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13:31  14 october  2021
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A house, whether it is a big or small house, luxurious or simple, the interior design is the most important thing. It seems useless if people look from the outside, and the house looks majestic and big, however, it turns out that it is quiet inside without any furniture and home decorations. However in contrast, if the house is simple and small, but inside the rooms are neatly arranged, it would seem better. If the inside furniture is very fitting and supportive, coupled with beautiful decoration, that would be more interesting than bland.

Therefore, we as homeowners, must be really clever and smart in designing the interior of the house so that it is pleasing to the eye and gives a comfortable impression to every occupant. The clever design must be accompanied by a comfortable and good material like linen fabric by the yard. The interior design of a house includes the arrangement of rooms such as the living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. In addition, painting the interior walls of the house, laying some of the necessary furniture, and giving home wall decorations are also classified as interior designs that must be considered.

Ideal Room Placements

Ideally a house should have several important rooms such as a living room, family room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. The number of rooms in a house depends on the model and size of the house. If the house is large and magnificent, making a large number of rooms is not a problem. It is very different if the house is medium or small, a room that is not too much is definitely more comfortable.

Generally, the living room is at the front. When someone enters a house, the first room they encounter is the living room. Behind the living room is made into a dining room, which is closer to the kitchen. Meanwhile, on the other side build 2 or 3 rooms that try to be parallel. The number of rooms again depends on the size of the building area of ​​your house.

The Wall Painting Colors

The choice of colors for the walls in the house should be matched with the concept of the house you want to display. To show a cool and reassuring impression, navy blue can be applied, or even if you want to give a bright and cheerful impression, then bright colors can be applied. You can also combine several colors as long as they are contrasting. Gray is a neutral color and is suitable to be applied to various home designs as well as suitable if you want to add other decorations.

The Furniture

You can buy a variety of home furniture to fill the house. Some of the furniture has even become mandatory to buy, such as a set of tables and chairs for the living room, dining room, and family room. Tips for buying home furniture is that you should buy furniture that is functional so that it can be used, not just used as decoration. Other furniture such as flower vases, drawers, jars, and various others, try to also have a model and shape that fits the concept of the house. Each piece of furniture also has a different type. Tables and chairs only have different types and uses, for example, the chairs and tables used for eating will be different from the tables and chairs used for work. If we choose the wrong furniture and only follow our own desires, the interior of the dwelling will feel full of furniture, besides that careless selection will also make the room look strange. Therefore, the selection of furniture must be considered so that the design of our room will be functional and not look strange.

Wall Decorations

Walls are one of the important elements in the house. Choosing the right wall decor is the main factor so that the house looks neater, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to live in. You can add some wall decorations such as paintings, family photos, murals and other handicrafts to beautify your home. The house must be more lively with the decorations on the wall. You can adjust it with what theme of the house that you want, like minimalism.

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