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All You Need to Know About Granny Pods

Wednesday  02:25,   19 september 2018

You’re probably familiar with tiny houses—homes ranging in size from 80 to 400 square feet—that offer small-scale living. And if you’re a fan of home renovation shows, you’ve surely seen your share of sheds tricked out into backyard pubs, offices,... >>>

This Is the Most Common Time for Burglaries—No, It’s Not at Night

Tuesday  19:55,   18 september 2018

Having someone break into your home is downright scary. Not only could the burglar take valuable and priceless belongings, but the incident could ruin your sense of security. Even your own home stops feeling so safe. Don’t miss these other 21 things >>>

5 Rules for Decorating a Space You Share With Roommates

Saturday  00:35,   01 september 2018

Living with roommates doesn’t mean you have to live in a cluttered space full of mismatched décor choices. The right design choices can actually decrease roommate squabbles. Living with roommates doesn’t mean you have to live in a cluttered... >>>

Here’s How to Remove Those Popcorn Ceilings Yourself

Friday  22:15,   31 august 2018

If you own a home with popcorn ceilings you’d like to get rid of (or maybe you were the one who added them 30 years ago and now regret that decision), it’s possible to remove the ceiling texture without getting a contractor involved.There’s a lot to >>>

Home-Office Decorating Flubs — and How to Fix Them

Friday  19:35,   31 august 2018

We asked hundreds of pros where people typically go wrong when designing their residential workspaces — and pressed for smart solutions“If a space doesn’t have good energy, I promise you will find other things to do at home than get work done,” said >>>

This DIY Project Provides the Ultimate Finishing Touch for Your Curb Appeal

Friday  19:28,   31 august 2018

This summer, show off all of the work you put into maintaining a lush lawn and fruitful garden with an easy and affordable project that really makes them pop: edging.Lawn and garden edging elevates your landscape much like how a frame does a photo:... >>>

6 Ways to Bring More Positive Energy Into Your Home

Friday  19:06,   31 august 2018

Have you ever walked into your home and just felt down? It might be an untidy space or that the air feels stale or that you can't recognize yourself in your decor — any number of things can make our homes feel like less than the safe, welcoming... >>>

I Started A DIY Indoor Garden — Here’s How You Can, Too

Thursday  20:26,   30 august 2018

I’ve lived in congested cities for as long as I’ve been alive, but for just as long, I’ve been fascinated by the natural world. Thankfully, I had an epiphany recently: start an indoor garden! There are about ten thousand reasons to grow plants... >>>

Follow This Instagram Account To Decorate Like a Pro

Thursday  20:21,   30 august 2018

Their Instagram is a super-satisfying, endless scroll of side-by-side comparisons of dreamy home goods comparing savvy and splurge prices. Before I even had my own space to decorate (beyond my ever-changing teen bedroom), I was obsessed with... >>>

Finally — an Alternative to Traditional Nursery Decor Is Here

Friday  21:22,   03 august 2018

“Edgy baby furniture” isn’t exactly a phrase you hear that frequently. But the latest launch from Pottery Barn Kids may change that. Lucite tables! Art deco cribs! Baby’s first Eames chair! It’s a whole new world of nursery decor, and we’re all for... >>>

Spruce up Your Living Space with This Adorable DIY Faux Fox Rug

Friday  01:07,   03 august 2018

Any animal lover will appreciate this DIY fox rug. Made with faux fur and felt, you can craft it yourself and turn your den into a fox den.This fox rug is one of those must do designs. If you love crafts, foxes, or soft textiles, nothing will be... >>>

A 5-Minute Trick to Keep Your Kitchen Smelling So Fresh, So Clean

Wednesday  22:46,   01 august 2018

So, your kitchen stinks. It’s fine! It happens! We’re all human! But sometimes that stench refuses to go away—it seems to be coming from the trash can area. It sticks around like that Cranberries song that I can’t seem to get out of my head.... >>>

Inside the world’s most expensive house

Tuesday  22:27,   05 june 2018

The Villa Les Cedres in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, France, will lay claim to the enviable title of 'world's most expensive house' if sold for its multi-million dollar price tag. Revealing photos from inside the 187-year-old mansion show the... >>>

An expert says not to rinse dishes before putting them in the dishwasher — and people are feeling personally attacked

Wednesday  20:10,   23 may 2018

There is no middle ground. Many swear by rinsing off excess food before loading the machine to avoid rewashing a dish after it's gone through the dishwasher and is left crusted with food remnants — but it turns out they might be going about it... >>>

Couple Turns Grimy Old Farmhouse Into Whimsical Masterpiece And The Inside Is Just As Surprising

Saturday  02:07,   12 may 2018

I walked into the paint store and said, ‘Give me one of everything!’ In 2009, Kat O’Sullivan and her partner were struggling creatives who decided to leave Brooklyn and purchase a shabby 18th-century farmhouse on 16 acres of land in Woodstock, New... >>>