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Organize Your Schedule by Mental State, Not by Project

Tuesday  18:45,   15 january 2019

If you’re struggling to get your stuff done, and finding yourself alternately antsy, distracted, and tired, then try out this alternate approach to scheduling. Writer and podcaster David Kadavy organizes his tasks based on their mental load,... >>>

10 Little-Known Etiquette Rules You’re Likely Breaking (We Certainly Are)

Tuesday  20:55,   08 january 2019

These obscure rules of etiquette are often broken, but once you know them, you can become a more polite and proper... >>>

This Is the Best Way to Have Better Dreams

Friday  15:55,   04 january 2019

The only thing more unpredicatable than life itself are deams. Here's how gain a modicum of control, and leave nightmares by the... >>>

16 Compliments You Didn’t Realize Are Actually Pretty Insulting

Monday  15:40,   31 december 2018

You may have the best of intentions, but you need to check yourself before uttering any of these... >>>

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Recycle Most Wrapping Paper

Friday  18:03,   21 december 2018

Every Christmas, people toss gift wrap scraps into their recycling bin without thinking twice. See why most wrapping paper belongs in the trash and what you can do to reduce... >>>

This Is the Biggest Regret in Life Most People Have

Friday  18:03,   21 december 2018

A new study indicates that an old adage still rings true: it's not the things you do in life that you regret—it's the things you don't... >>>

The 3 Words Disney Employees Aren’t Allowed to Say

Thursday  17:58,   20 december 2018

You'll never, ever hear a Disney employee say... >>>

70 Words (and Phrases) You’re Probably Using All Wrong

Thursday  17:57,   20 december 2018

We've compiled 70 words and phrases we've all used wrong at some point. They're cringe-worthy. They're hilarious. And they're going to help you never make the same mistakes... >>>

This Is What Happens to All Your Returned Holiday Gifts

Friday  18:25,   07 december 2018

People return holiday gifts every year. Some are resold, but most end up getting scrapped—and that costs money. So who foots the... >>>

The worst retail fails and controversies of 2018

Friday  18:20,   07 december 2018

Consumers were quick to speak out against products they felt were misleading or offensive this... >>>

Wish You Were Smarter? Check out These 4 Brain Hacks That Can Help You Get There.

Thursday  18:06,   06 december 2018

Classical music, salmon for dinner and a technique that TV's 'Sherlock' uses are among the steps you can take towards greater... >>>

You Should Be Shopping On These Days For The Best Deals On Gifts

Wednesday  23:40,   05 december 2018

Cyber Monday was just the beginning of the holiday deals season. If you were in too much of a tryptophan-induced fog to forage for deals among stampeding Black Friday shoppers, had a bigger appetite than Small Business Saturday could satiate, or... >>>

6 times ugly Christmas sweaters went horribly wrong

Wednesday  19:55,   05 december 2018

People get a little crafty during the holidays. But making a DIY sweater isn't as easy as it seems and some don't exactly spread holiday... >>>

Write This In All Your Christmas Cards

Wednesday  19:55,   05 december 2018

Cheerful? Check. Thoughtful? Check. A little funny, too?... >>>

5 Things to Do Before 2018 Ends

Friday  19:07,   30 november 2018

There's still time to make little changes that will have a big impact on your new... >>>