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Event planning is the ultimate test of your organization and management skills. As an event planner , it is definitely required of you to juggle many things, may or may Missing out on details can sometimes be a major setback for planners . You might be left with incomplete place settings or a mismanaged

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Today, March 26, was supposed to be Opening Day. 

a man wearing a helmet holding a baseball bat © Provided by Sporting News

That’s not happening, as you know, but that’s not going to stop us from dreaming about what might have been, even as we watch the smorgasbord of baseball games from the past that are being broadcast all day long. 

Here’s one player from each team we were especially looking forward to seeing perform on Opening Day. 

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American League 

Andrew Heaney, SP, Angels

Why him? The Angels wasted no time naming the lefty as their Opening Day starter this spring. This was supposed to be his first Opening Day nod, which is a pretty cool honor for any pitcher, and that’s reason enough to watch (and it’s the reason we’ll pick another couple of players on this list). But, there’s also this: Heaney didn’t hold back when asked for his thoughts about the Astros and their cheating scandal this spring, and guess who the Angels were scheduled to play on Opening Day. The popcorn was already ready. 

Regional chains like H-E-B and Wegmans are among the best grocery stores in America, according to shoppers

  Regional chains like H-E-B and Wegmans are among the best grocery stores in America, according to shoppers Regional grocers like H-E-B, Market Basket, and Wegmans made top slots on the list of stores in a report from data science firm Dunnhumby.

An event planner will plan and organise all aspects of your event , including: schedules, styling, entertainment, lighting, catering, seating, vendors, and the They’ll think of everything, so you don’t have to, like: creating a wedding budget, finding vendors, arranging transport, and styling your venue.

“ Major ” life event …? I do not fear the passing of loved ones. Yes, I would be devastated if someone like my children is killed tragically, but it does not scare me. I wouldn’t say that it “scares” me, exactly, but I do dread it. I just hope it’ s quick. The thought of a lingering death does truly scare me.

Jose Altuve, 2B, Astros

Why him? Because it’s impossible to think about the Astros and their first game of 2020 without thinking of the sign-stealing scandal that broke this offseason. And Altuve somehow became the central figure in this scandal despite the data showing he heard the fewest trash can bangs recorded in 2017. But Altuve hit the home run off Aroldis Chapman in the 2019 ALCS and told his teammates not to rip off his jersey as he approached home plate. And, well, that just seemed all kinds of suspicious. So, to pick one Astros player the most eyes would be on, the nod goes to Altuve. 

And now we’re done with sign-stealing scandal stuff, I promise. 

Mike Fiers, SP, Athletics

Why him? OK, one more, dammit. The A’s hadn’t announced their Opening Day starter yet, but Fiers was certainly a possibility. He got the nod for the first game in 2019 and was a reliable part of the A’s rotation last year, posting a 3.0 bWAR and 3.90 ERA in 33 starts. Fiers, of course, is the player who went on the record with The Athletic and kicked the whole sign-stealing scandal into high gear. So, yeah, his first 2020 start would have been interesting. Worth noting, though, that the A’s host the Astros in the second series of the season, so if the A's wanted to make sure Fiers wouldn’t face the Astros — seems like an unnecessary early season distraction — they could have pushed him back to start the third game of the year. 

How to Meal Prep Like a Pro

  How to Meal Prep Like a Pro These easy tips and delicious recipes are going to save you a ton of time and money.

Here ’ s what you need to know: The vice president tested negative for the coronavirus. As urgency for medical supplies builds, the White House says companies are stepping up to help.

[VIDEO] The Event Planner Role is Changing: Here ' s What Skills You Need Today. While the event planner role still encompasses overall event management (vendors, venue details The way to think about it is to identify it into stages. You find the right partner, you wanna pitch that partner, and then

OK, THAT is the last scandal mention. Double promise, pinkie swear. 

Vladimir Guerrero Jr., 3B, Blue Jays

Why him? Because he’s kind of amazing and is likely to have a monster season, and popping a couple baseballs over the fence wouldn’t have surprised anyone. 

Shane Bieber, SP, Indians

Why him? Bieber is coming off an outstanding season — fourth place finish in the AL Cy Young award and All-Star Game MVP — and was scheduled to face the rebuilding Tigers at home. Feels like a no-hitter, or at least a shutout, was on the table. 

Kyle Lewis, OF, Mariners

Why him? Lewis, the No. 11 overall pick in the 2016 MLB Draft, skipped over Triple-A last year and posted a .885 OPS in 18 big-league contests for the Mariners last year. He’s likely to have his ups and downs, but he’s an outstanding talent and watching him hit that spring training grand slam was a lot of fun. 

Chris Davis, 1B, Orioles

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Why him? Because hope springs eternal, and Davis was on fire this spring. And, sure, spring stats mean very little, but when you’re talking about a player with a -4.8 bWAR and 53 OPS+ over the past two years combined, any little sliver of success is welcome. 

Joey Gallo, RF, Rangers

Why him? Because we were deprived of Gallo for far too much of a 2019 season — his year ended July 23 when he went on the DL with a broken hamate bone in his right hand — that was setting up to his the breakthrough year we’ve all been waiting for. 

Jose Martinez, DH, Rays

Why him? Because Martinez feels like a perfect fit for Tampa Bay, a professional hitter without much of a defensive position who is finally in the American League and can shine, primarily as a DH but also spot starter at first and in right field. And what better way to get going than with two or three hits at his new home against an NL team?

Alex Verdugo, RF, Red Sox

Why him? New face in a new place, replacing a superstar in Mookie Betts. Intrigue. 

Adalberto Mondesi, SS, Royals

Why him? He’s fun to watch, especially when he gets on base. Big season could be in the works, if he figures out how to get on base more regularly. 

Coronavirus outbreak: What does travel insurance cover?

