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A couple lives with their 5 kids in a 300-square-foot RV while running a business turning trailers into beautiful tiny homes on wheels

Tuesday  03:00,   20 october 2020

For years, Renee and Shaun Tilby have been buying rundown RVs in need of some serious TLC, fixing them up, and selling them for a profit. They even live in one full-time with their five kids, aged 13, 10, 8, 6, and 3. The Tilbys planned to hit the... >>>

This Jackson Hole Cottage Is the Very Definition of Fall

Tuesday  02:56,   20 october 2020

Once you've put your garden to bed for the colder months, don't forget to do the same for your... >>>

This Jackson Hole Cottage Is the Very Definition of Fall

Tuesday  02:55,   20 october 2020

Shiplap, vintage books, and wow-worthy auction finds, oh my! Cue the fall colors, apple cider and elk bugling: It’s time to pack up and head to Jackson Hole. While Jenkins was raised just 90 miles west of Jackson Hole in Idaho Falls, Wyoming, Baer... >>>

How This Beach House Was Designed to House Three Generations of Women

Tuesday  02:20,   20 october 2020

Multigenerational living is increasingly common—here's how one designer made it work, beautifully."We needed to create a house that all three of them would enjoy," Weeth tells House Beautiful of her trio of clients. That meant creating... >>>

This shack is now totally unrecognizable

Monday  05:21,   19 october 2020

You'd be forgiven for thinking that this crumbling shack was beyond rescue! Thanks to an almost unbelievable renovation, the ramshackle building is now a beautiful and bespoke family home that's worth a staggering... >>>

12 of the Craziest Things Found During a Home Renovation

Monday  02:25,   19 october 2020

If you're planning a home renovation, get ready for the unexpected. There's a good chance you'll not only have some construction challenges, but you may find some unexpected things you didn't know were hiding in your home. Here are... >>>

50 Halloween decorating ideas to make this year extra fun

Sunday  22:55,   18 october 2020

Get your home Halloween ready on a budget with these simple and thrifty DIY Halloween decorating ideas. From paper garlands to pumpkin hacks, these are fun to do and don't cost a fortune. So grab your glue gun and get to... >>>

Quick style fixes to transform your home in no time

Sunday  22:05,   18 october 2020

Stains on the floor and holes in your walls? Fear not, these quick home fixes will hide them from sight with next to no... >>>

Yankee Candle has launched a new limited-edition Halloween candle

Sunday  15:25,   18 october 2020

Yankee Candle has launched a new limited-edition Halloween candle and it's a perfect blend of sugar and spice and all things nice.Candles are perfect for creating a warm and cosy atmosphere, and you can trust Yankee Candle to really pull it out... >>>

This couple created their own tiny house island

Sunday  05:20,   18 october 2020

First-time buyers Tim Davidson and Sam Cosner built their own tiny house island in Sarasota, Florida. We take a look back on their tiny living journey so... >>>

These influencers bought mansions thanks to YouTube

Sunday  01:15,   18 october 2020

From KSI to Jeffree Star and James Charles, we go behind the scenes and reveal the amazing homes of the world's most famous social media... >>>

22 cliffhanging homes with unbelievable views

Saturday  23:21,   17 october 2020

If you like to live life on the edge then step this way. Perched precariously, these spectacular cliffhanging properties promise unparalleled views across breathtaking mountain ranges and tranquil tropical oceans. Step inside these teetering... >>>

Woman, 49, converts an old caravan into a stunning home on wheels

Saturday  19:16,   17 october 2020

An Australian woman has transformed an old caravan into a spectacular home on wheels - complete with a king-size bed, a dining booth and a modern kitchenette with an oven. Hayley Bragg, from Queensland, purchased the 2004 Coachmen Mirada after she... >>>

15 old-fashioned home trends making a comeback

Saturday  17:25,   17 october 2020

From colorful kitchen appliances to neon lights, these retro homewares are back with a... >>>