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How to Tell If Your Plants Need More Sun

  How to Tell If Your Plants Need More Sun It's more show than tell with indoor and outdoor plants. Learn the signs of too little light so you can put a rescue plan into action.Lack of adequate light can cause plant stems to stretch to extremes as they seek light, resulting in the plant's version of a lanky teen. How does the plant look today compared to when you purchased it? Whether it's a houseplant or an outdoor plant, stems that seem longer with fewer leaves are signaling they need more light.

« Féérie nocturne », huile sur toile de Maxime Maufra. © C. Devleeschauwer “Night fairyland”, oil on canvas by Maxime Maufra.

It’s one of the biggest art festivals in France. Impressionist Normandy starts this weekend, three months late, but will extend the adventure until November.

Day - night

Art lovers meet every three years in the beautiful Normandy of painters, with the Normandy Impressionist festival. The fourth edition was to take place in 2019, before being postponed to 2020. The festival was to start in the spring. Still missed! Finally, day breaks this weekend for Impressionist Normandy. Almost all the planned works will be there. A retrospective devoted to Eva Gonzales, planned for Dieppe, is postponed. Popular events are canceled. But the essential is preserved. The organizers are "in a joyful impatience after this period of confinement, crossed by all the uncertainties", explains Selma Toprak, the director of the festival.

20 Brilliant Products That Actually Exist (and You Wish You Would’ve Thought of)

  20 Brilliant Products That Actually Exist (and You Wish You Would’ve Thought of) Whether you're cooking, cleaning or DIYing, these innovative products will make your life easier and more efficient.

« Falaises au soleil couchant », huile sur toile de Karl Daubigny. © Bertrand Legros “Cliffs at sunset”, oil on canvas by Karl Daubigny.

The great masters

Boudin, Corot, Courbet, Monet… The flower of the Impressionist masters is called for this reunion so long awaited in Normandy. The major exhibitions made the festival a success, launched in 2010 on an idea by Laurent Fabius. The André-Malraux Museum of Modern Art in Le Havre opens the festivities this weekend with Electric Nights, which shows the arrival of artificial lighting in 19th century paintings (until November 1). Let there be light !

Vue de l’exposition de Bruno Peinado « Briller et disparaître ». © Blaise Adilon, Bruno Penaido ADAGP, courtesy Galerie Loevenbruck, Paris View of Bruno Peinado's exhibition "Shine and disappear".

Compulsive collector

In Rouen, from July 11 to November 15, the Museum of Fine Arts will bring together for the first time in a century part of the immense collection of a man: François Depeaux. The industrialist, coal tycoon, owned up to nearly 600 paintings and drawings by Monet, Renoir, Toulouse-Lautrec ... In 1909, he donated to the city of Rouen part of this collection, unique in the provinces. Scattered all over the world, it partly finds its city during the festival. Talent is not the preserve of adults: at the Bois-Guilbert castle, near Rouen, and in Ouistreham, near Caen, two exhibitions devoted to “the little masters” are emerging from the shadows of little jewels less famous but just as successful.

5 Expert Tips for Plant-ifying Your Kitchen

  5 Expert Tips for Plant-ifying Your Kitchen In their latest book Plant Tribe, Igor Josifovic-Kemper and Judith de Graaff whisk readers off to 17 attractive, plant-filled homes across the US, Europe and Brazil. What makes this book so valuable is not just their adept styling of the rooms, but how the capable hands of Igor and Judith transform the spaces into teaching tools. In one part of the book, for instance, the pair uses them to illustrate how plants have the power to affect our well-being. In another, the homes are accompanied by the authors’ insights into the business side of plants.

A photograph from the

period In Caen, the exhibition Les Ardent Cities, Art, Work, Revolt will bear witness to paintings of the social, economic and political changes of the moment (from July 11 to November 22). The hard days of work for men and women, the hustle and bustle of cities, strikes ... Another reality but concerns not so far removed from ours. Impressionism, witness to an era, has remained disturbingly modern.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow

The work of the Impressionists revolutionized the use of color in art, the transparency of reflections, the strength of light, the sense of detail… the festival strives to show the legacy of movement in contemporary art. Twenty exhibitions are offered in museums, galleries, Fracs (Regional Contemporary Art Fund): painting, photography, objects ... In Rouen, twenty urban art creations will make up a journey in the streets of the city. Nearby, in Maromme, Flora Moscovici has carte blanche to speak on the walls of a private mansion, from July 11 to November 15.

To go further

Concerts, a carte blanche to the historian of colors, Michel Pastoureau, at Imec (Memories Institute for Contemporary Publishing), near Caen, on September 18 and 19, screenings, route along the Seine or in the Cotentin… Each edition of the festival attracts more than a million people. The Impressionist summer can begin.

Normandy Impressionist, from July 4 to November 15, 2020. Information on normandie-impressionniste.fr

Impressionist passes and entry tickets to be won with Ouest-France by clicking here

The Fantastical Reimagining of The Secret Garden .
Production designer Grant Montgomery and his team used several historic gardens throughout the United Kingdom to create one magical one for the new filmThe latest is a 2020 reboot (out August 7) from director Marc Munden and Harry Potter producer David Heyman. Like its predecessors, the film tells the tale of precocious 10-year-old orphan Mary Lennox (Dixie Egerickx) who goes to live with her widowed uncle Lord Archibald Craven (Colin Firth) and his ailing son Colin (Edan Hayhurst).

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