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20:25  23 may  2019
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It ' s time consuming. It typically takes a lot longer to mow your lawn when it ' s wet , especially if you have to keep stopping to unclog the mower. Mow slower. Wet grass is more difficult to cut, and more prone to clogging your lawn mower. It ' s important to slow down to allow your mower to cut properly.

We get it —there’ s nothing as satisfying as looking out at a freshly mowed lawn on a summer’ s day. Mowing your lawn means keeping those weeds and wildflowers tame around your landscape, which probably seems like a problem that needs to be dealt with frequently.

Here’s why you shouldn’t mow your grass when it’s wet© agrofruti/Shutterstock wet grass stuck to lawn mower tires It’s okay, we get it. When your only free day to mow the lawn is on a Saturday but the lawn is wet, it’s extremely tempting to get the job done (especially when using these tips to efficiently mow the lawn). But warning: It can be dangerous to mow the lawn when the grass is wet! Before you rev up the lawnmower and throw on those water-proof boots, here are a few things to keep in mind.

The risk of danger is heightened

Even if your boots are sturdy, there’s still a risk of slipping on the grass while you mow. Doing this with a lawn mower running really can be dangerous. Especially if you’re trying to mow the lawn quickly.

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It ’ s very amusing. Mowing wet grass , it seems, has somehow become an ignoble faux pas. The intensity in the way that many preach of its prohibition and the consequences Why You Shouldn ’ T Mow Wet Grass . 20 Things To Remember When Mowing Your Wet Lawn. Rules of Thumb. Sources

Most Importantly, It ' s Unsafe. Your personal safety must always come before getting work done in the yard, and you 're at greater risk of injury when mowing It takes more time and effort to mow a wet lawn. And because your lawn still won' t look very good afterward, you 'll want to mow all over again as

Lawnmowers run on electricity, which doesn’t do well with water.

We all know it’s not smart to hang out in a pool during a lightning storm, right? So why would you put a large piece of electrical equipment on a wet lawn? There’s the risk of an electrical shock when exposed to moisture, causing damage to the machine and, of course, potential damage to the person using the mower.

It’s difficult to mow a wet lawn in general

It’s satisfying to look at an evenly mowed lawn, right? Well if you mow the lawn wet, you may not get that result. Wet blades are tougher to slice evenly, causing an uneven cut as you push the mower down your yard. If you care about the look of your manicured lawn, it’s worth waiting for the grass to completely dry.

Wet grass can clog up the mower

Wet grass is sticky! It sticks to your tires, and of course, sticks to the mower’s equipment. It can block up the blade, the vacuum, and other parts of the mower. This will make mowing the end of the lawn difficult, and could even cause damage to your mower in general.

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Although mowing grass when wet is frowned upon, today Nixa Lawn Service examines whether it truly harms your grass or is just a lawn care myth. There are, frankly, many good reasons why you shouldn ’ t be mowing grass when wet . You really could slip, especially if you already have trouble

There are a few reasons why you shouldn ’ t mow your lawn when it ’ s wet . Disease can be spread through your grass when it ’ s wet so you need to be aware It ’ s important to stay safe when mowing your lawn. You should always wear protective goggles, gloves, earmuffs and closed-toe footwear.

It can actually damage your lawn

That’s right, it can even damage the look of your lawn. The grass isn’t the only part of the lawn that is wet—the soil is moist as well. Running a lawn mower through it could cause damage to the soil and foundation of your lawn, causing uneven bumps and divots throughout the lawn. Between the dangerous aspects and the damage it can cause to the look of your lawn, it may be smart to keep the mower off the grass when it’s wet. If you’re still dealing with damage, here’s how to repair a damaged lawn.

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