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Your Best Guide to Planning a Carnival Event: The Ideal Timeline

Wednesday  23:11,   20 october 2021

If you're in charge of planning and facilitating a carnival event, you would know that it's the little details that count. Whilst it's essential to see the big picture because it's easier to figure out your goals for your event, the small details... >>>

I broke etiquette and text-invited 'B list' guests to our wedding last-minute. I don't regret it.

Sunday  11:11,   17 october 2021

My now-husband and I texted wedding invitations to some guests a few weeks out. That method isn't recommended, but our B-listers didn't take offense.While my now-husband and I were fine with, and even relieved about, a smaller guest list,... >>>

I'm on a luxury cruise that's one of the first to leave from the UK since the pandemic. Here are my impressions so far.

Friday  13:17,   15 october 2021

Insider's Mikhaila Friel is one of 1,248 passengers on Cunard's first cruise to leave the UK since January 2020. It's also her first-ever... >>>

Experts Explain 4 Gifts You Can Always Regift, and 4 Gifts You Probably Shouldn’t

Wednesday  14:31,   13 october 2021

Regifting is OK—sometimes. The post Experts Explain 4 Gifts You Can Always Regift, and 4 Gifts You Probably Shouldn’t appeared first on Reader's Digest.Regifting is the process of receiving a gift and then passing it on to another person. Think... >>>

Thinking About Changing Your Career Path? Here's Some Important Advice

Monday  13:20,   04 october 2021

If you have been unhappy with your current occupation for a long time now, it might be time to consider changing careers. If you are considering entering a completely new field, there are going to be countless obstacles along the way that could... >>>

Handball chiefs are being urged to resign after fining the Norwegian women's team for wearing shorts instead of bikini bottoms

Monday  07:10,   04 october 2021

Female beach-handball players are required to wear bikini tops and bottoms, while male players are allowed to wear shorts.The Norwegian women's beach-handball team were fined $1,760 for wearing shorts instead of bikini bottoms at the European... >>>

Kristen Bell Hilariously Demonstrates Modern Birthing Positions to Soon-To-Be Grandparents

Thursday  14:40,   30 september 2021

Kristen Bell gives grandparents-to-be an update on how childbirth has changed in a new video on YouTube.In the video, Kristen is teaching a grandparents' etiquette... >>>

I took a $34 royal etiquette class with the Queen's cousin, Princess Katarina, who taught me how to shake hands and curtsy to the royals

Tuesday  15:10,   28 september 2021

Princess Katarina co-hosted the Zoom class with former royal butler Grant Harrold. The session was more informal than I expected. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. It's not every day you get to take a royal etiquette class taught by a... >>>

Women at Henley Royal Regatta can now attend wearing pants for the first time in the event's 182-year history

Sunday  08:20,   26 september 2021

Henley Regatta, which calls itself the most prestigious rowing event in the world, previously required women to wear dresses or skirts.The annual rowing event, which takes place over five days in Oxfordshire, England, along the River Thames, first... >>>

A Lesson in Group Text Etiquette—to Send to All Your Friends

Wednesday  05:55,   22 september 2021

Because you definitely don't want to be the person messing up your group text's vibe.But sometimes navigating all those group texts can be challenging—as I discovered when I accidentally woke my sister well past her bedtime with a dumb text... >>>

Bulldog Bytes: UCLA Road Trip

Saturday  08:05,   18 september 2021

Some people have careers doing really awesome things. Whether it's a professional contortionist, a creature performer, or an etiquette teacher, you can make a career out of... >>>

Thon: A game type such as Terodde is missing the DFB-ELF

Tuesday  12:25,   14 september 2021

OLAF Thon can imagine Simon Terodde well in the DFB Dress. "We have no player in the national team like him," says the World Champion of 1990. © Imago Images / Ulrich Hufnagel Olaf Thon suggests Schalke's striker Simon Terodde for the national... >>>

13 Polite Habits That Fast-Food Employees Secretly Dislike

Sunday  01:20,   12 september 2021

Making a fast-food faux pas is no fun! Here's a look at the most common friendly mistakes—and what to do instead. The post 13 Polite Habits That Fast-Food Employees Secretly Dislike appeared first on Reader's... >>>

How to Dress For a Special Occasion According to My Mamá

Saturday  01:35,   11 september 2021

Long over are the days when my mom used to take me and my sister shopping for back-to-school clothes. We would each grab one of those mesh bags to drop our clothes in for easier shopping and she would let us roam around the store to find our next... >>>

A Texas school district found a loophole to the governor's ban on mask mandates: altering the dress code to require masks.

Saturday  18:52,   21 august 2021

The Paris Independent School District added masks to is dress code after Gov. Greg Abbott banned local mask mandates.The Paris Independent School District made the change to its dress code to get around Abbott's ban on local mask... >>>