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This Incredibly Easy Duvet Cover Hack Will Change Your Life

Monday  18:09,   13 march 2017

True story: I have such a difficult time re-inserting my comforter into its duvet cover, that I prolong washing it until a catastrophic event (a nosebleed, projectile baby vomit, etc.) forces my hand. Step 1: Lay the duvet cover inside out on... >>>

10 Tips From the Most Organized Woman on the Internet

Friday  19:24,   10 march 2017

I Heart Organizing blogger Jen Jones knows her way around a smart storage system.1. Write down your intentions before you organize a... >>>

Ryan Lewis' House Is No Thrift-Shop Find

Friday  19:15,   10 march 2017

The DJ's home is all about the details: eclectic vintage furniture, a distinct color scheme and unexpected touches.In case you didn’t know, Ryan Lewis’ house is for sale. Yeah, that Grammy-winning, understated musical partner to Macklemore is... >>>

A Cleaning Schedule You Can Stick To

Friday  19:15,   10 march 2017

There are some folks who make their beds as soon as they get up in the morning. Then there are the rest of us. While we strive to have a neat and orderly home, keeping on a cleaning schedule can be overwhelming at times. If this describes you, then... >>>

It’s True: Soon, You'll Actually be Able to Retire to Margaritaville

Thursday  19:15,   02 march 2017

If nibblin’ on sponge cake and watchin’ the sun bake sounds like your kind of life, here’s some good news: Soon, you’ll be able to live exactly that lifestyle in the upcoming Latitude Margaritaville, a senior-living community by Jimmy Buffett’s... >>>

See how one couple converted a 80-square-foot airport van into a cozy home

Tuesday  19:25,   28 february 2017

See before and after pictures of an airport shuttle van converted into a cozy traveling home. After graduating from college, Pete Thuli and Taylor Bucher spent 10 months traveling through Southeast Asia, and when they returned home to the U.S., they >>>

7 Hidden Health Dangers of Spring Cleaning

Tuesday  00:05,   28 february 2017

Bleach One of the most common cleaning toxic cleaning products used around the world is bleach. Bleach can cause many health problems. Regular high exposure could cause asthma and pneumonia and one-time contact to high bleach levels can cause eye... >>>

This Plastic Wrap Hack Is About to Blow Your Mind

Monday  20:45,   27 february 2017

We love plastic wrap for a variety of reasons. It keeps our guacamole from browning, our frittatas fresh, and our DIY granola bars ready for grabbing on the go. It can even help a steak absorb its spice rub or dry marinade. What we don't love?... >>>

If You Like Ikea Furniture, You'll Love This Ikea Garden

Monday  01:35,   27 february 2017

If you've always wanted to have your own garden — but you live in a small apartment — Denmark-based company Space10 may have just the solution for you. Space10, which is supported by Ikea, has invented a compact DIY garden for urban dwellers,... >>>

A Pro Reveals the Secret to Organizing a Tiny Kitchen

Monday  01:05,   27 february 2017

Trying to organize serving ware and cooking supplies in a normal-size kitchen is challenging, but trying to do it in a tiny kitchen can seem downright impossible.  Trying to organize serving ware and cooking supplies in a normal-size kitchen is >>>

Freshen Your Bathroom With This Simple Life Hack

Thursday  19:30,   23 february 2017

Image Source: Jill Lynn Photography This super simple life hack is all over Pinterest, but does it really deliver? Of course, we had to try it out ourselves.  This super simple life hack is all over Pinterest, but does it really deliver? Of... >>>

Now Anyone Can Take a Class with Frank Gehry

Thursday  18:35,   23 february 2017

Ever wondered what it would be like to study with one of the world's most celebrated architects?“I have tried to give the students insight into my process—how and why I did things," said Gehry in an official announcement. "I hope this gives them >>>

How to Keep Cut Flowers Fresh

Monday  22:50,   13 february 2017

How to Keep Cut Flowers... >>>

8 guy-approved ways to make your apartment ultra-clean and hyper-organized

Friday  01:20,   10 february 2017

As an unmarried man who works really hard, travels a ton, and leads an active social life, I’ve come to accept several less-than-awesome realities about my daily existence.him on Twitter.“Let’s start with your clothes,” says Patty. She instructs me... >>>

7 Things You Need To Know Before Buying Seeds This Year

Tuesday  19:20,   07 february 2017

The best way to spice up any dreary winter day? Seed shopping, of course!  The best way to spice up any dreary winter day? Seed shopping, of course! (Alright, non-gardeners may not find this so spicy, but let us nerd out for a... >>>