  Coronavirus outbreak: What does travel insurance cover? Amid the current coronavirus outbreak, global travel has been greatly impacted.Many U.S. carriers, including United, American and Delta, have also suspended their travel to China, citing decreased demand — meaning that travelers are rethinking their original plans. But some of those travelers might be curious to know whether their travel insurance — if they got any — covers such a cancellation.

What should you do in the event of a nuclear attack? The panic-inducing false alarm that that warned Hawaiian residents of an incoming ballistic missile back in January, for example, brought to light the catastrophic events that could take place under a real nuclear attack.

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Miguel Cabrera, DH, Tigers

Why him? Because, as I said when I watched a Tigers game from the press box this spring, any time you can see a future Hall of Famer play, that’s a good day. 

Jose Berrios, SP, Twins

Why him? His breaking stuff is just mesmerizing. Berrios is coming off back-to-back All-Star seasons and he’s still just 25 years old. Last year, he got the Opening Day nod and struck out 10 in 7 2/3 shutout innings at home against Cleveland. This assignment, at Oakland, would be been a bit tougher but still a chance to shine. 

Luis Robert, CF, White Sox

Why him? The White Sox took “service time” distractions off the table, signing Robert to a deal that guarantees $50 million over six years, and has team options that could add two years and $38 million. All this despite that he’s yet to make his big-league debut, which is why we picked him here. Robert was brilliant in 2019, batting a combined .328 with a 1.001 OPS, 32 homers and 36 stolen bases at three levels in the White Sox organization. 

Gleyber Torres, SS, Yankees

Why him? Because he’s pretty much the only healthy starter, right? Really, though, Torres has been exactly the player Cubs fans feared he would be when their favorite team traded him to the Yankees for rental closer Aroldis Chapman (though he did contribute to that little World Series title). 

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  Want to Escape the Crowds on Your Summer Vacation? Here's Where to Go Nothing ruins a relaxing summer vacation quite like crowds. So, head to these under-the-radar American escapes to bliss out all by yourself.

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National League

Ronald Acuña, Jr., Braves

Why him? Because he’s a damn superstar, that’s why. 

Christian Yelich, RF, Brewers

Why him? Has any trade ever worked out any better than the Brewers’ deal to land Yelich? He’s been an incredible player — one MVP award and one second-place finish — and this offseason agreed to a lucrative extension to stay in Milwaukee for a long, long time. The Brewers were supposed to open their season at home against the Cubs, and the home-crowd reception would have been really something. 

Jack Flaherty, SP, Cardinals

Why him? How do you follow up an incredible finish — he had a 0.93 ERA in his last 16 starts — to the 2019 season? Well, that’s why we picked him. 

Javier Baez, SS, Cubs

Why him? He’s a star, with a flair for performing on the big stage. Like, for example, Opening Day 2019, when he popped a pair of homers and had four RBIs in a win against the Rangers on the road. 

Starling Marte, CF, Diamondbacks

Why him? It feels like years ago that the Diamondbacks acquired the two-time Gold Glove winner from Pittsburgh. But he’s coming off back-to-back 20/20 seasons, and all eyes would be on him for his first regular-season game in his new uniform. 

Mookie Betts, RF, Dodgers

Why him? Well, duh. 

Johnny Cueto, SP, Giants

Why him? He’s only made 13 starts the past two years, but he’s healthy and was named the Opening Day starter. Cueto gives a clinic on disrupting batters' timing, every time out. 

Lewis Brinson, CF, Marlins

Why him? I am going to believe that Brinson can develop into a star until the day he retires, apparently. He’s been, well, not good in the bigs so far, but Brinson was pretty good this spring — .345 average, three homers in 13 games — and I know spring stats don’t mean much, but I would have been watching and hoping Opening Day would have been his new, fresh start. 

Brides are postponing their weddings because of the coronavirus

  Brides are postponing their weddings because of the coronavirus Some couples are choosing to postpone their weddings during the coronavirus outbreak, but others won't cancel unless the government forces them to.As schools close and concerts are postponed across America in an effort to mitigate the effects of the virus, many brides are now contemplating canceling their long-awaited day as well.

Jacob deGrom, SP, Mets

Why him? Because when a two-time Cy Young winner takes the mound, you watch. 

Juan Soto, LF, Nationals

Why him? Soto and Acuña — who finished 1-2 in the 2018 NL Rookie of the Year voting — will be linked as long as they both defy their ages and play like superstars, and they’ll always be worth watching. 

Tommy Pham, LF, Padres

Why him? Pham feels like the perfect addition to a Padres team that’s on the rise, and I’d expect that impact to be obvious from Day One. Or, y’know, Opening Day. 

Bryce Haper, RF, Phillies

Why him? Boring choice? Yep. But you’ll be watching, too. 

Jarrod Dyson, CF, Pirates

Why him? Been a fan of Dyson since his days as the speedster who helped the Royals thrive in 2014-15, and because that’s what speed do. 

Joseph Daniel Votto, 1B, Reds

Why him? Because if the Reds are going to be legitimate contenders in 2020, they need Votto to be the Votto of old. And what better time to start than Opening Day? 

Nolan Arenado, 3B, Rockies

Why him? It was — well, it has been — an interesting offseason for Arenado and the Rockies, and watching him play again would have been great for Rockies fans. 

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a man standing on a stage: WBC heavyweight re-match between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury has been postponed until October due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic. 

We Spoke to 15+ Luxury Wedding Vendors About What to Expect When Postponing Your Wedding .
In these uncertain times, the experts in the industry are rallying to guide you through postponements, problem solving, and planning for social distancing. As the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic sets in and advisements from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continue to encourage social distancing and restrict gatherings, weddings scheduled for the coming months have all become crises to manage, rather than reasons to celebrate.

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