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Cadbury Is Selling A ‘Christmas Cottage Kit’ Made Out Of Chocolate And It’s So Much Better Than Gingerbread

  Cadbury Is Selling A ‘Christmas Cottage Kit’ Made Out Of Chocolate And It’s So Much Better Than Gingerbread Their new gingerbread-infused chocolate bar is included tho.Will I eat so many supplies that my candy foundation crumbles? Prolly. But that's why you buy two kits. According to the site, each is packed with Dairy Milk Bars, a Dairy Milk Winter Bar, the new Dairy Milk with Gingerbread bar (more on that in a sec), snowflakes, and white buttons. Icing for decorating—and downing by the spoonful—is sold separately so don't forget to stock up.

William Ham Bevan 5 Dec 2017 01:49pm. 10 alternative ways to spend Christmas . Last year, the National Trust estimated that 43 million Britons went on a Christmas Day stroll. But if you fancy a more serious walking experience than a quick turn in the park to work off the roast potatoes, consider a

What better way to celebrate than strip off and plunge into icy water? Many hotels offer a Christmas Day package but few come grander than spending the big day at the Ritz. Festivities kick off with a full English breakfast at 7.30am, with the traditional six-course luncheon served in the restaurant at

a pair of sunglasses on a table: Larg white arrow on asphalt - blurred road traffic background© Getty Images Larg white arrow on asphalt - blurred road traffic background

Just because you put a lot on your plate doesn't mean you'll have a lot to show for it later.

As you grow a business, it's pretty common for your calendar to have a whole lot more space blocked off because of added responsibilities, increased demand for your expertise, and more earned opportunities. Doing a bunch of stuff is not the same as accomplishing meaningful, intentional, and disruptive goals, however. And if you want to be happy and avoid burnout, then you need to be extremely careful that you strive to do the latter.

Based on my personal observations, here's what I consider to be the biggest differences between doers and real achievers:

Make sure you book your holiday flights by this date

  Make sure you book your holiday flights by this date Surviving holiday travel is quite the ordeal — you’d probably welcome any and all advice for how to make it easier. You know to avoid the worst days of the year to fly, such as the Friday before Christmas, but do you know exactly what day you’ll arrive? You really want to make those plans as soon as you can. The sooner you get your tickets, the cheaper they’ll be — but wait too long and there’s a point of no return. After a certain date, ticket prices for the holidays go way up.

This post was most recently updated on April 24th, 2019. Take a tour of Christmas lights around your neighborhood. It’s hard to believe that Christmas is just a couple days away. While many people spend their day opening presents, eating a Christmas ham, and enjoying their new gifts

For many, Christmas is the most wonderful time of year, bursting with family traditions, festive merriment, and joyous celebrations. Whether you simply don’t observe the day or are just looking to shake up the usual routine this year, here are a handful of alternative ways to spend Christmas .


  • Like to talk about what they've done.
  • Try to find more windows of time to tackle additional problems.
  • Have a short-term view overall.
  • Attempt many activities within existing channels, systems, or rule sets.
  • Describe solutions or projects according to quantity or measurement.
  • Often micromanage or insist on doing work themselves.
  • Often work on many unrelated items or dabble in many independent areas (Jack-of-All-Trades).
  • Pause to regroup for the next task.
  • Know many people only superficially due to hectic schedules.
  • Believe strongly in follow-through for the sake of completion.


  • Let what they've done speak for itself.
  • Let finding a solution to an existing problem determine how much time is free for more.
  • Have a long-term view overall.
  • Attempt targeted activities according to their own channels, systems, or rule sets.
  • Describe solutions or projects according to quality or influence.
  • Easily delegate, trusting the expertise of others.
  • Create a highly interconnected matrix that builds on previous work and experience (wise expert).
  • Pause to consider how to improve or whether the previous task was worthwhile.
  • Know a more limited number of people deeply, due to long-term collaboration.
  • Believe strongly in constantly evaluating whether ROIs are sufficient, and pivoting when they aren't.

How to Become an Achiever

To become an achiever rather than a doer, for everything in front of you, you must ask yourself not only "What difference will this make?" but also "Why does that difference matter?" You must quiet your ego and consider others as much as yourself, and you must prioritize legacy over paycheck and immediate gratification.

Make sure you book your holiday flights by this date

  Make sure you book your holiday flights by this date For us mere mortals getting the window seat on a flight seems like a luxury, but that’s nothing compared to some of the perks of flying like a royal. Buzz60’s Susana Victoria Perez has more.

If you’re looking for new Christmas holiday ideas, take a look at our top 5 alternative ways to celebrate this year. Mele Kalikimaka from Hawaii! Spending Christmas in a sunny destination is a controversial idea to many Brits, but in a place like Hawaii, where Christmas is a big celebration with

Spending Christmas Abroad: Where To Go For Something Different. Here at Asda Money we’ve picked some of our favourite alternative destinations to spend Christmas Day and the This way , you can even cook your own Christmas dinner if you wish, whilst enjoying the warmer weather.

In the United States and other areas of the world, culture sends a strong message that being busy is the same as being successful. In fact, people often wear the number of hours they work as a badge of honor that somehow proves they're in the big leagues in terms of intelligence, skill, and influence.

But consider a bee. Sure, most think of this creature as the epitome of being busy. But the concern for this wildly important insect actually isn't how many plants it can get to in a day. The concern is whether the bee can find nectar and pollen, and whether the bee can carry enough of that nectar and protein-rich pollen back to the colony to make sufficient food for winter. Dried up, sick, or otherwise insufficient plants simply aren't going to cut it for this purpose.

In the same way, your concern shouldn't be to flit from job to job or task to task just to say you did in hope of respect and acceptance. Your concern as a leader should be to ask yourself what tasks can sustain, strengthen, and grow you and others, and to focus your energy only on those. It is the significance of the job, not the number of jobs, that ultimately wins admiration and protects you from burnout, so stay focused and don't anything distract you from your intended or desired purpose.

Dad brings Christmas tree farm to children's hospital to honor daughter's memory .
Mark Miller said he knew the difficulty of having to celebrate holidays without a child, or in a hospital, after losing his own daughter in 2013.

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