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23:30  09 november  2021
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One of the most fascinating and eye-catching breeds is the sphynx. Hardly anyone knows that this is exactly what cats are called that do not have hair; however, there are many more hairless breeds than we can usually imagine.

The most popular breeds for purchase are bambino, elves, dwelves, and others. The main common feature that conventionally unites these breeds is almost complete hairlessness. It is this fact that should underlie the methods of care and maintenance of these fantastic cats.

The dwelf kitten for sale is unusual, and it is apparent at first glance at it. We can say that everything is not usually in it — the length of the body, the legs, the physique in general. These pets give the impression of being from another world, which is not surprising since, in the breeding program, the breeders wanted to achieve precisely this result. To this end, they crossed three breeds, of which all three are pretty unusual in themselves.

Description of the breed

The dwelf breed combines a majestic look, good nature, and a very non-standard appearance. These cats cannot be left alone for long, as they are very attached to their loved ones. Due to their short legs and absence of hair, they require additional attention, but they return this attention in abundance due to their magical nature.

The dwelf breed is small cats — an adult individual reaches 2.5 kg, no more, the body is elongated, the legs are short, the tail is long, the muzzle is wedge-shaped. The ears are erect, have an unusual structure, the eyes are large, gorgeous, and expressive. The hair is either completely absent, or there is a barely noticeable fluff on the body.

Why is it better to choose this breed

The principal advantages of dwelves are:

  • These cats are very affectionate.
  • They are very outgoing and loving.
  • They are intelligent creatures who love to show off their abilities.
  • Their warm and almost bare skin gives an impression of closeness and tenderness.

Dwelf's nurture subtleties

The body of a dwelf needs the energy to maintain an optimal body temperature. It is easier for cats with short and long hair — the function of thermoregulation is performed by thick fur. Bald ones have to speed up their metabolism and eat more satisfying. Which in turn affects appetite. In sphinxes, it is quite developed. The dwelves eat any food offered, not understanding its benefits and freshness. Therefore, the diet of the sphinx will have to be made more carefully.

Despite the carefully thought out food and care habits, dwelves are great friends for humans. It is this cat that can give great love and warmth to a person. By purchasing a dwelf, a person can enjoy spending time with this elegant cat and feel its warm vibes.

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