Home & Garden hydrangeas: the absolute no-gos when cutting

15:40  16 february  2021
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hydrangeas impress with proper care every summer with their large flowers and lush colors. But if you cut the shade plant incorrectly, the magic of blossoms will quickly be over.

Hortensie schneiden © Provided by My Beautiful Garden Cut hydrangea

Actually, hydrangeas are easy-care plants. They thrive in slightly acidic soil and bloom splendidly even in partially shaded and shady places in the garden. Early spring is the right time to prune all types of hydrangeas. But be careful - there are different cut groups with the hydrangeas. So don't just cut wildly! If you use the scissors on your hydrangea incorrectly, there will be no flowers in summer. You must absolutely avoid these mistakes when pruning hydrangeas.

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Error 1: Cut farmer hydrangeas too hard Alte Blütenstände entfernen © MSG / Folkert Siemens Remove old inflorescences

Farmer hydrangeas (Hydrangea macrophylla) and plate hydrangeas (Hydrangea serrata) are the most common representatives of the genus in our gardens. They are undemanding and bloom and bloom and bloom ... a dream! However, if you screw up the cut in these types of hydrangeas in autumn or spring, you will wait for a bloom in vain. Important to know: farmer's and plate hydrangeas plant their flower buds the previous year. If the plants are cut back too much in autumn or spring, the hydrangeas will lose all of their flower roots. New buds will then no longer form on the plants this year - the flower will fail. For this reason, only the bloomed inflorescences directly above the pair of buds below should be cut off with plate and farmer's hydrangeas. In this way, the flower approaches are retained for the coming season. Disturbing or weak shoots can also be removed at the base when pruning the hydrangea.

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Tip: Even if hydrangeas can already be pruned in autumn - it is better not to cut the plants until spring. The old inflorescences of the hydrangea are not only very decorative in winter, they also serve as good frost protection for the plant.

Error 2: Not cutting panicle hydrangeas hard enough Starker Rückschnitt © MSG / Silke Blumenstein von Loesch Heavy pruning

Snowball hydrangeas (Hydrangea arborescens) and Panicle hydrangeas (Hydrangea paniculata) belong to cutting group two. With them it is exactly the other way around than with farmer and plate hydrangeas. These hydrangea species bloom on this year's shoots. If you cut too timidly here, the plants will develop long, thin shoots, age very quickly and become bare on the inside. The hydrangeas grow higher and higher on the existing branches, bloom less and less and are very vulnerable to wind breakage. That is why snowball and panicle hydrangeas are shortened by at least half their height when cut in spring. On this occasion, you should also completely thin out weak and dry shoots on the plant. This will prevent the hydrangea from becoming too bushy over time. Properly cut, the hydrangeas stay in good shape in the garden and live up to their reputation as a blooming wonder.

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