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Some flea and tick meds increase risk of seizures in pets, FDA warns

Saturday  00:50,   22 september 2018

Health officials are alerting pet owners and veterinarians about potential risks of certain flea and tick treatments for dogs and catsThese products are approved for the treatment and prevention of flea and tick infestations. While these treatments...[...]

10 million-year-old whale bone found while tunneling new subway below Downtown LA

Saturday  00:25,   22 september 2018

Construction crews working on Metro’s Regional Connector dug up the fossil Paleontologists working with construction crews on a new subway station in Downtown LA have unearthed a rare remnant of an era when the Los Angeles basin sat at the bottom of [...]

Volunteer goes viral for napping with cats

Friday  23:55,   21 september 2018

Terry Lauerman found a comfy way to spend his retirement, taking cat naps at a Green Bay animal sanctuaryLauerman "just walked in" one day, Safe Haven's founder, Elizabeth Feldhausen, told WCCO. He had a cat brush and a love for cuddling cats. He...[...]

What No One Tells You About Perseverance (That Will Bring You Peace)

Friday  21:50,   21 september 2018

It might sting at first, but eventually, there's nothing but relief.Most of my life, I've been told that if I just work hard and give it my all, I'll come out on top. I'd gather that you've heard that too--it is, after all, the cornerstone of...[...]

12 Ways to Connect With Millennial Employees

Friday  18:30,   21 september 2018

They are a significant part of your team. Treat them as such.Interacting with them has taught me a lot about myself and about how important it is to understand how their generation relates to and approaches their work and relationships with others....[...]

Here’s How Many Hours You’ll Spend Stuck in Traffic

Friday  17:30,   21 september 2018

If you're one of the millions of Americans who commute to and from work by car each day, here's how much time you'll waste behind the wheel.The United States Census Bureau reports that the average American spends 26 minutes getting to...[...]

We may finally know how the sea otter eats three times as much food as a person

Thursday  23:05,   20 september 2018

Sea otters are arguably the most adorable-looking mammals of the sea. They’re also some of the hungriest. Even though adult sea otters tend to max… Sea otters are arguably the most adorable-looking mammals of the sea. They’re also some of the...[...]

This Is Why We Shake Hands, According to Science

Thursday  19:05,   20 september 2018

Shaking hands is one of the most common greetings, but have you ever stopped to wonder why we do it? We could nod or bow or simply smile or even do the hokey pokey, but instead we clasp hands and shake. Out of the context of our society, it’s a...[...]

Humpback whales feeding in S.F. Bay, but how safe are the mammals?

Wednesday  23:55,   19 september 2018

Humpback whales are often found where food is present, regardless of how dangerous the waters might be. San Francisco Whale Tours illustrated this point dramatically last Saturday by posting an image showing a humpback whale's near miss with a...[...]

Safari guide reveals hard-to-spot camouflaged animals

Wednesday  01:06,   19 september 2018

Jacques Briam, a safari guide at the world-famous Kruger National Park in South Africa, specializes in leading walking safaris through the wilderness and is "Wild about the wild." Not surprisingly, Briam has a keen eye for spotting wildlife,...[...]

Clever dog manages to play a game of fetch on his own using a trampoline, a tennis ball and perfect timing

Wednesday  00:10,   19 september 2018

Bear the dog from California used his owner's trampoline to play fetch with himself. After placing the ball on the mat, he ran underneath and nudged the ball into the air with his nose before catching it.But luckily for a five-year-old Lab mix...[...]

A snake named Toothless got braces to fix her overbite and you need to see this

Tuesday  23:05,   18 september 2018

A green tree python named Toothless was rushed to the vet after she broke a part of her jawbone during a meal.After an x-ray revealed a broken jawbone, too small to mend using traditional surgery, doctors decided to craft her ‘braces.’ The ‘braces’...[...]

Harry Styles Posed With Baby Farm Animals for Gucci's New Campaign

Tuesday  21:05,   18 september 2018

Who knew baby lambs could double as scarves?Now, enjoy him with multiple baby...[...]

Why It's so Important to Vaccinate Your Dog

Tuesday  20:31,   18 september 2018

Vaccinating your dog against dangerous diseases, such as rabies and distemper, seems like a no-brainer.2018, Consumer Reports, Inc.“We know that pet owners seem to be asking more questions about what vaccines are appropriate and when,” says John de...[...]

What's Up with That Weird Kneading Cats Do?

Tuesday  18:52,   18 september 2018

Why do cats knead? Find out the surprising reasons behind the behaviour—it explains why your pet looks so relaxed digging its claws into your lap.Making biscuits, kneading dough, marching—whatever you call it, kneading is a weird cat quirk. They...[...]