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Should You Stand Or Walk On An Escalator?

Friday  00:40,   15 march 2019

Human systems engineers suggest that a lane for walking and a lane for standing on the escalator isn't the most efficient... >>>

Cut That Out: 11 Rules of Barbershop Etiquette

Friday  00:35,   15 march 2019

We asked barbers who’ve seen it all. Rule No. 7: ‘Don’t climb in the chair filthy with a beard full of mustard and... >>>

11 tips to make more money on eBay

Tuesday  22:35,   12 march 2019

eBay can be a great way to make some extra cash. Here's how to sell items on eBay and how to make money doing it, according to... >>>

To Be More Confident, Talk to Yourself

Monday  19:21,   11 march 2019

Two successful women share how they battle impostor... >>>

This Is Why People Are So Afraid of the Number 13

Thursday  19:06,   07 march 2019

There are a few reasons this number gets such a bad... >>>

This Is Why You Should Never Call Back an Unknown Number

Wednesday  19:49,   06 march 2019

You could be opening the door to... >>>

4 Fake Grammar Rules You Don't Need to Worry About

Tuesday  01:50,   05 march 2019

People wave these rules around all the time. Set them straight—especially on National Grammar... >>>

Here’s Why Your Brain Needs You to Read Every Single Day

Monday  21:25,   04 march 2019

When it comes to your brain, researchers have found there's no better superfood than a... >>>

This Is How Often You Really Should Be Shutting Down Your Computer

Thursday  18:41,   28 february 2019

It's probably not what you're... >>>

Former Disney World Staff Members Reveal Their Secrets

Thursday  02:51,   28 february 2019

And they're actually pretty... >>>

Irritated? These postures are the equivalent of an eye roll, according to a body language pro

Thursday  23:05,   21 february 2019

So yeah, maybe good to... >>>

Are you smart enough to pass Thomas Edison's impossible employment test?

Tuesday  02:00,   19 february 2019

Thomas Edison's 146-question employment test was so difficult that the inventor's own son—as well as Albert Einstein—reportedly flunked... >>>

“People of color” was once a sign of respect. But it’s becoming a cop-out for the powerful.

Monday  19:40,   18 february 2019

The phrase has its place, but that place is not when you’re uncomfortable saying... >>>

How to rebound from a major life setback

Monday  19:06,   18 february 2019

Your 30s are a volatile time for marriages, careers. This is your survival playbook. 1. YOU GOT FIRED Out of a job? So were Steve Jobs and Howard Stern in their 30s. “Understanding you’re not the first person to whom this has occurred can normalize... >>>

5 times you should absolutely say no when someone asks you for a favor

Friday  00:00,   15 february 2019

Saying no to someone asking for a favor can be hard, but helping often hurts you more than it helps them. Here, five times you should say just say... >>>