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5 Tricks for Hosting a Feast in a Small Space

Wednesday  11:05,   30 november 2016

For city dwellers and homeowners with small spaces, hosting a party—especially around the holidays—can be overwhelming. These five tips will make small-space entertaining a breeze. Curate the Menu A feast can be fully decadent without serving a... >>>

Take a Peek Inside Bob Hope's Iconic John Lautner–Designed Palm Springs Estate

Monday  18:40,   28 november 2016

Of all John Lautner's creations, the Hope residence might be the least well known but the most unforgettable.  © Courtesy of Zillow Perhaps surprisingly, it took three years for the 23,366-square-foot home to find a buyer. After Bob and... >>>

5 Top Christmas Tree Types (And Why They’re the Best)

Tuesday  23:25,   22 november 2016

Before you go Christmas tree shopping, check out these five popular varieties that stand out from the crowd. No matter which type you end up with, make sure it’s fresh when you’re at the tree lot. A good test: Feel a branch to see if any needles... >>>

5 Smart Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Winter

Tuesday  19:56,   22 november 2016

Assess Drafty Doors For around $4 a roll at your local hardware store, foam weather stripping is inexpensive and easy to apply. Check the weather stripping around each exterior door every year to make sure that it’s still intact, replacing pieces... >>>

3 Ways To Deck the Halls with Vintage Christmas Decorations

Tuesday  18:45,   22 november 2016

Today’s new Christmas ornaments do not have the luster of vintage glass ornaments. Today’s new Christmas ornaments do not have the luster of vintage glass ornaments. Although they are fragile, they have a sparkle that can become the star of... >>>

A Mountain Home That Will Simultaneously Give You Chills And Leave You In Awe

Tuesday  19:49,   15 november 2016

If you're scared of heights or dislike the cold, this may not be the best destination for you.Designed by OFIS Arhitekti, the 104-square-foot cabin is located on Mount Kanin, along the Slovenian-Italian border. The sylph-like shelter was built... >>>

This Could Be The Next Big Bathroom Trend

Tuesday  19:49,   15 november 2016

Experts agree that wallpaper in the living room, dining room, and bedroom is a definite design do, but what about the bath? The latest comes courtesy of the innovators at Wall&decò—also the design masterminds behind outdoor wallpaper—who... >>>

Solved! How Long Paint Actually Lasts

Tuesday  19:49,   15 november 2016

Put down that paintbrush! First, read on to find out if an old can is any good and answers to burning question, "How long does paint last?"Q:  We stored some leftover paint from our living room remodel a few years ago, and now our toddler has... >>>

How to Choose a Mattress That Fits Any Couple

Saturday  20:07,   05 november 2016

Deciding what mattress to buy is enough to keep you up nights. We feel your pain. And so we've revamped our mattress ratings to make it easier to find a mattress that works for both you and your mate. In our tests of 73 mattresses, we... >>>

How To Prepare for a Hurricane

Saturday  20:07,   05 november 2016

Hurricane season, which officially runs from June through November, comes with destructive weather conditions, from drenching rain and high winds to flooding. Don't wait until the last minute: Use this checklist to be sure you and your loved... >>>

How often you should clean out all of your closets — and the right way to do it

Saturday  20:00,   05 november 2016

Cleaning your closet doesn't have to be overwhelming. Follow this guide for organizing everything from your bedroom to broom closets.Clean it... >>>

5 Surprisingly Useful Kitchen Hacks to Steal from Sarah Michelle Gellar

Saturday  20:00,   05 november 2016

Sarah Michelle Gellar may be a burgeoning lifestyle guru in her own right--she co-owns the baking company Foodstirs--but when it comes to kitchenware, she's a purist. "I'm very quickly becoming the queen of the hack," she recently told... >>>

Backyard Chickens Linked To Record Number Of Salmonella Cases

Saturday  19:56,   05 november 2016

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Don’t kiss your backyard chickens! It doesn’t matter how cute and fluffy they are, don’t bury your face in their feathers. The CDC says more salmonella cases have been linked to backyard chickens this... >>>

Benjamin Moore Reveals Its 2017 Color of the Year

Monday  15:49,   31 october 2016

Last week Benjamin Moore creative director Ellen O’Neill had a moment of panic. “I suddenly thought, Oh no, have we scheduled our Color of the Year party on the night of the final debate?” Each year, she and her team canvas the globe to pinpoint the >>>