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09:00  23 july  2021
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What Are Sod Prices?

  What Are Sod Prices? Typical Range: $150 to $400 per pallet National Average: $300 per palletWhen it’s time to upgrade the appearance o f a worn-out lawn, two options are available: seeding grass or laying new sod. While seeding grass can be cheaper, it’s a much longer process that can take up to two years for a thick, lush lawn to fully flourish. For a quick and effective method to instantly up your curb appeal, laying new sod is an attractive choice for most homeowners.Sod prices can vary due to regional differences, the type of grass, and the amount of sod that needs to be laid.

It's no secret the coronavirus pandemic drastically changed many people's relationships with their homes. The longer you're stuck inside, the more glaringly obvious the faults and flaws of your living space can become. And once you get the itch to change things up, there are only two ways to go about it: Pack up and move, or start on some home improvement projects.

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In 2020 it seemed like a good chunk of people chose the former, as the housing markets boomed through most of the year. But according to a recent survey from DeWalt, that trend may be shifting. The survey found more than seven out of ten homeowners are planning or considering home improvement projects in the next half of 2021. And 52 percent are planning the projects as an alternative to moving.

How Much Does Fence Installation Cost?

  How Much Does Fence Installation Cost? Typical Range: $1,667 to $4,075 National Average: $2,839From vinyl to chain link to picket, fences are a proven wa y to boost curb appeal, corral pets and kids, and deter unwanted visitors. Fences can spruce up a property and increase a home’s value. Installing a fence might be more affordable than expected, depending on the materials. On average, homeowners spend between $1,667 and $4,075 for a new fence installation, with a national average of $2,839. Fence installation costs between $13 and $50 per linear foot. Wood fences cost less than metal fences, but many homeowners like a low-maintenance vinyl fence, too.

And we're not just talking small, one-weekend-and-you're-done kinds of projects. The survey shows 64 percent homeowners planning projects costing more than $10,000, with 28 percent expecting that figure to exceed $30,000.

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This renovation mini-boom is, of course, great news for the remodeling and renovation business. According to the survey, 84 percent of homeowners are planning on or considering using a professional contractor for their project. Although DIY remains a popular alternative, it's clear that people are opting to trust licensed professionals. Fifty-two percent of respondents say ensuring their contractor is licensed is a top priority in the selection process.

How Much Are Home Renovation Costs? Home Remodeling and Renovation Costs Explained

  How Much Are Home Renovation Costs? Home Remodeling and Renovation Costs Explained Typical Range: $18,161 to $76,367 National Average: $46,748The housing market can be a dog-eat-dog world, and find ing a home that fits your needs is challenging. Rather than dealing with the hassle of moving, consider a home renovation project to update your home’s appearance. Not to be confused with a remodel, home renovation usually keeps existing structures in place but updates the materials and surfaces.The size of the room (or rooms) being renovated, underlying repairs, scope, materials, and labor make up the bulk of home renovation costs.

But if you're one of those people looking for contractor, be prepared to wait. According to the survey, just over half of the homeowners who reached out to a contractor faced delays of at least three months for their projects to start.

“Many cities across the U.S. are experiencing a home renovation uptick, and as homeowners turn to professionals to complete more advanced projects, the rise in demand is revealing a critical need for more skilled talent,” says Maria Ford, president of commercial construction at Stanley Black & Decker, DeWalt's parent company.

“This commercial boom across the U.S. demonstrates how imperative it is to expand the skilled trade talent pool, particularly for electrical, plumbing, HVAC, welding and other similar skills.”

What Is ROI? Return On Investment, Explained .
Q: We’re looking to renovate some rooms in our house, but we can’t agree on where to start. A friend recommended an R OI calculator. What is ROI, and how can calculating it help with our renovation budget?A: First: What even is ROI’s meaning? ROI is an acronym for “return on investment.” ROI is a valuable measurement for anything a person puts their money into, especially a home. ROI can help homeowners understand the value of a house and how improvements will increase or decrease that value—or leave it unchanged.

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