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These celebrities live in surprisingly modest homes

Friday  12:35,   15 april 2022

Imagining a typical celebrity home conjures up images of a mega-mansion complete with the most jaw-dropping amenities. However, there are plenty of down-to-earth stars that spend their money on inexpensive homes. Take a look inside these simple... >>>

Incredible off-grid homes to escape the rat race

Friday  09:35,   15 april 2022

Building in suburbia is one thing, but creating a self-sufficient home in a remote location takes innovation and courage. From Arctic escapes to desert hideaways, these are the world's most awesome off-grid... >>>

3 Simple Strategies for Getting Rid of Moles in Your Garden

Friday  09:35,   15 april 2022

They rarely eat plants, but moles create tunnels that give more destructive critters easier access to your flowers and vegetables.Although not the worst critter when it comes to garden pests, moles are a nuisance. The ground-dwelling mammal, which... >>>

The Eleven Percent: Meet Jess Hirsch, Carpenter and Woodworker

Friday  07:55,   15 april 2022

Jess Hirsch talks about the joy of working with wood in art and construction, how she uses it to empower people, and what's in her tool bag.From cutting bathroom trim to carving dough bowls with Norse tools, Jess Hirsch loves all things... >>>

Amazon Has a Secret Storefront Full of Bright and Colorful Area Rugs Starting at $21

Friday  07:55,   15 april 2022

You can even score styles on sale for up to 80% off.Even though minimalist homes with neutral colors are refreshing and calm, using bright or muted colors can add so much life to your space. That doesn't mean you need to splash primary colors all... >>>

66 really clever ideas to make open-plan work for everyone

Friday  06:55,   15 april 2022

Airy, spacious and versatile, open-plan living is a popular design choice for the modern home, but a successful scheme requires careful planning. We've rounded up the best-kept design secrets to help you transform a large empty room into a warm... >>>

18 Home Improvement Projects You Can Tackle with Your Tax Refund

Friday  05:35,   15 april 2022

You don’t have to spend a fortune to make updates to your home, and even an arrival of a small amount of cash from a tax refund can make many small home projects possible. According to the IRS, the average refund is expected to be more than $3,000... >>>

What to Know About Rock Flower Beds

Friday  05:35,   15 april 2022

Can't decide whether to use rocks or mulch for your flower bed design? Here's what to know about rock flower beds so you can decide what works best for your landscaping ideas. Pros of Rock Flower Beds Using rocks instead of mulch has... >>>

People Are Upcycling Their Wine Bottles to Create the Most Stunning Bird Feeders

Friday  05:00,   15 april 2022

Break out the hot glue gun and... >>>

18 Unique Shower Curtains That’ll Give Your Bathroom Personality

Friday  05:00,   15 april 2022

Fish print? Out. Fringe? Definitely... >>>

How to Clean Your Carpet So It Looks as Good as New

Friday  04:25,   15 april 2022

Carpets take a beating, but this step-by-step guide will show you how to do a routine and deep cleaning so yours look brand new. The post How to Clean Your Carpet So It Looks as Good as New appeared first on Reader's Digest.Whether you're trying >>>

What Does “Sustainable Living” Actually Look Like in Practice?

Thursday  17:11,   14 april 2022

Five climate educators, activists, chefs, and entrepreneurs discuss the nuances of a more ecological existenceThe term greenwashing was coined by environmentalist Jay Westerveld in 1986 to describe the use of misleading actions or phrases evoking... >>>

The One Thing You Should Never Put in Your Washing Machine, Experts Warn

Thursday  16:31,   14 april 2022

Experts warn that you should never bathroom mats in your washing machine due to the serious damage they can do to your... >>>

The best abandoned buildings for sale from just $1

Thursday  16:11,   14 april 2022

With small price tags but bags of potential, these wonderful abandoned buildings for sale are simply crying out to be rescued. Could you transform one of these tumbledown treasures into a spectacular... >>>

Oster-DIY: Button flower pots made of eggshells

Thursday  14:15,   14 april 2022

Craft flower pots made of eggshells? Genial, because that's not only environmentally friendly, but also looks really good as a table decoration. And best of all: It's easy! © Raywasblumenbaufen.de These sweet Easter flowerpots are mildly made... >>>