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21 Habits to Adopt by 2021 to Help Save the Planet

Friday  03:00,   03 april 2020

Want to do your part for the Earth and make your life a little greener in the process? Start with these 21 simple ways to help the... >>>

21 Habits to Ditch by 2021 to Help Save the Planet

Friday  02:56,   03 april 2020

To help you learn what you've been doing that's bad for the environment, we talked to experts to learn what habits you should kick to help save the... >>>

50 Powerful Photos That Prove the Earth Still Needs Our Help

Friday  02:55,   03 april 2020

From the coronavirus to the threat of extinction for certain species, the earth's rapidly changing climate presents many human-exacerbated challenges. The post 50 Powerful Photos That Prove the Earth Still Needs Our Help appeared first on... >>>

Wipe Down: How to Disinfect Your Screens

Friday  00:35,   03 april 2020

Brace yourself, because the truth is gross, but here goes: Your electronic devices are a huge magnet for dust, grime, grease and harmful bacteria. In fact, studies have shown that the average smartphone has seven times more bacteria than a toilet... >>>

The Secret iPhone Feature That Could Save Your Life

Thursday  01:22,   02 april 2020

Hopefully, you'll never have to use it. That feature is the Emergency SOS function, which is meant to help you out if you're in a situation where it might be unsafe to pull out your phone to make a 911 call. It serves two purposes: first as >>>

14 ways to save on your utility bills when you're at home all day, according to a consumer savings expert

Thursday  00:53,   02 april 2020

Making small changes, like unplugging appliances that are not in use and turning down water heaters, can result in big reductions in monthly... >>>

Tips for better sound on your video chats and conference calls

Wednesday  20:11,   01 april 2020

Tips for better sound on your video chats and conference callsHere area few tips to help make your voice sound crystal clear while avoiding familiar problems like feedback, echos, and the dreaded robot... >>>

7 Ways to Get Through to People Who Aren't Taking the Quarantine Seriously

Tuesday  21:53,   31 march 2020

Want to help your loved ones who aren't practicing social distancing take the coronavirus quarantine seriously? Here's what experts... >>>

7 Tips to Help You Look Your Best on a Video Call

Tuesday  21:53,   31 march 2020

Self-quarantining has led to more video conferencing than ever. Want to know how to look your best on camera? Follow these simple video call tips.One of the lovely side effects of working from home is the ability to work in comfy clothes: pajamas,... >>>

7 Things That Are Now Free Because of Coronavirus

Tuesday  21:33,   31 march 2020

Struggling to stay occupied while social distancing? Enjoy high art, great music, classic sports, and more things that are now free because of... >>>

13 New Hobbies to Master During Quarantine

Tuesday  21:21,   31 march 2020

From flexing your creative muscles to mastering entirely new skills, here are a few quarantine hobbies to master during your coronavirus-related... >>>

10 Things We Need To Do in the Next 10 Years To Save the Earth

Tuesday  02:20,   31 march 2020

Ten years can seem like a long time, unless you’re trying to change the entire fate of the world as we know... >>>

9 Environmental Crises Around the World — and What You Can Do To Help

Tuesday  01:45,   31 march 2020

Our climate emergency is not just about one single... >>>

11 Free Things On The Internet You Should Already Be Using

Monday  21:32,   30 march 2020

Put your wallet away. The Internet is full of free books, free movies, free coupons, and so much... >>>

This Costco scam is circulating — don't fall for it

Monday  21:31,   30 march 2020

We’ve been cooped up at home for awhile now. View this post on... >>>