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35 Text Abbreviations You Should Know (and How to Use Them)

Saturday  01:11,   10 september 2022

Knowing the meaning of these terms will keep anyone with a phone, social media, or even just web access from being constantly confused in the digital world! The post 35 Text Abbreviations You Should Know (and How to Use Them) appeared first on... >>>

23 Plus-Size Jumpsuits for Easy Dressing

Monday  12:11,   15 august 2022

Take the guesswork out of getting... >>>

Men are trying a period pain simulator on TikTok and it turns out they can't handle it

Saturday  14:01,   13 august 2022

A series of viral TikToks is helping to destigmatize talking about period pain."This is terrible," he says, wiping sweat away from his... >>>

The new office wardrobe prioritizes comfort — here are the 10 best men's brands making work clothes with performance materials

Saturday  16:10,   30 july 2022

Performance workwear means never having to sacrifice comfort when dressing for the office. Here are the best performance workwear brands we've... >>>

11 Countries Where You Don’t Need to Tip

Friday  04:10,   29 july 2022

In some places, tipping isn't expected and may even be offensive. Here's everything you need to know about skipping the tip. The post 11 Countries Where You Don’t Need to Tip appeared first on Reader's... >>>

Goth-Girl Glamour Was the 2022 Met Gala's Most Unexpected Look

Wednesday  17:00,   27 july 2022

Kate Moss, Kendall Jenner, and Lizzo all put a Morticia Addams twist on white tie.But while there were a handful of lit-from-within glowing looks at the Met Gala 2022, the most memorable dresses subscribed to an altogether more gothic school of... >>>

Etiquette influencers are going viral on TikTok, but they face mockery for being classist and 'out of touch'

Sunday  14:10,   03 april 2022

Etiquette TikTok is a growing niche with over 1 billion views. But the videos also face criticism and mockery from those who say they're unrelatable.Challenger, who is the CEO of a luxury British recruitment firm and has 132,000 TikTik... >>>

Why the Queen and other royals honored Prince Philip with green clothing instead of black at his memorial service

Tuesday  22:35,   29 march 2022

The Queen, Princess Anne, and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, all wore a certain shade of green at Prince Philip's memorial service on Tuesday.The memorial was the first major official engagement Queen Elizabeth II attended since October of... >>>

17 Stunning Wedding Guest Dresses to Wear This Spring

Thursday  03:35,   24 march 2022

Wedding dress codes come with a lot of stipulations - don't go too short, don't go too flashy, and please, please don't wear white (ecru, eggshell, or... >>>

I've worn this $46 velvet dress from Amazon to multiple weddings and no one would have guessed how affordable it was

Saturday  06:30,   19 march 2022

This comfy velvet dress from Amazon worked perfectly for an outdoor fall wedding and indoor formal wedding.Prices are accurate at the time of... >>>

The 10 best places to shop for women's workwear, no matter your office dress code

Saturday  00:40,   19 march 2022

Whether your office dress code is business casual or a bit more buttoned-up, these are the best places to shop for women's workwear in... >>>

Compassionate Exceptions to 'Handwritten Thanks' Rule

Wednesday  12:27,   12 january 2022

DEAR MISS MANNERS: My daughter has been ill for 13 years with a rare, chronic, often-debilitating disease. She finally had an allogenic bone marrow transplant, but has not responded as well as we'd hoped. People have brought us meals and done... >>>

The Right Thing: Can I write-off my donation without a receipt?

Wednesday  12:22,   12 january 2022

A reader we’re calling Agnetha was cleaning out her clothes closet over the holiday break. She assembled a pile of barely worn shoes that she decided she would donate to her local Goodwill store. After two days of sorting and compiling, Agnetha made >>>

Times the royals secretly snuck out to do normal things

Wednesday  12:22,   12 january 2022

Royal life is a bit like being in a very fancy and luxurious prison. There are strict schedules, strict dress codes, strict standards of behavior, and constant supervision. It's no surprise that they want to break out sometimes and let loose, or >>>

Casual celebs who dress down at formal events

Wednesday  12:21,   12 january 2022

Eccentric or sloppy? Some say that celebrities are allowed weird fashion choices just because they are famous. Not everybody agrees. More than once, the Internet got angry at Ed Sheeran for his relentlessly casual attire, even beside the likes of... >>>