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See inside Mariah Carey’s beautiful mansions

Thursday  09:00,   14 april 2022

Take a tour of Mariah Carey’s homes. With an impressive property portfolio in New York and California, let's go through the keyhole of the Queen of... >>>

What To Know About Leveling a Yard

Thursday  07:30,   14 april 2022

Leveling your yard in the spring pays dividends all year round. It solves standing water issues and gives you a greener, healthier landscape.Water runoff on uneven ground saturates plants in low spots while depriving those up high of the hydration... >>>

These untouched time capsule homes offer a glimpse of the past

Thursday  07:25,   14 april 2022

From mid-century masterpieces to properties left intact since the groovy '70s, we've rounded up the best time warp houses, left untouched for decades. Let's take a look through these incredible domestic time... >>>

Graphic videos appear to show Grand Rapids police officer shooting a Black man in the head

Thursday  07:05,   14 april 2022

During a press conference on Wednesday, officials said that no weapons other than the officer's gun or taser were recovered from the scene. Grand Rapids city manager Mark Washington said the video "was painful to watch.""'What caused this to... >>>

15 Best Outdoor Furniture Brands for the Patio of Your Dreams

Thursday  06:10,   14 april 2022

It's time to create a fresh-air sanctuary. The post 15 Best Outdoor Furniture Brands for the Patio of Your Dreams appeared first on Reader's... >>>

This Calming Heated Lavender Pillow Is Going to Change Grandma's Life

Thursday  04:30,   14 april 2022

Find a gift for Grandma that's beautiful and meaningful.... >>>

15 Pretty Garden Planters That'll Look Good in Your Home and Yard

Thursday  03:35,   14 april 2022

There's even a self-watering one for forgetful plant... >>>

How a Drab Bathroom Was Transformed Into a Pink Oasis

Thursday  03:35,   14 april 2022

Talk about a fun... >>>

Accent Chairs Can Be Comfy—Here's Proof

Thursday  00:00,   14 april 2022

Velvet, boucle, soft microfibers—you can have it... >>>

How Often Should You Water Your Garden?

Wednesday  17:41,   13 april 2022

Setting up the right watering schedule for your flower beds is the key to a show-stopping yard.Flowers are a gorgeous addition to your home garden—but the heat of summer and the baking sun can reduce your beautiful blooms into sad, wilted heaps.... >>>

Interior designers share decorative styling advice for keeping a minimalist aesthetic at home

Wednesday  17:40,   13 april 2022

We talked to interior designers who gave tips for creating a minimalist aesthetic at home. Here are some of our favorite minimalist decor and... >>>

A New York City Condo for Newlyweds Becomes an Optimistic Look Toward the Future

Wednesday  16:15,   13 april 2022

Peter Sandel’s old-meets-new design took place at the start of the pandemicIn April 2020, a mutual friend introduced Bridie and Phil as clients who would likely benefit from Peter’s contemporary-yet-cozy New York City aesthetic. They claimed a condo >>>

Tour an Iconic Midcentury-Modern L.A. Home That’s Surrounded By Nature and Filled With Light

Wednesday  16:10,   13 april 2022

Designed by the inimitable architect John Lautner, it’s now the residence of director Joachim Rønning and Amanda Hearst... >>>

55 white bathroom schemes that are anything but boring

Wednesday  16:10,   13 april 2022

Whether you want to jazz up a basic bathroom suite or create a spa-style sanctuary to retreat into, here’s how to create a striking scheme using white sanitaryware as your starting... >>>

This cargo boat is now a dream home on water

Wednesday  15:46,   13 april 2022

Struggling to get on the property ladder, Christina Miles and her partner Rohan Tully decided to take matters into their own hands and create their dream home. What turned out to be an innocent idea flourished into a passion project that led to the... >>>