provided by Rolling Stone Brad

The rapper, whose real name is Brad Jordan, described a multi-week ordeal that started with an itch in his throat and included multiple stays in the hospital, pneumonia in both of his lungs, kidney failure and a fever that ran as high as 103 degrees. He also noted that, despite everything, he only officially got his positive COVID-19 test result Wednesday night. “I been to the point where I felt like I was going to die,” he said.

How to Make Your Own Smoked Salmon

  How to Make Your Own Smoked Salmon One easy-to-operate tool is all you need.As I lugged it home on the train, I began to realize why no one else had claimed it. But I got it home and survived the trip. Now, I had tested other small smokers before. But the thing that set this apart was the “cold smoke” function. I was fascinated. So I began to smoke everything in sight… salt, paprika, cheese. Nothing was safe from me.

Washers are hard working appliances that make cleaning clothes very simple. But there are some things that should never be put in a washing We have all come to rely on them to relieve the more labor-intensive task of washing clothes by hand. But as wonderful as a washer can be, there are still

Cleaning solutions can make pressure washing even more effective. Find out the correct techniques for using your Briggs & Stratton pressure washer 's

Jordon said the respiratory issues associated with the coronavirus were particularly brutal because he also has asthma. He said he could barely breathe and that it “felt like there was an elephant sitting on my chest.”

The rapper said he wasn’t sure where he picked up the virus, noting he hasn’t been traveling lately and lives a fairly sedentary life. To that end, he urged people to take the pandemic seriously, saying, “I don’t see how nobody can even want to play them games, I don’t want to have fun that bad, where it could take my life.”

Jordon said he was still in quarantine at his house, but believed he was finally recovered from the virus. With the end in sight after such an excruciating experience, he joked, “I’m finna go f---ing live now, man! Like skydiving and s---, I’m gonna go do that. We’ll go on a safari trip.”

BVI-Style Peas Soup

  BVI-Style Peas Soup BVI-Style Peas Soup

Should You Use a Pressure Washer to Clean It? These powerful machines can be too much of a good thing . A pressure washer makes quick—and satisfying—work of blasting away gunk. For cleaning walkways and stripping old paint from a deck, nothing compares to the unbridled power of these

While cleaning bath or shower tile with a pressure washer is quick and effective, if you are envisioning a total replacement for traditional hand-scrubbing, one that you can do on a weekly basis, your fantasies will fall short of reality. Dry the bathroom floor with a mop or clean rags, as needed.

Multiple musicians and other celebrities have tested positive for the coronavirus in recent weeks. One of the first, and most notable, was Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson, while others include Idris Elba, Jackson Browne and Kevin Durant.

Related video: Idris Elba slams theory that celebs are being paid to say they have coronavirus (provided by Yahoo):

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Spring Cleaning? This Essential Guide Will Save You Time and Money .
Check out this detailed guide for how and when to begin spring cleaning, everything you need to do to get your whole house clean and the best ways to save time and money while getting it done.Spring cleaning also eliminates clutter and results in an organized home, which boosts productivity and increases energy levels, according to experts.

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