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20 holiday etiquette rules you should stick to this season

Tuesday  20:06,   12 november 2019

Holiday etiquette boils down to treating those around you with respect and kindness at a time of year when tensions may boil to the... >>>

50 New Year’s Resolutions Actually Worth Making

Tuesday  19:51,   12 november 2019

Forget the usual resolutions like lose weight or travel more. Here are 50 totally attainable goals that will make you happier and healthier next... >>>

Here's Exactly What to Write in a Christmas Card for Everyone on Your List

Tuesday  19:51,   12 november 2019

Including boyfriends, bosses, best friends, and more.Thinking about what to write in a Christmas card might be just as hard as picking out the perfect present for someone. After all, you're sending them out to the same people you're buying gifts... >>>

7 Genius Ways to Save This Holiday Season

Tuesday  19:35,   12 november 2019

‘Tis the season for overspending—but there are ways to gift to everyone your list without breaking the... >>>

Your ultimate guide to holiday gifting etiquette

Tuesday  01:05,   12 november 2019

Gift-giving etiquette for the holiday season includes spending to the limit and knowing whom — and whom not — to buy... >>>

23 Essential Ways to Prep Your Home for Family Visitors

Tuesday  00:50,   12 november 2019

If you've got family heading to your home this holiday season, make them feel welcome with these essential prep tips from entertaining... >>>

11 reasons why Cyber Monday is better than Black Friday

Monday  22:15,   11 november 2019

If you're not someone who wants to elbow their way to a good deal at 5 a.m. on Black Friday, consider shopping on Cyber Monday... >>>

Heal Your Relationship With Money Using These 3 Simple Steps

Monday  19:50,   11 november 2019

Whether we’re conscious of it or not, our money mindset came from our parentsAnd our parents' money habits may not have been the best foundation to build wealth.I know this true, at least true for me. I used these three steps to move my money... >>>

15 common mistakes Thanksgiving guests make

Friday  20:30,   08 november 2019

Knowing how to be a great guest is just part of the holiday season. This Thanksgiving, avoid these 15 common etiquette... >>>

What to Say to a Veteran on Veterans Day

Friday  01:05,   08 november 2019

Struggling to find the right words? Try any of these suggestions when engaging a veteran in... >>>

5 Ways to Deal With Noisy Neighbors

Thursday  21:40,   07 november 2019

Tired of getting unwanted access to the details of the lives of your noisy neighbors? We hear you loud and... >>>

The One-Word Mantra You Need This Thanksgiving, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Thursday  00:25,   07 november 2019

Tensions can run high when families come together round the table. Here the mantra you need to help you make it to pumpkin... >>>

14 Tips and Tricks to Scoring That Perfect Vintage Gem at Thrift Stores

Wednesday  23:50,   06 november 2019

The thrill of finding an amazing deal at a thrift store can be exhilarating—and it's easy, if you shop like these thrift shopper pros. Here are a few secrets they're letting out of the bag. The post 14 Tips and Tricks to Scoring That Perfect >>>

20 Things You Should Never Say to Someone in the Military

Wednesday  21:05,   06 november 2019

Whether it's personal questions or assuming you understand serving, there are some things you should never say to some in the military or say to... >>>

12 Tips Guaranteed To Help You Win Black Friday

Wednesday  20:55,   06 november 2019

The order of this list was determined by 263 votes on War is hell, but that awful time when brother fights brother over a doorbuster sale they slept all night in a tent outside of a Target in the middle of Nowhere, Ohio for is back. If... >>>