Smart Living 5 Productivity Hacks for Working Moms With Long Commutes

20:25  02 may  2017
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Here are 5 great productivity hacks that are helping me to maximize my time: 1) Ditch in-flight WiFi and do work . The time you spend on a plane can Even if you don't have a long commute this can be a benefit. Just a 25 minute commute gives you nearly an hour of your day you can reclaim and

Here are my top 25 productivity hacks for getting started with your journey of learning the best ways to be more productive for you and your lifestyle. Disclaimer: Some of these productivity hacks will sound like a no-brainer, but trust me… it’s the implementation, repetition, and discipline in sticking to

5 Productivity Hacks for Working Moms With Long Commutes: How to transform your commuting time into time well spent © Pexels How to transform your commuting time into time well spent

We’ve all been there: You’ve just finished working for the day, and as you’re stepping out of your office, you’re wishing you were home already.

Most commute times are not terrible for most Americans, averaging about 25.4 minutes from home to office or vice versa. However, as rush-hour traffic increases and other pressing obligations interrupt your travels (e.g., pickups from child care, grocery runs and other necessary errands), the amount of time you have to prep in the morning or relax in the evening is dwindling.

Oh, did I mention that you’re also juggling not only your needs, but the needs of your child(ren) as well?

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Here are my favorite 21 Hacks for Productivity . Every Working Mom will get something useful out of this. Let’s do this What do you do to get your heart rate up? Walk, run, Zumba, take the stairs? Stay in bed a little longer with your lover? You already know the many benefits of exercise, so do it already.

Working Moms have 2 full-time jobs (at least!). This productivity course will teach you strategies and hacks for getting more done each day so you can focus on what truly matters by increasing your productivity . This course covers everything you need to know about being a productive Working

The majority of us cannot change our commute times unless we find work closer to our homes, have flexibility in our work schedule or own a jet pack (I wish). What we can do with our commute is optimize what is being done in those 25.4 minutes or however long your commute takes.

As a mama who recently rejoined the workforce, there have been a number of ways I have optimized what I do during my commute to make myself more efficient and to give myself some extra time at the beginning or the end of the day. For the record, the majority of these suggestions are for those who are driving to work, but there are some suggestions here that would be beneficial to those who use mass transit to get from point A to point B.

Podcasts: Not only do they help pass the time, they can provide respite from the hectic work schedule you carry or keep you in-the-know without taking up too much time. For working moms, I recommend Working Motherhood and Working Mother Radio(on iTunes and Google Play) for more serious topics related to work-life balance and One Bad Mother that provides a lighter and funnier spin on, well, mom life.

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  Almost Half of Dads Think They Hire Sitters as Often as Their Partners. Moms Beg to Differ A new survey reveals there's one parent who's likely doing most of the work. Finding a babysitter for a child is always hard work for parents, but let's get real here: There's one parent that probably spends more time doing all the research and all the hiring: the mom! Duh, right? Well, that's not so obvious to men, says new research.According to Care.com's Babysitter Cost Survey 2017, there's a disconnect between how much dads think they're helping when hiring a babysitter and how much moms think they're pitching in. In the report, 41 percent of dads say they and their partner are equally involved when it comes to hiring a babysitter.

My Busy Working Mom Productivity Hacks . Set your coffee to brew the night before. You may need to invest in a fancier coffee machine, but it is SO worth Start with your big 3. Skip the long to-do lists. What are you big three tasks for the day? Do them before work if you can (such as errands or mailing

Grit determines long term success. If a child can’t pick themselves up and try again after a failure, then how are they going to be able to do it as adult? Although they may not win another tennis match the rest of the season or win another swimming race all year long , finishing the commitment is important.

Electronic assistants: Have any of you tried out "Hey, Siri" or "OK, Google"? These electronic assistants help out in a big way when your mind is spewing a thousand thoughts a minute but you can’t be writing them down during your drive. My favorite tasks include creating to-do lists and setting reminders for that day or simply calling up a friend without having to dial, which brings me to my next suggestion...

Catch up on phone calls to friends and family: Has it been months since you’ve spoken to your old college roommate? Been putting off plans for a playdate or weekend trip to visit family? Well, now’s the time! Give those in your life a ring — chances are they’re spending some time in their car trying to get home too.

Are you breastfeeding? Pump in the car! OK. This may not be relevant to everyone, but for those who are still breastfeeding and trying to keep up your milk supply while at work, the struggle is real. I’m thankful that I can block off time pretty consistently while I’m at work to pump, but a decent alternative is pumping in the car. Some moms can do it pretty well and others are terrified of someone looking over and seeing them being milked like a cow.

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We tested the 5 most popular productivity hacks , and here is what we learned from them. Three out of five employees who participated in the experiment reported a significant improvement in the creative process of writing long -form texts, while the remaining two were either indifferent or felt only a slight

Working Mom Perk: You won't have to deal with any more missing or stolen packages from your front step, since this app sends your packages directly to your Working Mom Perk: You can stack a manufacturer's coupons, a Target in-store or paper/printed coupon and a Cartwheel offer on the same

A potential workaround are the Freemie cups — they fit under your shirt and are compatible with most commercially available breast pumps. I can’t say how well they work since I haven’t personally tried them, but most reviews online for this product are positive.

Mindless reflection on your day: This is not the same as meditation (you’re driving, for crying out loud!), but can still provide some clarity at the start or end of the day. I find that I do some of my best thinking in the car when I let my mind wander after I start processing all the nuances of my day. This is also when my electronic assistant comes in handy — when I want to recall something I think of during my drive when I get home.

This clearly isn’t an exhaustive list, but I find that these suggestions take up the majority of my commute. I don’t have a 25.4-minute commute (it’s more like an hour and a half each way), but I hope you find some usefulness from the suggestions and recommendations above. With some planning ahead, your commute can be more productive, giving you a little extra breathing room when not at work.

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Are you a working mom and struggling to get things done or meeting set deadlines? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed and wish for some extra help? Well, as a working mom , I can As long as he does the laundry, washes the dishes, cleans the apartment, it’s ok. I do no longer care if he

Ever wondered if popular productivity hacks would actually work if you tried them? I spent a month as the most productive person alive by testing a few out. But between the aforementioned snoozing and my lengthy commute time to work , eating breakfast before work was darn near impossible for me.

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Photo: Courtesy of Uli Beutter Cohen.: Anyone who rides the subway to and from work every day knows how solitary a journey it can be. Most New Yorkers plug in their headphones, engross themselves in the latest level of Candy Crush, and zone out — all while squished between someone doing her makeup, someone eating dinner on-the-go, and someone who is — naturally —manspreading the hell out of the bench.Uli Beutter Cohen, however, has officially discovered the silver lining to subway monotony: people who read books, and who — more importantly — actually like to take those headphones out and talk about what they're reading. 10 Books Guaranteed To Improve Your Morning Commute

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