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Hugh Grant on ‘The Undoing’ Golden Globes Nom: “It’s a Relief Not to Have to Pretend to Be a Nice Guy”

Thursday  03:55,   04 february 2021

Must-Know Tips and Tricks for Your Best-Ever Soups and Stews.A super soup or stupendous stew can be a blessing during cold, dreary winter months.Here are some pointers that will help your soups taste their best:.The immersion blender is one tool no... >>>

If You Have This Common Habit, Your COVID Symptoms Will Be Worse

Wednesday  02:50,   03 february 2021

A recent study found that smoking makes COVID patients more likely to have a higher number of symptoms and more severe cases of the... >>>

Genius Garage Organization Ideas to Keep Your Life in Order

Tuesday  09:00,   02 february 2021

Cleaning your garage has never been so... >>>

Gianna Bryant’s Friend Sent a Touching Letter to Vanessa Bryant on Anniversary of Crash

Saturday  13:30,   30 january 2021

Losing a child is every parent’s worst nightmare, especially when it happens in the unbearably tragic way that it happened to Vanessa Bryant. The mother of four lost both her second-oldest daughter, Gianna “Gigi” Bryant, and her husband, basketball... >>>

9 Little Habits to Break for a Less Wasteful Home

Friday  23:56,   29 january 2021

It may be time to rethink your choice of kitty litter.RELATED: 4 Easy Ways to Make Your Cleaning Routine (Almost) Zero... >>>

A woman asked her grandmothers to be her bridesmaids after limiting her wedding to just 15 guests

Saturday  14:50,   16 january 2021

Megan Kennedy and Thomas Cahoon originally planned to have a large event, but they had to cut down their guest list two weeks before the... >>>

What to include in your save-the-dates and wedding invitations, and when to send each

Wednesday  00:54,   13 january 2021

Insider spoke to an etiquette expert about when to send wedding invitations and save-the-dates, who to invite, and how much the stationery could cost.You have to figure out who to invite, send save-the-dates and formal invitations, and make sure... >>>

This Is What Your Waiter First Notices About You

Friday  00:00,   08 january 2021

Just as you make observations about a restaurant when you walk in the door, waiters observe you when you sit down at your table. The post This Is What Your Waiter First Notices About You appeared first on Reader's Digest.By now, we all know that >>>

16 Things to Never Do at the Gym

Thursday  04:45,   07 january 2021

Gym culture has an etiquette all its own—brush up on the things never to do at the gym before you offend someone holding a 300-pound barbell. The post 16 Things to Never Do at the Gym appeared first on Reader's... >>>

Simeone's B-Elf embarrassed itself in Cornella

Wednesday  22:40,   06 january 2021

Atletico Madrid embarrassed itself to the bone in the 2nd round of the Copa del Rey. The La Liga leaders lost 0-1 at third-class UE Cornella. © getty images Triumph over Spain's currently best team: UE Cornella. Diego Simeone spared numerous... >>>

14 Zoom Etiquette Rules You Need to Follow

Wednesday  21:40,   06 january 2021

Making eye contact is important—so look directly into the camera, not at the person you're talking to. (Oops.) The post 14 Zoom Etiquette Rules You Need to Follow appeared first on Reader's Digest.The online meeting phenomenon has created a... >>>

How Bullet Journaling Can Help You Build Better Habits in the New Year

Tuesday  02:30,   05 january 2021

Take your bullet journal from blah to beautiful with these creative ideas. If your organization strategy needs an overhaul, or you simply want to hold yourself more accountable and adopt some better habits going forward, the bullet journal may be... >>>

The 5-Second Trick That Will Banish Clutter for Good

Thursday  05:00,   24 december 2020

Grab the garbage bags now because you're about to say buh-bye to years' worth of junk. The post The 5-Second Trick That Will Banish Clutter for Good appeared first on Reader's Digest.According to a study carried out by Ohio State... >>>

Crucial Social Etiquette Rules Everyone Should Follow

Wednesday  17:35,   23 december 2020

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Oilers first-rounder Jesse Puljujarvi returning from Europe

Friday  21:26,   18 december 2020

Easing into old age starts with making healthy choices right... >>>